Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Aqua, Pattern and Blue Couch

Fresh from yesterday's wham-a-lama colour combo of orange and blue, here's another favourite combination of mine.
Aqua and magenta! Gotta love 'em together - it's like they were meant to be.

My new-to-me blouse is being worn without the knot at the hip done up. I kind of liked the asymmetrical vibe of that piece hanging down. Well, truth be told, I had tried tucking it in and then putting the magenta obi at my waist, but it refused to play nice with the top of the skirt, high-waisted or not. I hate when my clothes won't play nice.
Blouse purchased just this past weekend for a song (okay, $4.50), here. I love the pattern - all of the colours I love! I'm wearing an aqua cami under it, as it's several sizes too big and slipped around a bit. I could totally do a "Flashdance" off-the-shoulder look with it, heh heh.

The skirt is one I've had for a few years, going back to March 2011 (here), when I thrifted it for $7.00.
I last wore it here in September 2013 - with magenta! Told you I liked that combo!

I adore this coat! And for $14.50? Crazy good deal.

The stuff:
My bronze Ralph Lauren pumps were thrifted in January 2013 for $18.50. I last wore them here in March.

Big blue (and yellow) bling:
A $3.00 thrifted cuff...but then the Wendy Brandes rings cost more than the entire outfit put together!

Blouse (Hale Bob, thrifted), skirt (Cabri, thrifted), obi belt (thrifted), shoes (Ralph Lauren, thrifted), cuff (thrifted), earrings (Oscar & Libby's), Fulvia Ring and lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes), coat (I.N. Studio). 

I'm all about the Secondhand First (hola to you readers coming over from Bella's Shoe Shine!), as y'all know. Here's our new-to-us second-hand blue couch.
It was custom-built and is a gorgeous rich deep blue microsuede. It's all wrinkly because L, me and the Vizzini-monster were all checking it out. It will be good for TV watching (it's "my" couch) and for having friends over for games and parties. 


  1. Great new couch - ours is from a second hand shop also, and we really love it (as do the kitties). Also - fabulous colors on your own self today, with a wow! coat.

  2. Gorgeous colors in your outfit, and I love that coat!

  3. Whoa, that coat, 14.50, that's some mighty professional shopping there. But the whole outfit is gorgeous. And the blue couch is great, especially that it's all yours.

  4. I love that blouse and the asymmetrical styling. Fuchsia and aqua are such a flashback to the eighties! That coat is so stylish too! My couch is second hand too. Actually most of my furniture is as it's either a hand me down from my parents or it's bought second hand. I would like to get my couch reupholstered but I'm not sure when that's going to happen. The blue of yours is gorgeous!

  5. Oh love the blue sofa! :D Great buy! :)

    Realy like the cheerful colours in your outfit today too - the asymmetrical top works really well with the pencil skirt :)

  6. I ♥ the colors in that blouse--AND all the orange in the previous post!

  7. I just love these colours on you! I have been reading your blog for quite a while now and I am so impressed by your creativity with your outfits, as well as by the sheer volume of your wardrobe... Seriously, where do you store all those clothes???? I always feel my closets are bursting at the seams, and I have closet space in two countries! Of course, I have nowhere near as many clothes as you. So, what's your secret to storing such a huge wardrobe?

  8. The skirt and blouse are a wonderful combination; loving the sofa too! xxx

  9. Oh that asymmetrical top is great and reminds me of the Zara one you gave me :)

  10. The blouse is even more fabulous on you!!! I love it with the aqua!!
    I'll bet Vizzini looks fabulous against that gorgeous blue of the sofa!!!

  11. Oooo! Excellent couch! Our neighbors got rid of the coolest bxw striped couch a few weeks ago. I was so sad that I didn't have anywhere to put it.

  12. High five for secondhand (or thirdhand) couches! The coat looks like it's printed from the holodeck. :D


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