Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Floof, Flounce and Bustle Bust

My day was full of hustle and bustle - so much to do, so little time. 
How appropriate that I wore my most fussy, girly, floofy, flouncy outfit - complete with a bustled shirt!

My pinstriped red and white shirt is so cool - it always gets a lot of comments. I last wore it over Christmas 2013 (here).
I loved how it looked with this new cinched fabric belt, however, I became angry at the belt over the course of the day, as it was not rigid enough to keep its shape. Sitting caused it to bunch up, and I wanted it to lay open, and be wide as it is in these pictures. It did not stay nice!

I'll have to try it over something with a smoother waist - the skirt's waistline also didn't lay flat (it's a bit big), so that was also bunching. I hate bunching!
The skirt in question is my black leather pencil skirt, last seen here also over Christmas (but with a different top).

Overall, I ended up disliking this outfit intensely. I don't usually post my negative opinions on my outfits, but the proportions are wrong, the shoes look visually clunky, the belt drove me nuts, and as a whole, I think it just doesn't work. I'm changing before I head out to a WW meeting tonight (and I'll post that outfit tomorrow).

The stuff:
Lovely shoes! So fun to wear. I last wore them with many other flowers here in February.

Isn't he cool?

Blouse (Linea Domini), skirt (Hemingway, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Neosens), belt (Devil May Wear), necklace (Raven's Roost Studios).


  1. Without boning or high levels of starch, yes, I can see the belt crunching. Would love to see a similar style belt with the shirt, the shoes, and maybe a very fitted skirt?

  2. The octopus is *so* cool. So is the bustling, and I love your vivid hair. xo

  3. I like it in theory. Maybe with a stiffer belt and a longer (or shorter) skirt it wouldn't drive you crazy. The blouse is candy cane-i-licious!

  4. Octo power!
    Bunching, yes, can ruin one's entire day, even if an outfit starts out perfectly. I cannot abide bunching. It's like wearing a belt on a skirt with no belt loops.

  5. Oh I hate it when an outfit doesn't work out and I get more frustrated with it through the day!

    At least the shirt is really pretty, and you had the chance to change before going out again to make yourself feel more comfortable :)

  6. Oh it is annoying when an outfit is good in theory but a pain in the arse to wear! Never mind, you win some, you lose some... Perhaps it was all just a bit too busy (the outfit and your day!) The octopus is very cool! xxx

  7. In my opinion, too little leg between the tops of the shoes and the skirt hem. Colored stockings, maybe, or a shorter skirt.

  8. I know I'm risking sounding disagreeable here but I don't think saying "I did not like this, and here is why I didn't." is negative. I appreciate knowing that other bloggers are experimenting, and revising, and dealing with belts that will not cooperate, and finding that what seemed okay when they were getting dressed ended up just not being right after all. I'm pretty critical of my own outfits (and I do think that my critiques are often interpreted as negative) but the whole reason I bother to blog at all is so that I can take a good hard look at what I'm wearing. I reserve the right for myself to say when and how I've missed the mark and I wish more bloggers would too. I think most people simply won't post an outfit that they don't like rather than saying that they don't like it. It freaks me out a little that people seem to feel that if we are not being completely "everything is awesome" positive then we are being negative and we should keep those kinds of thoughts to ourselves. Being genuinely and reasonably critical of our clothing choices isn't negative, it's normal. They're just clothes.They don't have feelings. It's okay to say they don't go together.

  9. Yeah...I've had those "it looked better in my head outfit" days!!
    The blouse is Fabulous!!! And the shoes are swoonworthy! !!
    Maybe this would've worked with a different be ok t and shoes???

  10. Bunching is the Bitch! I have had a few of those outfits where you felt like you looked pretty good in the morning, but then all the constant adjusting throughout the day ruined it. I wanted those shoes so much, but they are cut too low in the front for my bunions, sigh. The shirt is pretty awesome and would look great with my leather corset belt ;)

  11. I've had those days as well. Always frustrating when an outfit ends up being fussy throughout the day.

    I do loooove that bustle shirt!

  12. I love that you posted the outfit even though you ended up not liking it, *and* that you didn't hide that fact! I think it's helpful for those of us that might be contemplating something similar. :)


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