Monday, February 10, 2014

Leopard/Leather; Swingin' 60s Gala; Shopping; and a Watchful Kitty

Happy long weekend (if you're in one of the provinces that celebrates Family Day today/Monday)! L and I front-loaded our 3 days with excitement, and then have spent the last 2 days doing not much of anything. It's so relaxing! 

But back to Friday: leather and leopard!
This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style - get thee over there!

It's been a week of mostly blouses - I love shirts (vs. knits) and blouses because they have a nice air of formality. And when you're wearing thigh-high suede boots and an up-to-here black leather dress, you want some part of your outfit to tell the rest to just calm the f**k down.

I last wore this blouse here way, way back in March 2013.
The dress is so awesome - it's like wearing black licorice, which I imagine isn't actually a good thing, per se, but that's what it feels like. I last wore it casually for brunch in November 2013 here.
The boots are wonderful, although I do have to pull them up frequently. I last wore them here in December 2013 for Book Club.

It was still freakin' cold on Friday (it seems to have broken now; back to rain, the usual winter weather), so the Unsafe Polar Bear coat made an appearance.
Matching toque, and faux fur scarf and gloves. Snuggly warm!

The stuff:
Rocker chic(k) bling!

Blouse (Planet, consignment), dress (Danier Leather, thrifted), boots (Pegabo), necklace (gift from Tina), leaf cuff (About Tine, local).

L and I rushed home to get ready for the Victoria Film Festival's Opening Night Gala! (go here for their FB pictures of the entire event - maybe I'm in some??)

I test-drove my outfit on Thursday night so that there wouldn't be any surprises with fit, condition or the state of the clothes and accessories. Highly recommended.
This will be my entry for Judith at Style Crone's next "Hat Attack!" Want to be attacked by chapeaux? Go there!

Voila! I am head-to-toe late 50s/early 60s and yes, I did the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme. It's maybe my favourite movie of all time (seriously, much darker than you think), and my mom and dad's song was "Moon River". Aw, how could I not channel Audrey Hepburn?
This vintage thrifted black dress has never been worn on the blog (it's actually a bit big on me, but it has not stretch, so that's a good thing when sitting in a movie theatre), although it was modeled here. I got it many years ago - maybe 17 years? - at Value Village. I last wore it for my 30th birthday party.
I had no ink then! The dress has no label - it's all handmade, and sadly, falling apart a bit. There's a safety pin holding the top of the slit together, and as you can see from the stairs picture, one of the bra-strap holders is missing. I know I didn't pay over $10 for it - I recall that I found it at Value Village.
I wore my mink stole for most of the night - it kept me nice and warm, plus I was petted by several people.

L and I walked downtown, so I had to wear flat shoes - I also put on this vintage 60s swing coat. I've had it since I met L, so about 18 years. It's quite big on me, but I wanted to be authentic!
L did the swingin' 60s via Carnaby Street - in fact, he got this purple, black and cream striped jacket on Carnaby Street in London about 4 years ago.
"Lookin' at you, baby."
His ruffled shirt is vintage. The striped trousers are Le Chateau, and his belt buckle has a 60s Playboy cover on it.

The pin on his lapel is a nekkid lady - I found it at the Vintage Expo last year and gave it to him for Christmas.
"Darling, we missed you!" 
We had a blast! More pictures further down, in a bit.

Nearly everything I wore was authentic 60s. The vintage bling:
The pale pink ruched gloves are Mom's from the 60s. I've had them since the 80s when I wore them to high school. I can't even remember when I last wore them. It may very well have been back in the mid-80s!

The ring is not vintage - got it at Melanie Lynne a few years ago. The stretchy bracelet on the gloves is vintage and the rhinestone finish on it is iridescent. It's stamped "Empire Made" and is vintage.

My parure was last worn for my company's Christmas party in 2012, here.
From Grandma J's collection after she died. It's from the early 60s, most likely.

It's stamped "Sherman" on the bracelet:
It is gold-plated, and the finish colour on the rhinestones is called "Aurora Borealis".

The purse isn't vintage, but it looks it:
It's actually Liz Claiborne and I've had it for about 18 years.

My classic kitten heels, good for walking to town, from the theatre to the party venue, and then walking home!
I last wore them here in November 2013 with rainy florals. They are getting pretty beat up, but I still love them. Not bad for $2.00.

I call this my Flying Saucer hat, of course.
I've never worn it on the blog, but I modeled it here in 2010. I noted then that I got it for a couple of dollars in a thrift store (I think Value Village).
I love vintage labels!

So here's a whack of pictures from the after-party. We started out with the movie premiere of "Alan Partridge" starring Steve Coogan (one of my favourite funny Brits!). After the sold-out show, the audience went to the undisclosed mystery venue, where we lined up for the red carpet.
We were treated to a dry-ice smoked show of models as we waited for the paparazzi to take our pictures in front of the venue.

No, we're too cool for paparazzi shots, darling! All 7 of us were also freezing, and couldn't wait to get inside, check out coats and get a drink!

The venue was an empty 3-floor office building, with each floor fully-decorated in one of the 3 themes. The main floor was the "60s Be-In", complete with beer bar (all booze was free, woo hoo!) and this awesome 60s stoner band:
Our friend Justin's company did the lights, which changed colours according to the music.
I see cool white boots and a groovin' 60s hippie chick.

The second floor was my favourite: "Andy Warhol's Factory" - the decor was amazing!
They wrapped all the walls with aluminum foil, and had coloured lights and foil-wrapped mannequins everywhere. Wine was on this floor, so I mostly hung out here.

The music was Lou Reed, accompanied by this awesomely cool beatnik drummer.
So...disconcerting to see all these mannequins!
L got a little frisky with one of them.
But his coat went so well with this floor.

We took the elevator, run by the lovely Linda, up to the 3rd floor.
Isn't she amazing?

Of course, the 3rd floor was "Breakfast at Tiffany's"!
A round of applause to the decorators, volunteers and coordinators - the venue was stunning, and such a fun party!

Every floor had a themed cake (the lighting was quite dim, so many of my point & shoot pictures didn't turn out.
Tiffany blue! This floor served cocktails (I may have had a couple).

Back to the Warhol floor for more wine!
Ah! The White Rabbit! As well as being totally creepy, he gave out free shots of peppermint schnapps. Of course I had one.

More perfect themed decor:
Soup cans arrayed on a ladder.

Warhol-esque pictures.
A few roaming photographers took these, plus a guy doing Polaroids. There was a station on the "Be-In" floor for lounging and taking pictures as well.

Groovy mid-century furniture to sit on.
That round thing is an 8-track player!

Elaine and I had our Polaroid picture taken.
It took about half an hour to develop, not like the original Polaroids.

Karen and Elaine:
Karen's go-go girl outfit (with white boots) was awesome. Elaine channeled her inner hippie.

More of the Tiffany's area:
A giant picture of Audrey, plus professional dancers wheeling around on the dance floor.

I loved the outfits of this sweet couple.
Her dress was astounding!

There was food everywhere, plus all kinds of fun themed items, like Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard masks.
Elaine looking very Audrey.

Me in front of the poster.
Cradling my wine glass very carefully, ha!

A selfie in the elevator!
You can see my fake eyelashes a bit there.

Nick (in a vintage smoking jacket), me and L:
I hate the flash on my camera, but at least you can see us!

Nick and Karen:
Wonderful outfits!

Elaine being dramatic!
And waiting for that Polaroid to develop!

I met this lovely lady - adored her dress.
Hi, Barbara!

I got my Warhol picture done!

We got goodie bags when we left, with these tea-loungers in them.
Jimi Hendrix, Audrey Hepburn and Andy Warhol.

I used Audrey right away:
"Just chilling in this lovely cup of tea!"

On Saturday, L and I went for brunch at our diner with our pals Caro and Ronnie. Caro and I planned to go shopping, so I dressed for it.
Good walking boots, easy-on, easy-off clothes.

Blue sweater - can't find when I last wore it, but it hasn't been too long.
My cool snowflake denim skirt was last seen here in November 2013 with my crane cardigan.
The boots need to be replaced. I've worn them to death and they're starting to show that wear. On the lookout for some that are just as comfy! I last wore them a few weeks ago here for brunch.

Light layers for warmth and not too much bulk for shopping:
Skull scarf, grey fingerless gloves (keep my hands warm, but let me touch the clothes), and a cross-body purse for hands-free perusing.

The stuff:
Simple pieces that won't snag.

Sweater (Ricki's, thrifted), skirt (EDC, consignment), boots (Aldo, consignment), cuff (Guess, thrifted), earrings (local), necklace tile (Raven's Roost Studio).

Caro loves to look in thrift stores, but gets overwhelmed. She and I have never been shopping together (an oversight!), so I took her to 3 of my favourite thrift/consignment stores within a few blocks, and showed her how to find the good stuff (my little walk-through here, for reference).

She got some amazing things, and so did I! Good luck shone on both of us.
I thought at first that these shoes were vintage, but after a closer inspection and a little interwebz reseach, they are actually new-ish. However, I adore the vintage 60s vibe of them! They are linen and leather, lined in leather, and are made in Italy.
Fugitive de Francesco Rossi is the brand. Never heard of it before now.

Check it out: not a smidge of wear!
And only $10! They are brand new! Sweet score!

I don't usually buy things for other people when I go shopping - it's a little awkward. Do I ask them for the money? What if they don't like it? I made an exception for this sweater.
TOTALLY not my style! I loathe turtlenecks and this grey colour isn't me at all. But I work with Lise, a marathoner who weighs about 90 pounds. She is always freezing at work, and I just gave her one of my old cashmere tops, which she loved.

I think she will like this one too:
100% cashmere. You should feel it - it's like touching clouds. I ran my hand along the rack of sweaters and pulled this out - always an impressive trick.

And if she doesn't like it?
Eh, I only paid $4.00. Yes, $4.00 for a 100% cashmere sweater.

I didn't have too much luck at the other 2 stores, but I'm very fussy about what I take home with me. After Caro headed off with her mom and her son, I had a wander through an antique store. Look what I found!
It's a gorgeous vintage 60s copper bracelet and earrings set.

Both pieces are stamped "Renoir":
Clip-on earrings - I better not lose one!
The set was $45.00. Pretty good!

I also treated myself to a brass mid-finger ring.
Now I have one hand gold and one hand silver. The ring is by Bauxo and was $33.00.

L and I had a couple of fun nights playing games.
L and Vizzini chillin' on the couch.

Vizzini is so cute, but mind his moustaches!
"I'll have you know I'm a proper gentleman cat." 
He is always looking to snag a game piece.
"Or an elastic band."
We often find tokens on the floor with teeth marks on them. Little bugger.

But he always settles down for a snooze with one of us.
"Let me sleep."
I love how his little paws are over his face.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow. What. A. Party. Love your A. Hepburn look - and L looks awesome too, what a fun couple you are! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, stay fabulous. xox

  2. I love your Audrey outfit! You and your man look awesome! And looks like you had a ball too!
    Great leather dress too - you always have such great leather pieces - good job calming it down too! You made me think of a hat I saw someone round my parts of London wearing on the bus - it was a beanie with Comme de F**k Down emblazoned on it (to be read in a heavy Jamaican accent). Now if only I could find out where to buy one...

  3. Oooh! Classy lady!

    And I love that the cashmere sweater is Costco's brand! You never know what you'll find at Costco... or when thrifting!

  4. Love your Gala outfit - absolutely stunning! Looks like such a fun party too, it really was decorated very well!

    Seems like you had a fun but busy long weekend :)

  5. I know you feature several outfits in this post but, really, your Audrey shots and the ones of you and L eclipse everything else; they are simply gone, poofed from my brain. Fantastic fit and amazing hat. THAT's a party! Goody bags and all. I'm living vicariously through you.

  6. Your Breakfast at Tiffany's homage outfit is beautiful, Sheila, so very elegant and chic, and L looks such a dude in his ruffled shirt! The whole night looks like it was loads of fun. Leather and leopard were made for each other, and nice finds with the shoes and copper jewellery.
    Oh Vizzini, so cute; I love the paws-over-face pose too! xxx

  7. So much awesome in one post! I think my favorite is the Audrey Hepburn masks though - seriously, how crazy fun is that?

  8. Love your weekend outfits! And thanks for the photos of that amazing party!

  9. Hahahaha, wearing licorice has to way better than eating it!! Not a fan! But I AM a fan of this leather frock!! And with LEOPARD! Dribble!
    Now, speaking of dribbling, you two hotties at the wickedly awesome looking party make my heart skip a beat! What a fantastci time, and how HOT were you two?! I would have been making myself known to you, that's for certain!!! Dammit, I haven't been to a do as good as that in a loooong time!

  10. Too bad that spectacular black dress is falling apart - because it does look classic and structured. I would flip of happiness if i got to dress like this and go to this type of venue - you lucky gal.
    Oh and i love the linen leather shoes - 10 bucks is an amazing deal.

  11. How cool to attend that film party! Your outfits were spectacular! Especially all the trimmings.

    I just love those tea dippers. I need to make some of those. Super cute idea.Those masks are cool too. I love all the details and how they decorated for the party.

    Victoria seems to have gotten more vibrant since we lived there. It was a bit of a yawn at that time.


  12. So much to love here - the party looks like it was a blast, and your Breakfast at Tiffany's outfit was just perfect (what a delicious dress!!). L looks damn fine himself. The leather dress is a divine piece of licorice, and as a leather fan, I would love to have that in my closet. Great score on the copper jewellery set and the Fugitive Shoes.

  13. What an event! You and L must have been the hit of the evening. You look glamorous and vibrant, and the large brimmed hat has me over the moon. You did Audrey proud! Thank you so much for sharing your elegance with Hat Attack.


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