Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Reds and a Psychedelic Blouse

Woo, what a Super Bowl! That's the first time a football team with actual friends as fans has won (as opposed to "which team do I hate least"). It was really cool to see our Seahawk fan friends get to enjoy their team winning. 

After a day full of food, drinks and crazy excitement, we crashed last night. Today, I just wanted to wear familiar things. 
It was light out this morning!
Easy stuff, like my favourite skirt and blouse, and a nice snug vest to keep me sitting up straight. The red leather skirt was last seen here a couple of weeks ago with a very ruffly jacket.
This blouse always gets tons of compliments; it's such a cool pattern, very psychedelic. I last wore it on my birthday (with leather, of course) here back in October 2013.

I have the 60s on my mind, as a bunch of us are going to the gala opening of the Victoria Film Festival, and it's 60s-themed! Fun! I get to pull out some of my little-worn vintage. I'm going with the Twiggy/mod/Andy Warhol's Factory look.
I haven't worn the vest in a while - maybe I'm off vests? I don't know. I last wore it here (2nd outfit) with my barnyard skirt in July 2013.

The stuff
Wonderful shoes of loveliness! I last wore them in August 2013 here, with a shoulderless top.

The stuff:
Had to wear my new spinner ring!

Blouse (Marcona, thrifted), vest (Ricki's, consignment), skirt (Ocean West, consignment), shoes (Coffee Sumatra, Fluevog), silver/red ring (Oscar & Libby's), spinner ring (consignment), earrings (local).


  1. I agree this IS a great blouse. I think vests should come back 'on' for you they look great. Love those shoes. I like this red skirt a lot too. The game was a yawn for me not to offend the Seattle fans. I only watch it for halftime entertainment and the commercials.

  2. Love the shirt paired with the red skirt :) Glad you had fun at your superbowl party watching the game :)

  3. Hi Sheila, I love reading your blog and get a bit of a kick when I spot you have a new post. It's a bonus reading the comments which all combine into quite a community. Living in South Australia where our summer so far this year has had many days over 40 degrees celcius, means the fashion you re all talking about is the polar opposite of what we're wearing down here

  4. Great colours and print, and always love another peek at that gorgeous leather skirt! xx

  5. That's a fabulous skirt, and more fab with the psychedelic blouse. Congrats to your Seattle fans on the big win (I confess to changing channels in the fourth quarter : 0 )

  6. Yeah, I don't mind that Seattle won, I just wish Denver had at least scored more than once! I wanted the game to be more interesting!

    I always love seeing those shoes!!

  7. I love how your "familiar" is probably so many others' "Gaaa! You look great. I could never get away with that." (laugh) And you DO look great. The '60s theme sounds like fun. Can't wait to see...

  8. I think I'm off vests too -- struggling to find different ways to wear them. Glad the outcome of the game was favourable for you!

  9. I love the vest, but yeah, like you and Cara, I think I'm off them. I always admire them, bring the occasional thrifted one home, but never manage to actually get it into an outfit.

  10. I can't wait to see your outfit for the Film Festival!!! I love this outfit--the blouse is gorgeous and what's not to love about a red leather pencil skirt?


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