Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dress Week Came From Outer Space! Turquoise and Teal!

Dress Week! It thrills! It excites! 
Um, yeah, okay.

I just felt like being comfy today. Plus, windy.
No, I would like my bangs to stay where I put them, thank you.

I love this stretchy loose dress. I last wore it here in December 2013 with the same necklace (so original of me).
I had planned to wear a belt with this (as I did previously), but the belt didn't work at the hips and I couldn't hike the dress up without it being really short, so I went beltless. I layered one of my around-the-house tees under it for warmth.
I liked these grey floral-weave tights.

The stuff:
Great galloping Smurf shoes! I last wore these aqua beauties here in January (with turquoise balls).

Big badass black bling:
The Mr. T necklace strikes again!

Dress (Kensie, consignment), tee (Plum), tights (Hue), shoes (Prepare Guide, Fluevogs), necklace (Club Monaco), cuff (homegrown vintage), Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. That looks so comfortable, but still makes a statement (and not just, "I'd like to take a nap"). I need some clothes like that, and some turquoise shoes to go with them!

  2. Great colour, and I do love me some interesting tights! xxx

  3. Those Smurf shoes are the Bomb! I ♥ them. I'm in SUCH a clothing rut down here. I'll let you know when I'm "back". Meanwhile, you continue to fill my head with all sorts of ideas!

  4. I really like the way this dress fits around the hips - and the fab color. I'd wear those shoes every day until people said "here she comes, the blue-shoe lady". xo

  5. I think that dress looks awesome solo. It's got great shape for something loose and an amazing color.

  6. That is such a cozy-looking but also funky outfit. Love the colour too, and I so wish I could wear Fluevogs, especially the Prepare Guides. Happy Valentine's Day, Sheila!

  7. Man, i love this. I just looove the fact that you would never ever run into someone who is dressed just like you, because you are unique - you know what works and its part of your identity.
    I love the matchy matchyness of this outfit and the tights.

  8. I love how the the long sleeves that you layered echo the shoes!


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