Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dark Florals with Suede and a Fabulous Find Revealed

Cold weather abounds! Although I can't send warm weather that we haven't got (here's me whining about it some more), sending those of you in REAL sub-zero temps tropical thoughts and good vibes. And yes, I know you Aussies and New Zealanders are in the middle of summer - we're living vicariously through you!
For today, at least the sun was shining, and I had my lovely dark florals.

The fab creamy brocade jacket is in heavy rotation these days - can't get enough of that nice strong shoulder and the cropped sleeve. It was last seen here in early January with a whack of neutrals.
I encouraged my coworker to try long sleeves under short, and am demonstrating same. It's okay! Don't worry about it. The cuffs of this blouse are not too puffy, and kept my wrists warm (we must ever be practical...ha, who am I kidding?). I last wore the dark florals here a few weeks ago with my mod red dress, which will be making another appearance tomorrow.
The olive suede skirt is quite high-waisted, so I did a skinny belt at my natural waist to emphasize it. I last wore this skirt for Monochromania! week back in September 2013 here.

The stuff:
Wondrous Wonders - my Wonders Ayers, of course. I last wore them here in October 2013 in a truly awful outfit (gah, don't even look! that sweater is getting relegated to around-the-house wear).

I wore both of my new bracelets today - they weren't super noticeable against the pattern of the blouse, but I enjoyed them.
I had a very exciting comment from Jaclyn T (of Positive Ponderings) who thought that my $15.00 rubber, glass and steel  pewter bracelet looked like a piece by Montreal artist Anne-Marie Chagnon. Ding ding ding! You are so right, Jaclyn! This is the Marius bracelet that she linked me to, and it's totally by Ms. Chagnon. Same shape of the large glass piece, same cast pieces closing the rubber, same rubber! And wee! $128! I scored! *does the happy dance* I am guessing that because all of her current bracelets are strung on elastic that mine is a slightly older design.

Other works by her, and her site, just for fun, linking 'cause I love, etc. etc. I also found a few places in BC that carry her pieces, so it was likely bought locally. Anyway, thank you, Jaclyn! I would never have known that I actually have a real artist's piece without you telling me.

I loved wearing both the leather cuff and the bracelet all day - very comfy and neither fell off (an issue with my small wrists).

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), floral blouse (thrifted, no label), skirt (Danier, thrifted), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevog), belt (Plum), cuff (thrifted), bracelet (Anne-Marie Chagnon, thrifted), earrings (90s).

Someone was having a drink of water at his bowl this morning while I ate my breakfast.
Lick lick lick lick lick
 He spotted me...well, he saw the camera string.
"Can't a cat drink in peace?"
We had a little cuddle before I left.


  1. Amazing bracelet, really one of a kind. And I just love that cuff! That color of purple with the olive skirt is yummy!

  2. So awesome you managed to find out more about your bracelet! :)

    I like the long sleeves under the cropped sleeve jacket too, really nice. And despite the cold weather, you're still managing to dress well and with lots of colour! I tend to get stuck on black when it gets too cold here, haha.

  3. Wow - great arty bracelet! Wonderful brocade jacket too. xo

  4. Hi Vizzini!!

    I like doing long sleeves under short sleeves sometimes!

  5. You are more than welcome for the bracelet info! The artist also used to design jewels for Cirque to Soleil as well! PS. LOVE your kitty! Reminds me of my Alfie Man Cat!

  6. That blouse really is lovely!! And the jacket is glorious--the shorter sleeves and color will transition to Spring very easily!!

    Vizzini cuteness is always WIN!!

  7. You're wearing some great colours at the moment, Sheila, love that blouse. And what interesting news about your bracelet! xxx


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