Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lemon and Houndstooth (and Cat in the Window)

It's a frightfully blustery day today - completely typical winter weather for the West Coast. Rain, wind, sun, dark clouds, rinse, repeat. 

I wore my own sunshine!
Someone at work today told me that this was her favourite outfit of mine ever. Huh. I deliberately went a little conservative (for me). There's no accounting for taste.

This is my new-to-me thrifted lemon yellow cardigan, purchased for a whopping $6.00 last weekend here. I greatly admire the erm..acreage of boobage on Helga (go, she's awesome) and immediately thought of her when I saw this.
I wore it layered over my black Lida Baday blouse (last seen here in December when it snowed). I also have a black camisole on under that.
I adore this wonderful houndstooth pencil skirt. Never giving this up, ever. Last worn here.

The stuff:
My classic Guess pumps are starting to show wear. They were last seen here (way, way down) with a purple, orange and green velvet Chinoiserie dress, in January for a burlesque show.

Pearl bling:
Totally not real. Same stuff as what I wore with my pink long dress for the Valentine's party.

Cardigan (no label, thrifted), blouse (Lida Baday, consignment), skirt (Bianca Nygaard, consignment), shoes (Guess), necklace (Grandma J), earrings (Aldo Accessories).

Vizzini was checking out the maple trees this morning, blowing around in the wind.
"Seagulls, squirrels...Officer Vizzini watches you all."
Of course, I went in for a close-up:
"On the beat, can't talk."
He's lost all his white eyebrows on one side, so he's sporting a rather rakish look.
"Oh, it's you. You're still here?"
I never mind being a minute or two late because I'm taking cat pictures.
"Okay, get ready, I'm coming down for a tummy rub before you go."
And a tummy rub was had. Best way to start the day.


  1. Love that houndstooth skirt, and the yellow sweater is so pretty with it. We say that Skinny G. patrols the perimeter when she walks around at night, looking for evil-doers. So far, so good. Rubs to Vizzini.

  2. Hi from up island! I have been lurking for awhile but now have my google account going so I can post. I rarely pick favourites of anything, but this really is a stunning outfit. I would have to agree it is your version of simplicity but it allows you to shine and the eye goes to your great smile instead of taking in all the sartorial fabulousness. Pairing the sweater with that black blouse is genius. I really do love the whole look and because of that I have a theory. Other than the fact that lemon yellow doesn't do me any kindness so would go for a different colour in the sweater, I would definitely wear this outfit. While I don't think I am a conservative dresser I am more conservative than you are. So, my theory is that when someone looks at an outfit and says wow this is my favourite, I think that really means, wow I would wear this and it looks so great on you now I really want to wear this.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments, Shawna, and yes, I think you are totally right. I work with a lot of um...shall we say, sartorially-challenged people (including the women), so they do tend to react more when I wear something that I think is conservative. Check out Cara's assessment - also bang on!

  3. Of course she likes it -- it's a gateway outfit! Imagine having average interest in fashion, and then seeing a coworker dressing to the 9s every day. It's going to be overwhelming -- but when you wear a "gateway outfit" it allows her to take note of some of the more fun details (the fluttery collar, the made for you fit of that skirt...) that she can slowly adopt into her wardrobe!
    Of course, I'm making a lot of assumptions, but seriously, with the fit of that skirt, it's one of my favourites too!

    1. You are so right - a gateway outfit! That is exactly it, too - she is not a very daring dresser, but likes fashion, just doesn't know how to work her own look. Got it!

    2. Oh I like that term-gateway outfit. Yes, not too much to manage all at once, adjust slowly to sartorial awesomeness and then you want more! Soon Sheila's colleagues will be her fashion minions. Or maybe not.
      You are right about that skirt. It is totally awesome, but I'm always distracted by her legs. ;-)

  4. Well in defense of your colleague, you are looking very chic in this outfit! It's not as Sheila-isque as we all know and love, but the combination of the black and white with the lemon yellow really does sing!

    Hey Vizzini! You are definitely on the right side of that window!

  5. Love the yellow cardi with the houndstooth skirt! I've been seeing so much yellow around lately, makes me realise how little of it I have in my wardrobe.

  6. Oooh, lovely. That skirt was made especially for you. I'd steal it but it'd just run back home. :-)

  7. I like what Cara said, I think it makes sense! And I really dig the yellow and houndstooth together. I also like the idea of wearing your own sunshine on a cloudy day!

    Give Vizzini a tummy rub for me!

  8. Totally agree with the gateway theory! And you do look chic and put-together (you always do) but it does seem like an outfit that wouldn't scare the horses. Or the co-workers. Love the yellow on you, and the skirt is a perfect fit.
    Oh Vizzini. Tummy Rub King! xxx

  9. I love all your outfits! But this one is spectacular! Like Shawna, I'm probably drawn to the more conservative stuff you wear, because that is closer to my "style," and I could see me in this outfit (again, minus the yellow).

  10. GAH, Vizzini is so fecking CUTE!
    Lemon, love lemon...and the word! Such a pretty cardi. I have quite a weakness for pretty cardis!!
    Perfect with that sexy skirt! XXX

  11. You look wonderful. The lemon is gorgeous on you and houndstooth is my fav!

  12. I agree its a little conservative for the Sheila we know, however I also have to say that it rocks! i love it too.


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