Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mock Scottish

Brrr! We are being treated by Mother Nature to clear skies...and freezing temperatures! It's -3. Um, that's around 30, and you shouldn't laugh - we are delicate here on the West Coast.
I wasn't dressed for the cold, and was freezing most of the day. However, I'm pretty layered up, so I blame the AC in our building.

The top is my leather suede shirt, last seen here (2nd outfit) a couple of weeks ago for a brunch outing.
I have it layered over a neutral taupe tank sweater (layered here in October 2013). For those of you who've marveled at my wonderful memory for when I last wore something...I really have an awful memory! I actually use the little Google search bar at the top left corner of my blog to look for the brand names or key words.
The skirt was at least weather-appropriate. It is nice and thick and toasty warm. I last wore it here in November 2013 with a chunky navy sweater (and this same belt, so original).

Someone at work today said I looked Scottish (what, the plaid?), but I don't feel Scottish in this. Mock Scottish? A mock Scot? Mockish? Mawkish? Ah, words...so fun.

The stuff:
Second outing for these groovy boots, last worn here on New Year's Eve. They were comfy enough. Don't know if I totally love 'em, though. What do you think?

Shirt (True Character, thrifted), top (Ellen Tracy, swap from Caro), skirt (Julius, vintage, thrifted), boots (Gold Button), belt (Plum), necklace (gift from Mom).


  1. I like those boots modern Victorian or something like that. Scottish hmmm some people don't know a herringbone plaid from a Scottish plaid. Over all I like this look on you. Stay warm

  2. First, I adore the boots. But, alas, they are on your feet and not mine, and it's more important that YOU love them!
    Secondly, Sheila, you prove that neutral can be anything but boring -- everything has it's own little twist of detail (which is part of the reason I love the boots!)

  3. Your outfits always have such pizzazz and yet always look distinctively Sheila-ish. I don't know how you do that. Unusual choices with consistency. Admirable.

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  5. I love todays outfit . If it was truly Scottish it would be referred to as Tartan not plaid. First lesson I learned working for a Scottish family.

  6. A suede top! Maybe someday when I don't have hot flashes I could contemplate something like that. It looks fabulous on you, especially with that belt.

    We're expecting our temperatures to drop tonight - a cold front from Canada! Thanks a lot!

  7. You might need some wooly tights as the mercury is going to dip lower. I might pull out my great aunt Tirzah's vintage fur coat.

  8. Probably it was the tweedy-ish, tweetish?, tweetie? skirt and the earthy tones and textures that recalled the moors of Scotland. Yes, words are pretty cool! Cold weather? Oops, I better buy another coat.

  9. -3 sounds cold to me! Hope it warms up for you soon! :)

    That is such a lovely skirt too :)

  10. Lovely fitted silhouette, and those earthy tones work so well with your hair. I really like the boots, they have that Soft Goth Steampunk-y vibe that you do so well. I can imagine them looking wonderful with a longer skirt, a maxi or one of your floofy numbers! xxx

  11. Pls send a few chilly winds our way, we're melting from the heat down here. Love your tweedy, warm skirt with the suede shirt - you look stylishly prepared for the cold.

  12. I'd take your 30 over what we count as -3! It's been so blasted cold here, I'm sick of it.

    In other news, your skirt is awesome - love a plaid as always!

  13. I am in love with those boots. They look Steampunk-y!

  14. _3 would be a heat wave here these days!!

    I wouldn't say you look Scottish--you look FANTASTIC!!

  15. Lovely boots!

    I agree with you about the weather. My delicate Southern sensibilities have been positively miserable in this weather. It's been about the same temps around here, if not even a bit colder some days.


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