Friday, February 21, 2014

Leather and Crochet Vintage, and Backless With a Tie

First up: thank you to my longtime blog-friend Sal for mentioning my gateway lemon/houndstooth outfit in her "Lovely Links" roundup over at Already Pretty. I've known Sal since 2009, when I gave her a "Major Award" (here).

Speaking of major...
Dude, that is a major V on your chest. Yes, indeed it is. I loved wearing this outfit all day - it was all so very comfortable. I wore this outfit from 7:30am to 10:00pm.

This is of course, my fabulous 80s leather and silk crochet top, thrifted here on the weekend for all of $12.50. Get out!
I always love wearing this skirt too. It was last seen here in November 2013 with rust. It's vintage haute couture, Andre Courreges, thrifted for $5.00. Really. I'm down to $1.00 per wear on it. Yowza!
I wore a cotton camisole underneath the top to help keep it from shifting around from its weight (which it did).

The stuff:
My Darjeeling Teapots, darling, last seen here for Chinese New Year's earlier this month.

Badass bling:
High and low: thrifted/homegrown vintage leather cuffs and chi-chi Wendy Brandes rings.

After work, I rushed off to my hair appointment. I need to find a new hairdresser, unfortunately! Mine is moving to London. Immediately following my haircut, I walked a few kilometers to Book Club. I got hit hard by allergies - damn you, beech trees and your pollen (shakes fist)! - so I didn't last too long, although I did manage to eat a bunch of chocolate and drink several glasses of wine. A girl has her priorities.

Top (vintage 80s, thrifted), skirt (Andres Courreges, thrifted, vintage 80s), shoes (Darjeeling Teapot, Fluevog), cuff (Guess, thrifted), studded cuff (homegrown vintage late 80s), rings (Wendy Brandes).

And phew! Now it's Friday! I succumbed to my sucky allergies and took a 24-hour antihistamine (much better, thank you). Now I have to get used to really short hair again.

From fairly conservative this week to right off the charts - this outfit ain't for the shy of heart.
I had several compliments on it, especially the shirt and tie worn under the dress.

This is my denim backless dress, last worn here in December 2013 with a magenta blouse.
The shirt is a Club Monaco one I've had for about four years - it was last seen here in December 2013 under a bustier. It's a great layering shirt. I like that it uses cufflinks instead of buttons, so I can match them to my outfit. L has a huge collection.

Wee! My dress is backless!
My fabulous red Adrian Agnes boots get another airing. Love them - they are breaking in well. I last wore them here in December 2013.

One of my tried-and-true combinations of outerwear:
You can't have too much red!

The stuff:
L's tie - I think it was from Tip Top? Maybe the Bay? The cufflinks are vintage.

Dress (Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, consignment), shirt (Club Monaco, consignment), boots (Adrian Agnes, Fluevog), cufflinks (vintage, L's), earrings (local), tie (L's).

Check this out - I got flowers from my dotted-line Manager today:
Aw! I love tulips - and such a gorgeous arrangement. I love getting flowers at work - I don't have to hide them from Vizzini!

Wishing you a weekend of sun and flowers!


  1. The first outfit is my favourite - I like the cobalt blue skirt with the black and white! :) Although the shirt and tie layered under that dress is pretty awesome too :)

  2. The top is so cool...I love it! As always, you look amazing in all you create, Shelia!

  3. Laughing re: the flowers are safe from Vizzini! We have the same guideline at my house. Love your vintage "V" sweater and that very posh skirt. And sorry your stylist is moving away - I am very attached to mine. Oh yeah, and the cufflinks = gorgeous. xo

  4. Those black shoes with the leather top? Brilliant combination!

  5. Ooohhh.... in the first outfit, the design of the top matches the design of the shoes so perfectly. Could that be chance? Or, instead, a smart fashion-choice by an expert? *scribbling notes*

    1. I chose those shoes based on the shapes of the lace-ups (diamonds!) to match the top! Good eye!

  6. It's not often I pull out an Animaniacs quote, but HELLO NURSE! Your Friday outfit! Proof that sexy does not have to equal skin.

  7. You look great as always but I am just drooling over the red boots and coat. Also the tulips! Wow what a gorgeous arrangement! Tulip stems continue to grow even when they are cut and in water so when they get floppy you will need to trim them. Sorry if I am telling you something you already know. I kind of like floppy tulips but that arrangement suits a structured look. Happy Weekend. Did you get snow? It's snowing today in Comox.

    1. I did not know that about tulips, thank you! It's been snowing all day today (Sunday) - only a little on Saturday.

  8. that's a gorgeous tie too... great outfit!

  9. How spectacular - the flowers! How thoughtful of your manager to get flowers.

  10. Two great examples of styling what might be tricky items! The leather/silk top looks great with the pencil skirt, and the backless dress is perfect with a shirt and tie! As always I am envying those fab red boots...
    Nice to be appreciated by your boss, lovely tulips. xxx

  11. Ooo, great shoes, great boots, great bad ass accessorising, greta coat, great blue leather skirt...........must I go on?!
    A whole lot of fabularse, honey!
    Ugh, allergies! Mine are worse in Winter, all that mouldy dampness....ick. Hurrah for anthistamines, although I use a nasal spray mostly.
    Tulips! OMG!

  12. Loving all the red in the second outfit - those boots are to die for! And I love the coat too! And such pretty flowers, how sweet!

  13. Love the blue, black, and white color combo.


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