Monday, February 17, 2014

Dress Week Came From Outer Space! Taupe and Cream for Winter!

This is it! *sob* Dress Week is over! 
Everyone may commence mourning - wear black if you wish.

Me? Not wearing black!
No, that is definitely not black. Not even a smidge of black.

But, yes, that is a dress! Really! It's my taupe leather one, which was last seen here way way back in March 2013. I thought I'd worn it more recently than that, but I guess time is flying faster than I thought!
I've layered quite a bit with this outfit. Including the vintage slip (seen peeking out in the above shot), I also have a sleeveless blouse layered under the dress for boobular coverage (this one, last seen here in August 2013).
And of course, over all of it is my lovely cream brocade jacket, last seen here earlier this month, layered over fruit and dark florals.

The stuff:
I have giant boat-like feet (size 9.5-10, baby), and considering I am just 5'4", those are large feet on someone my height. I used to be all weird about my feet looking big in flats (hence a lifetime of heels), however, I have grown to like my big feet; when I do wear heels, I have less of a pitch (a less steep angle) than someone with smaller feet. I'd like to think I have better balance, but uh, yeah, I do fall over a lot.

But I'm loving flats and kitten heels more and more. I loved wearing these wonderful vintage-y looking modern flats today. They are so groovily 60s, aren't they? I bought them a couple of weekends ago (here, way down past the Victoria Film Festival pictures) for $10.00 at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.

Furry bling:
Sometimes you just want to wear a tribble. Or two.

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), blouse (Coldwater Creek, thrifted), dress (Truly), shoes (Fugitive, thrifted), belt (Gap), cuff (Midzo, thrifted), bracelet (Club Monaco), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), fur stick pin/fur rose (thrifted), earrings (Plum).


  1. Really like the tie of the blouse under the dress! Such nice layering :)

    Dress week was fun to follow along with! :)

  2. Hi Sheila - I enjoyed having a good catch-up on your posts. Loved the post on the VFF - what fun!

  3. Coffee and cream! I don't often think of you wearing neutrals, Sheila, but the textures and details really ramp it all up a notch, nicely done! Tribbles really make a look, don't they?! xxx

  4. These flats are incredible. Stylish and feminine. You look so nice today.

  5. I'd be playing with that furry bling - it looks soft like a kitty cat!!

  6. Lovely ... besides all the ways this dress looks good on you, with all the great styling, I can't help but notice how elegant your feet are in those very sleek shoes! Beautiful as always!

  7. I'm the same - 5'4" and size 9 1/2 - 10 feet. And I'm pretty sure my brain still hasn't figured out that my feet are giant for my height, because I'm constantly bumping into things with my toes. I'm convinced my feet are shorter than they are!

  8. Ooh, I love the way the colors match up so beautifully between your dress, blouse, belt, and blazer. This is layering at its finest.

    And now I know the term 'pitch'! I was tarting to a friend about how painful heels are, and he pointed out to me that at my size, it meant that heels considered "low" would still put me at steeper angle than if I had more "normal" sized feet. A revelation!

  9. I am catching up on previous posts and have to say that i love the shoes! They are just what you describe: its modern (textile) and the buckle like detail gives it the vintage feel.

  10. Thank you for showing such a nice & beautiful photo.

  11. So nice to be able to get a rare glimpse of lacy slip showing at the hem of your skirt. Thank you so much for the wonderful photo.


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