Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wearing Pink and Officer Vizzini on the Lookout

My workplace supports Pink Shirt Day, supporting anti-bullying (link). I was bullied badly when I was quite young; school was a nightmare for me until I hit Grade 8, so this is something I wholeheartedly support. 
I wore this same jacket last year (here). My outfit's a little blander today because I had a lot of physical work to do, getting the new office set up. I was at work tonight until 9pm working on documents, floor plans, etc. and I'll be working late again tomorrow night for the actual move.

I'm fond of velvet in general, and of this jacket in particular. I love the dusty pink colour and it's a very soft cotton velvet. Also, mondo-ruching is always fun. I last wore it here (2nd outfit) in October 2013 with burgundys and purples.
Someone is photo-bombing me
The floral blouse underneath was last seen in August 2013 (here). It's a slightly dated style (those little puffy sleeves are so 2007!), but I still like the mix of colours.

The skirt is a bias cut soft grey with a pinstripe, and excellent Swoosh Factor. At least an 8. I wore it last here in December 2013.
Vizzini is trying to go under my skirt
My boots are my standard riding style ones (last seen here (2nd outfit) a couple of weekends ago) that need replacing.'s nearly time for L and I to make our annual pilgrimage to Fluevog in Vancouver! Melanie, are you in for meeting for another boozy brunch?

The stuff:
Simple pieces that didn't get in the way while I was out and about.

Blazer (Nougat, consignment), blouse (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Planet, thrifted), boots (Aldo, consignment), necklace (Shi Studio), earrings (don't remember).

I was actually running early this morning, so of course I stopped to take some kitty pictures.
"No, leave me alone! I'm sleeping!"
Bah, he has all day to sleep while I'm at work!

Such a face!
"Who dares disturb my slumber?!"
There was some chin-scratching and belly tickling (followed by claws and bitey, but in a playful way). He then got distracted by the seagulls on the neighbouring building's roof.
"Gotta go, ma'am. Protecting the neighbourhood, you know."
And off I go as well.


  1. The pink blazer! *excited* I like it even more than I did the time you debuted it.

    I like this look a lot. I love pinstripes and swooshy skirts, and soft pinks, and classy small jewelry and and and. :D

  2. Love your pink outfit for pink shirt day! We have a similar anti-bullying day here but it's an orange shirt that people wear. Good idea to raise a bit of awareness I think, it's horrible when you hear some of the bullying that goes on :(

    Hope you don't have to work too late tomorrow with the move!

  3. Officer V, handsomest cop on the beat. That's a wonderful pink blazer, and an important cause to honor. I was bullied a lot too - not physically but verbally - and the memories are still painful, 50 years later! You look gorgeous, xox.

  4. Why does it not surprise me that you support good initiatives? Because you're a good person. Like you, I was also bullied as a child. Hanging out with boys when you have female tendencies is a recipe for disaster. That jacket is lovely.

  5. What a great cause - I wholeheartedly support that too! And the blazer you're wearing is super lovely for it too!

    I love the second to the last picture of VIzzini - seriously awesome face. He's hilarious.

  6. Well, if you have to put in long hours, at least you look gorgeous doing it! The shade of pink looks lovely on you.

  7. Sheila I hope your moving goes well ! My office also moved a few weeks ago and it was a lot of work…. however when there's a good leader and a good team things will go smoother- good luck.

  8. O, Vizzini baby!!! My Peepers LOVES to get under my skirts!!! Funny little buggers they are!
    I'm loving that blazer/jacket, such a gorgeous colour!!! Ooo, that would go with some of my outfits nicely!
    Bloody bullying is horrific. I'm very lucky I have a temper; the two times I was bullied I got physical on their ass (a 5 year old beating up on an older boy must be pretty hilarious, and the second time I was a teenager and I broke the bitches nose!!!) and they never came near me again. That was two times my temper actually did me good! Violence is never the answer, but in those two cases it was. Weird but true.
    A lovely little head massage to Vizzini!

  9. How can you go wrong with ruched pink velvet and a swooshy skirt??? I also vote you NEED some Fluevog riding boots!!!
    Awww Vizzini!!!! He has such an expressive face. Beware evil seagulls......the mighty Vizzini has you in his sights!!!

  10. Such a pretty outfit! I love dusky pink and I love velvet too. I also think the Pink Shirt Day is such a fantastic idea and my community supports it too. My pink clothing is all very summery. I am on the lookout for a nice pink sweater.
    Oh Vizzini what a face!

  11. Wow Sheila, I'm glad I found your blog, you have an amazing style.
    I'm your new fan.


  12. Oh, I could use that cozy pink jacket here, these days, it's so cold! Please tell me it's as warm as it looks!

  13. Sheila and L, I must have boozing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, too, please. Brunch will do. I would LOVE to see you both again! Bring on the mondo-ruching. Love this look. Let's email re. get together...

  14. Good for your workplace, supporting the anti-bullying campaign. And your gorgeous pink jacket is the perfect way to do it, you look like a soft steampunky princess!
    Oh my cats like to dive under my maxis too, little buggers. Vizzini has the most expressive face! xxx


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