Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Simple Floral for Spring

And just like that, the weather changes. Today, crisp and clear - and sun! 
Thank you very much, I am taking full credit for this with all my yellow of the past week, and today's all floral outfit.

I would have liked this better with lavender tights, but I don't have lavender tights. And since this is the first time I've wanted them in about 5 years, I guess I don't need them that badly. The grey tights worked fine.
My lovely H&M floral dress, purchased on consignment here last weekend (which already feels so long ago).

This is much more traditional shape for me, and feels more me than yesterday's outfit. Thank you all for your supportive comments and feedback! I will try, try, try again.
As you can see, I can't take my hands out of my pockets! There should be a law that all skirts and dresses have pockets.

The stuff:
Did you notice my floral "camo" necklace? It filled in the neckline nicely - the dress is a little big on me, and I don't need to show off the girls at work (I also have a grey cami on underneath).

I was going to wear my lavender booties (these ones), but we're in the middle of opening another office, so I've been doing a lot of (literal) running around. It will be low shoes for me for the rest of the week. I love these Neosens - I last wore them here in January while pretending to be a director.

Floral bling:
I love mixes of purples and pinks. I have to find a pink outfit for Anti-Bullying Day tomorrow!

Dress (H&M, consignment), shoes (Neosens), necklace (local), cuff (thrifted), earrings (vintage).


  1. If you can work your magic and improve the weather over here in New York, I'll buy you some lavender tights. :-)

  2. Ah, thank you dear Sheila for inspiring the sun to shine! Wasn't it a gorgeous day?! I can't believe the amount of snow we got over the past couple of days...

    You always have the best accessories! Clever idea to veil the view with the flower necklace! And yes, this silhouette is more You, but experimentation is good...it's the only way you might discover new likes! I really think you would like lavender tights and I hope you put that on your *find* list.

  3. Those shoes have such a pretty,romantic vibe!

  4. Beautiful dress, it looks great on you and with the floral touches on your accessories! :) Hope the warm weather sticks around for you :)

  5. It's wonderful to see a Spring-y dress! The shoes are too fab, too - love the floral accent. xox

  6. Love the dress with the shoes and necklace...great floral print!

  7. Very springy and cheery outfit! The dress is a great fit on you too!

  8. I loooove the dress, in fact I have the shirt with that same print from H&M. It's from their spring/summer 2013 collection!
    Oh and yes, by law all dressers should have pockets.

  9. That dress is even more awesome on you!! I love the necklace with it!!

  10. Such a pretty print, and the shape is lovely. You could easily play up the other colours in the fabric with different tights, shoes and accessories. xxx

  11. This is soooo pretty, this frock! I adore the colour scheme! So soft and pretty,and you've made it really funky!
    The necklace is a winner! And yes, the grey tights are perfect! I'm obsessed with having every colour of tights possible...!!!

  12. OH!!! Bon Scott era AC/DC!!! Yessssssss, so thrilled you recognised that. He was such a babe, in the most bogan/larrikin way!! XXX


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