Monday, February 24, 2014

Cropped Over Long and Full - An Experiment

Monday, Monday...but today was a pretty good day, in spite of it being Monday.

I am raring to go full-on Spring, but the weather is not cooperating! I demand Spring - now! 
I am quite excited about "new" Spring fashions. I like seeing different things: shapes, silhouettes, fabrics, patterns, textures. A couple of the silhouettes that are coming around again is "long over long" and "cropped with long and full" - I last remember this in the 80s, when I wore oversized sweaters of my dad's over cropped jeans, or a cropped top over a full skirt. We also did long jackets over long flowy pants back in the mid-90s (remember palazzo pants?). It's all a mish-mash.

I know what looks good on me: the hourglass silhouette. It suits my body type (boobs, little waist, hips). However, I get bored with the same looks over and over - I need change! Stimulation! Excitement!

I could have easily done this full midi-length skirt with a fitted jacket and a belted waist. I could have done this cropped top with a slim pencil skirt. But I didn't. I am an experimenter!
Top and skirt both purchased here on the weekend. The boots were last worn here in early January with plaid taffeta. I have a turquoise cami layered under the top, and patterned knee-highs on top of plain hose.

I really love this Forever 21 top - and although I will never shop in a F21, I am happy to find a good quality piece second-hand. I really like the loopy pattern of it, although the "laces" that it's made of are a little cold on the skin.

I loved the swooshiness and the sueded feel of the silk/cotton skirt - it reminds me of those sand-washed silk shirts that we all wore back in the late 80s/early 90s.
As you can see, the straight cut of the top basically negates my waist. The fullness of the skirt (layered over a slip for warmth) accentuates my narrowest point, which in this outfit is my hips. Yeah, not really my actual narrowest point! This might be a good silhouette if you wanted to disguise your waist and have narrow hips (and are 6" taller than me). It could be one of those shapes where it only looks good on models!

So, my opinion of the test-drive of this look? Liking all the elements, but not how they go together. I did enjoy wearing this outfit, and I don't regret trying something out of my wheelhouse. I'll play with these again in a week or so and do more of my classic shape.

The stuff:
 The shark ring is too big (even for my thumb!) and is going in the giveaway pile.

Top (Forever 21, consignment), skirt (Boss Orange, consignment), boots (Marc), earrings (Le Chateau), shark ring (local), Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).

I was freezing in my outfit all day. Guess why?
Snow! In February! In Victoria! This is just unheard of. Who do I talk to about getting Spring underway?


  1. It might not give you an hourglass shape but I think it still looks cute and you don't look shapeless like I would. I really like the colour combination on you too.
    We have tons of snow-wet and heavy and over a foot of it. It's still falling. So far I haven't lost power.
    Stay warm!

  2. I understand when I see an experimental outfit in photographs and don't like the proportions/silhouette (I have one of those coming up tomorrow, myself!) but from here, it really doesn't make you look shapeless. You clearly have a waist narrowing in the shirt, which you can see because the laces are see-through.

  3. I think it looks great! The top really balances the skirt beautifully. Love those tights!

  4. I know what you mean about experimenting; it's good to try, even if we are a little unsure about the results! I recognise that this isn't you usual silhouette (I have the same issues with cropped/wide/gathered) but you still look slim and chic and pretty funky! xxx

  5. I feel I must add my voice to the chorus pointing out that you do not look at all shapeless! What Aya said about your hips & waist is exactly what I thought.

  6. You've got such a handle on your wardrobe -- what works, what doesn't -- with your body shape! That, coupled with your eye for Good Stuff combines to make you the Wizard of Wardrobe-ing. What a great swooshy skirt!

  7. I really like this silhouette and wear it a lot, too. And I am crazy for crochet tops like this one. What is . . . snow? xox

  8. Gosh I wish spring would come here too! It's almost March, it just needs to be spring!

    I really like the the tights you have on - so fun!

  9. I think your outfit looks okay, actually, kind of a nice change. The shape seems to work better from the front. I like the patterning of the tops and the tights - you could take that look and add the pencil skirt and it would be fantastic!

    We're getting spring here finally! After two long freezes this winter, yesterday it hit 64F, and the daffodils are popping up all over. But the true harbinger - those little lawn daisies were out yesterday! Ahhhhhh.

  10. Your experimentation is inspiring. Blogging has helped me to think of new silhouettes and try them. You're one of the bloggers that helps me think outside the style box!

  11. Ugh, snow!
    I love this outfit!!! It's really different, and I love your adventurousness. I'm rather hopeless about trying new or different looks...then one day, bam, I do, and it's all on. You are encouraging me!
    O, Autumn is certainly upon us down here, but I don't mind. Winter, on the other hand, usually sucks!

  12. It's a nice change for you but yeah--I think the pieces will be better not together!! I think the top would be fantastic in warmer weather with a bright pencil skirt!

  13. I like this.
    Specially the peeking fun tights.

  14. I like this look on you a lot. It's not shapeless; you're petite and shapely and the outfit shows this. It just isn't clingy, it shows but it doesn't show off. It's more bohemian, artsy, like a 90s version of Annie Hall. Cool poetry professor fashion, something like that. The boots are a particularly fabulous touch. Really, this is much better than you think and an interesting, creative change of pace (also a tasteful 'revival' look...some 80's-90's fashion stank, but this particular example was and is charming.)


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