Monday, March 4, 2013

Blue Blouse Round 2 - Now With More Yellow

Adding a routine to one's week really eats up a chunk of time - it usually takes me 30-45 minutes to do a blog entry, and now L and I have the gym three times a week added on top of that. It feels good to be getting stronger, but I miss the extra time! 

Anyway, enough of my whining, here's the blue and white blouse, back for another kick at the can.
I'm wearing nude fishnets - it's too cold for bare legs!
Thank you to whichever commenter had the brilliant idea last time I wore this blouse to pair it with yellow. I can do that! I love this bright yellow skirt, and the blue-purple-y shade with it reminds me of irises, which will be blooming at some point.

I did try a little harder to make this blouse work this time; tucked it in, did my usual hourglass shape instead of no-waist, added more colour. I last wore it here.

Blue/White Sheer Blouse (Elie Tahari for Nordstrom)
Blue/White Sheer Blouse (Elie Tahari for Nordstrom) free polls 
I wore the skirt twice in the September 2012 capsule (recap here), but it's been a favourite ever since I got it. It's in the dry-cleaning bag now, though, as I got a few dirt marks on it at work today.
The boots are my Libby Smith Bellevues that I wore three times waaaaay back in the February 2012 capsule wardrobe (recap here) - I've missed them so much! I'd planned to go with a "safe" black shoe with this outfit, but once I started playing with the accessories, I realized that I could pull a minor neutral (tan) in with the one major neutral (black) and it could still work. Hurray!
The jacket is my classic "boyfriend" blazer that I thrifted a couple of years ago. It featured heavily in the July 2012 capsule (recap here), where I wore it 7 times. My love for a classic black "throw it on with everything" blazer was reinvigorated! 

The stuff:
The focus of it all was the lovely combination of Megan Mae's buttonflowers*  - the tan button in the centre was the thing that led me down the path to the second neutral. Of course, if you're doing a buttonflower with bees on it, one must wear the bee brooch! I had so many compliments on my cluster of colour today - thank you, Megan!
*linking 'cause I love - do I even need to say that about Megan?

Hope your Monday was...well, not a typical Monday!

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), blouse (Elie Tahari for Nordstrom, thrifted), skirt (BB Dakota, consignment), booties (Libby Smith Bellevues, Fluevogs), belt (Club Monaco), earrings (Plum), cuff (SkinzNHydez), buttonflowers/bee pin (MMD gifts).


  1. Yes, we know you love Megan. And she loves you. And we love you both. Great fishnets!

  2. You're welcome dear! I'm glad you've gotten so much use out of them. The purple of the boots also pumps up the indigo colors of the blouse. I need to get to the post office soon to send you some more beeees!

  3. Love your sunshiny yellow skirt. Sheila...I'm quite jealous of your incredible boot collection.

  4. Oh love that top with the yellow, such a great idea! :) Really nice with the boots too :)

  5. What Wendy said was what I was going to say. Whine. She took my comment.

    Those boots are perfect perfection.

  6. Yes ! Yellow and blue just gorgeous!
    Those are so awesome, you have the best collection of shoes and boots i tell you!
    I went back to my treadmill after a couple week sick with a cold that would not go!
    Feels good i tell you!

  7. Now I really love the blouse, paired with the fab yellow skirt. I changed my mind!

  8. YES - that is a great combination! So bright and cheery, so shapely and trim. The colors are great together, from the button flowers to the boots (love!).

  9. Love this entire outfit! The yellow skirt is always one of my favorites on you and the blouse looks great with it. Love your flowers and bee pin from Megan too!

  10. YES--love this!! The blouse works tucked in with a pencil skirt!!
    Those shoes are just so kick-ass!!

  11. A bee-utiful cluster of badges. I really like the colours in this outfit, so Spring-y. I liked the blouse in the last outfit, so another 'Like it' vote from me...

  12. Now that is a great colour combination, and tucking the blouse in certainly makes it more your usual style. Fabulous boots too - of course! xxx

  13. Now, I love this shirt tucked in! If you decide to keep it, wear it tucked in from now on. Also, I'm intrigued by the idea of major neutrals and minor neutrals--I have to play around with that concept in my wardrobe.

  14. I hear ya - I switched over to lunch time workouts to save some after-work time, but when you spend your morning running around, spending your lunch on a treadmill still feels like work! Love the skirt with the boots - I feel I've been too matchy matchy these days, so I need to take some lessons from you!

  15. That's so much better :-) love this outfit!

  16. I'm glad you went with the Libby Smiths instead of plain black shoes. They make this outfit go from "corporate" to "vavoooom!"


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