Sunday, March 3, 2013

30 For 30 Capsule Challenge - Favourite Capsule (Plus the Tiki Skirt Round Two and a Rose Top)

And the winner for the best capsule of the 30 For 30 Capsule Challenge is...October! Enjoy it all over again at the recap here.

But I'm getting tired of the capsule thing. It's over, it's done. I want to look at new things!
Crazy chicken-hair lady
Like this groovy tiki skirt! I wore it on Saturday with my marigold yellow sweater (previously worn twice in the winning October capsule, recap again here), and my Presence Impulse red flats (which I wore 5 times in the September capsule, recap here).

I'm joining Patti's "Visible Monday" at Not Dead Yet Style with this colourful ensemble.

This is the second wearing of this Smoking Lily sample skirt - the last time was here.

Tiki Skirt (Smoking Lily): Outfit #2
Tiki Skirt (Smoking Lily) free polls 
I added an ornate bronze metal belt that Mom bought me in London, England many years ago, one of Megan Mae's buttonflowers, and red coral earrings.
 L and I had brunch out, then ran some errands in town, so I had to have my walking shoes on.
I liked how the black diamond on the heel went with the skirt.

Of course, I wore my red leather jacket with it!
Can you ever have too much red?

Jacket (Danier Leather), sweater (Pria), skirt (Smoking Lily), shoes (Presence Impulse, Fluevogs), belt (gift from Mom), earrings (locally-made), buttonflower (Megan Mae).

We headed out to visit Mom in the afternoon, and to give her kitty Harlequin some love.
She is 15 years old, and starting to feel her age.

She gets away with murder.
"I stand on your puzzle."
But she and Mom are best pals.
Aw, such lovin'.

It was a good day for lounging about in front of the fireplace.
"Feed me"
Our furry family gives so much love to us, don't they?

Today, I walked to the grocery store and had a bit of a meander in the sun.
This top was purchased on consignment for $15.98 in the summer, here in July 2012. I had intended to cram it into August's capsule, but it didn't quite work. It's by Le Chateau and is a nice soft cotton. It has hook-and-eye closures right up the front.
Dorkiest butt-shot ever.
I love the fit of it. I wish the front of it had as many roses as the back does! This is a pretty simple outfit, as I was just walking around. I'm excited to style this top up for work this week.

The skirt is my olive suede Danier maxi that I wore 3 times in the November 2012 all-neutral capsule (recap here), and the boots are my trusty riding-style black boots that I wore 6 times in the December 2012 capsule (recap here).

Anyway, let's get the voting underway!

White and Red Roses Top (Le Chateau): Outfit #1
White and Red Roses Top (Le Chateau) free polls 

It was a little windy so, no surprise, I wore my red leather coat again.
I'll have my cost-per-wear down to pennies in no time!

Jacket (Danier Leather), top (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), boots (Aldo, consignment).


  1. Awww, your Mum's cat is a sweetie, maybe spoiled but well-deserved at her revered age : ) the new tiki skirt is yummy, love it with your hose and the awesome leather coat! Thanks for linking up.

  2. I LOVE that tiki skirt! Gorgeous!


  3. The skirt is great, mustard and red are an excellent combination.
    And the little rose top is pretty, doesn't it fit you perfectly? It will look gorgeous with floofy lightweight skirts in summer! xxxx

  4. I like the way the shape of the toe-box on those shoes mirrors the shape of the triangles on the skirt. Also I second everything past caring said!

  5. Really like the yellow with that skirt! It's an amazing piece, another definite keep from me! :) Your mum's cat is so cute - loved the photo of her on the puzzle! They can be so cheeky but we love them anyway :)

  6. I love the tiki skirt so much!! Looks great with the mustard sweater!

    Your mom's cat is so pretty! My family's cat lived to be almost 19, just shows when you take good care of your furry friends they can be around a long time!

  7. Oh i love that first outfit.
    Looking at you from behind ... the tights, the pattern skirt, the belt, the shoes! it all just comes together - too bad you had to wear a jacket because you covered up . Hope you try this again in the summer.

  8. That coat is a year round love affair isn't it? It seems to go with everything. I love the rose top- but yeah, I wish the roses were blooming more in the front. Your figure is blooming madly, I love how your curves curl.

  9. That is a really cute skirt. Can wear it any season.

  10. Love the tiki skirt with the mustard top-gorgeous!!

    The rose top is really pretty--so summery looking!
    You mom's cats is adorable!!

  11. How much do I love your coat?! It seems to go with everything. Love the gorgeous spicy colours in the first outfit, and the romance of the second outfit.

    Nice also to see your Mum again on the blog, and Harlequin. What a lovely name for a cat.

  12. I was all set to talk about how much I love that skirt, and then you gave me kitty pictures! OMG what a lovely girl, Harlequin (Harly-Queen?), is. She looks like a pampered spoiled kitty cat, which I love to see.

    I love the fit of the floral top on you. It's fantastic.

  13. ALSO FLOOF HAIR! How can I not mention that!! SO cute.

  14. You are rocking that skirt! And the red---love, love, love. So nice to meet you through Miss Patti's Not Dead Yet Style

  15. So love the Tiki skirt ... really of the moment, so not ready for recycle yet! I can imagine so many ways to wear it for the coming spring! Always beautiful in red, kid, and the roses suit your romantic nature.

  16. I've been scrolling through catching up and getting inspiration...! I have not yet told you how much I love your hair and new specs. "I love them!" They are both fun, funky, and young. Can't wait to meet up.

  17. Oh my goodness, your Mom's Harlequin is the spitting image of my late Sophie. *sniffle*

    We all love our kitties so.

  18. No, you can never have too much red. EVER. I do like the tiki skirt but I think it needs to be about 3" shorter. I really like it with your funky tights.

    I need to go through your blog and see how you've styled maxi skirts. I have 4 and I try to wear them but I can't seem to successfully put them together with things.


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