Monday, March 11, 2013

Burgundy Suede Skirt - A First Outing

It feels like Spring is just around the corner! It's even a little glare-y in the mornings.
An outfit with some old favourites: my CAbi vest (worn 4 times in the February 2012 capsule, recap here), my leopard blouse, my lovely bow metallic shoes (both from the March 2012 capsule, recap here).

I was very close to incorporating this suede skirt into one of those months, but it always got bumped for similar items, like a red suede skirt or a longer burgundy Smoking Lily skirt or my burgundy dress. I got rid of the red suede skirt, gave the Smoking Lily skirt to Megan the Fashionable Bureaucrat, and that burgundy dress is still kicking around somewhere, but here we are: this skirt is still in my closet.
I've had it since September 2011 (here), when I thrifted it for $14.50. Since then, I wore it in March 2011, and again in January 2012, right before I started the year-long capsule challenge.
I have a big butt, and I cannot lie!
It's a fairly snug pencil cut - for once, it's actually my exact right size. I tend to go up or down a size...depending on the size you find in the thrift store! Sometimes you just take what you can get.

Burgundy Suede Pencil Skirt (Danier Leather): Outfit #1
Burgundy Suede Pencil Skirt (Danier Leather) free polls 
I'm distracted in the above picture by the sound of someone digging...more on that in a minute.

The stuff:
I went steampunk for the accessories. Shiny, gears and keys.

The wonderful Tamera made the necklace.
The C-shaped ring is meant to look like a horseshoe nail.

Vest (CAbi, thrifted), blouse (Planet, consignnment), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Jeffrey Campbell), necklace (gift from Tamera), earrings (locally made), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), C-ring (Club Monaco).

So what was Mr. Vizzini doing?
"I smell an elastic band!"
He dug in my bag until he found my address book (which is held shut with an elastic - so classy), pulled it out and then took off with it. I trapped him in the bedroom and pulled the slobber-covered book away from him then wrestled the elastic from his sharp teeth/claws.

Then I zipped my bag shut.
"It's in here, I know it!"
He actually managed to get it out AGAIN, and I snagged it back from him pronto and zipped it into the wallet compartment. Little bugger!

As soon as I got home, he went for it right away.
"You're no fun."
He's so full of mischief.


  1. Keep the burgundy skirt--it's a wonderful piece. That last image of Vizzini is classic!

  2. LOL! That crazy cat. At least you know how intelligent he is. Bruce, our sweet faced, but dumbbutt kitten, cannot understand the concept of clear plastic bags.

    Love the suede skirt. It fits you so well, the color is magnificent. Voting Keep It on that one.

  3. What an awesome look!! I love this leopard blouse and your vest.. its so awesome- very officey and hip at the same time, fitted and funky. I have an hourglass shape too so always appreciate the good ideas of others for outfits that work for a curvy shape!!

    you have many great outfits I am very inspired by!!

  4. Aww Vizzini is so cute hunting out a band to chew on! :)

    Really like that skirt - colour and fit are amazing!

  5. I am ROFLMBO at Vizzini!! what was he planning to do? Call everyone in your address book???? LOLOLOL

    Yes that skirt is a KEEPER--great color & fit. And of course EVERYTHING looks good with leopard!

  6. Oh Vizzini!!! That is SO what my Pippin would do. And the more you discourage her with that kind of thing, the more she just wants it. Today she actually figured out how to get into our bedroom closet. We're in trouble now.

    I love the skirt, it is a great fit on you so that is a win in my book!

  7. Persistent kitty keeps trying! Showing off his brainz and skillz. I love this fitted skirt and esp the fab hose you're wearing with it.

  8. Crazy kitty. I'm leaving my cats with my husband at least until I get a permanent situation. I'm going to miss the hell out of them.

    Those shoes are the only Jeffrey Campbell shoes I've ever liked. So lovely!

  9. The skirt looks great (I see no big butt, just a lovely hourglass figure!) and of course, leather and leopard print were made for each other!
    Vizzini is quite the little monster, isn't he? First your shoe straps, now he's after your address book, what will he do next? Can't be mad at him though, look at that cute face in the mirror....! xxxx

  10. Maybe he's trying to set up a party for you and invite all your (IRL) friends? Don't tell him I told you...

    Really like this outfit, it's such an interesting mix of textures. Your skirt is a definite (bum hugging) keeper x


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