Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Grey Suede Skirt and a Corset

It was grey and blustery today - it's still really windy! All the daffodils are blooming sideways and the cherry blossoms look like snow. 

A mix of cherry and grey today in the outfit too.
This is a variation on a look I've done tons of times - this lovely corset top lends itself well to a rocker-ish vibe. I only wore it once in the June 2012 capsule, here, in an outfit that I loved (there are links to all the other times I've worn it there). As I noted in the recap, "that's not because it's an orphan piece - my own bad planning is to blame." It's one of those things that's a great finishing piece, but you need a good-sized wardrobe for it with some classic solid blouses - I had only one top that went with it in the June capsule.

The fuscia blouse is another old standby for me. I wore it on Pink Shirt Day in February, here.
And of course, this is the second wearing of this skirt, last done here with black and white and yellow.

Grey Suede Skirt (Danier Leather): Outfit #2

Grey Suede Skirt (Danier Leather): Outfit #2 free polls 

These tights popped a hole right in the middle of my shin today - for no reason! I hate that!
The corset top stays put pretty well - it has rubber grip around the top, so I don't have to be adjusting it all the time.

The stuff:
My lovely Versace vintage pumps, worn twice in the December 2012 capsule (recap here), are right on trend, according to my fashion mags. Pointy toes are back (did they ever really leave?), and studded details, well, I have been all over that for years. 

Corset top (Le Chateau, consignment), blouse (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Versace, vintage, thrifted), belt (gift from Ruth), metal cuff (thrifted), leather cuff (Guess, thrifted), earrings (The Cobbler).

The howling wind makes Vizzini edgy:
He's watching the branches of the maples sway around.


  1. Lovin those stockings and shoes. Super chic!

  2. Love it! Classically Sheila, and to-die for shoes. Gah those are so awesome. Pointy toes went out of style? When? Ah, well, I'm probably always out of style. I mean, I'm still rockin' tie-dye. ;P

    Hello alert Vizzini! It's been really windy here too. The birds are literally all a-twitter about it. We have some mega-fat robins around the college campus. They make a ton of noise.

  3. Drooling over your Versace pumps here - love what you did with the corset here - good way to get some wear out of it when the weather is not so warm!

  4. Aww Vizzini!

    I really like that grey suede skirt, and the extra hardware on all of your accessories are awesome :)

  5. I love this look, a bit of a film noir dame, I think. Oh hey Vizzini! Vigilance!

  6. Love the pointy toed shoes with the studded details. Fabuloso!

    I found when I wore my strapless dress with a blouse underneath it that I had to keep pulling the blouse down so it wouldn't poof out at the back. Looking at your photos, it doesn't seem to be a bad thing for it to be a little poofy. :)

  7. OOO--love your studded shoex and accessories--just gives the outfit a bit of rocker edge!! I love the pop of cherry satin!


  8. Oh my kitties don't like the wind either, they get snaky when they can hear stuff blowing!

    Bummer that your tights sprung a hole! Love the shoes too!

  9. I noticed that Vogue was all about pointy shoes this month, I don't think they are ever not stylish. The studs really maketh the shoe!

    I love how you style the corset top, I am going to look out for one of those now.


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