Thursday, March 14, 2013

Burgundy, Houndstooth and a Rusty Shirt

I spent the morning in a coffee-induced artificially cheery state - I am still riding that a bit, but expecting a crash at some point, probably at Book Club, which is in an hour. I'm walking over - hopefully that will wake me up.

A new item was called for today!
The rusty-orange shirt is new-to-me, purchased here just a few weeks ago. It's by Mexx and was $14.98. It's machine wash/tumble dry, which is gold in my book! It's a stretchy polyester with a side hidden zipper. I like the cut quite a bit.

Rusty-Orange Shirt (Mexx): Outfit #1
Rusty-Orange Shirt (Mexx): Outfit #1 free polls 
Instead of going for a classic autumn palette, I played with burgundy and black/white. The skirt is my lovely wool houndstooth pencil that I wore three times in my all-neutral month in November 2012 (recap here).
 It's one of my "keep forever" items - such a classic cut, pattern and it fits perfectly.
A skirt that does good things to one's butt is a good skirt.

The shoes are my wonderful Fluevogs, last worn here with my bright red dress that was well-Liked. I changed to my burgundy boots (Matchy! Yay!) for walking to Book Club. I think I might like them better than the Fluevogs with this outfit. I last wore them for Pink Shirt Day in February.
The necklace is my octopus Mah-jong tile. 

Our book up for discussion is "Stuart: A Life Backwards" by Alexander Masters - I'm not quite finished, but I really liked it.

Rusty-Orange Shirt (Mexx, consignment), cami (Esprit), skirt (Bianca Nygard, consignment), shoes (Mini Qtees, Fluevog, consignment), boots (Miz Mooz), belt (locally-made, gift from L), necklace (Raven's Rest Studio)


  1. Hi Sheila! I'm loving all the pencil skirts you have been wearing...especially this one. The pattern looks really good with the pattern on those tights too!.

  2. Love that classic skirt - shaken up with a touch of octopus : > Great color mixing too. Have a wonderful Friday.

  3. I love the color rust and would love to find a shirt just like this one! have a great Friday, Shelia!!

  4. Hounds tooth can be so versatile. I don't think a lot of people know that since they tend to stick to a plain black/white palate. You're blog examples totally break the mold!

    And hounds tooth with patterned tights? Swoon!

  5. I love this color combo and i'm definitely gonna "steal" it!!
    The new blouse is awsome--great fit, style and color for you!!
    I need to find/make a new houndstooth skirt!!

  6. Oh I really like this! I have never thought of pairing orange/burgundy with the black and white houndstooth. I'm always looking for ideas for mine, so this is awesome.

  7. Love that bright rusty colour with the burgundy, a great combination. Mmmm, the boots win the battle of the footwear for me! And you're right, that skirt is a perfect fit. xxx

  8. Oooh, rust and burgundy - they look great together! That is a gorgeous skirt, and I think it looks better with the boots, too.

    Happy Friday!!!

  9. Lovelovelove! From the Vogs to the color and cut of the shirt. I don't know that I've voted lose it for anything other than the column black leather skirt that you got rid of anyway.

  10. Dude--I love your rusty blouse, haha! And I agree with you, the boots make the outfit that much better!

  11. Gorgeous - fits beautifully, easy care, and excellent saturated colour, keep! Love the obi belt, octopus, and boots.

  12. My style goal in life is to look half as good in patterned tights as you do!


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