Sunday, March 10, 2013

Verdicts, Hockey and Tiki, and More Ruffles

What a busy weekend! Friday ended with a hockey game organized by the Social Committee at my work - we went out for beer and appies before the game, then watched the home team win! Huzzah!

Naturally, I dressed for a hockey game.
I prefer a dressy Casual Friday.
I took the bus home and swapped out these shoes for flat black boots for walking to and from the game.

I'm doing the "lock and load" here with the jacket done up, but I wore it unbuttoned except when I put my coat on over it. This is my lovely stretchy denim jacket that I wore twice in the February 2012 capsule (recap here) - I also wore these black Cydwoq shoes that month (worn 4 times). Ha, I actually wore this same jacket to a hockey game last year too!
Ah, that's better unbuttoned. I wore this lovely cowl sleeveless blouse (last worn here for the September 2012 Wild Card outfit). I did rusty-brown ribbed tights to go with the pattern of the skirt - a half-slip kept them from clinging.

This is my outfit for Patti's "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style. Check out all the gorgeous participants!

I like the fit of the jacket done up, but it was bulky over my mass of access cards and keys and pedometer.
And this makes this the third wear of the tiki skirt, previously worn here and here. I'm not going to keep you in suspense - here are the results from the first two votes:

  • Like it: 91
  • Lose it: 19

It's a blow-out! The verdict: I'm totally keeping it!

As a few people noted, it's a bit big on me, so I might splurge and get it taken in a smidge, but I'm quite lazy so it will probably stay as is. It's unlined and a thin cotton, so like the Smoking Lily Holy Ship! dress, it's more of a summer item than winter wear.

The stuff:
I love Cydwoq shoes. I'd love another pair but the store here that used to carry them only gets a few styles in - rarely the really cool vintage-looking boots that they make. I'll need to save my pennies for a pair of those.

I really liked the copper pieces with this outfit:
The earrings are vintage Renoir, and the pin was thrifted about a month ago for $3.00.

Jacket (Bisou Bisou, consignment), blouse (Michael Kors, consignment), skirt (Smoking Lily), shoes (Cydwoq), pin (vintage, thrifted), earrings (vintage 60s, Renoir, thrifted).

Following the last wear of the black suede maxi skirt, I also have a verdict for it!
My favourite look with it so far
I wore it here, here and here.
  • Like it: 69
  • Lose it: 41
Ooh, a close one! And the verdict is: I'm keeping it.

I know, it's just a black maxi skirt, but I adore the thick suede (seriously, it weighs about 8 lbs), the shape and the pockets. It's a gorgeous skirt and will work well as a cold-weather basic in my wardrobe.

I also have the verdict for the red and white roses top:
I really like this outfit
I previously wore it here and here.  The votes are:
  • Like it: 60
  • Lose it: 13
Another sweep for the Like its! My verdict is: Lose it.

Yes, I'm not keeping it. I spent a little time yesterday putting together outfits for next week (lots of new items up for voting!), and I just couldn't get inspired to find another outfit for this top. I love the cut, the fit, the shape...but the pattern is too big for so much seaming, and the colours pretty much limit me to wearing red and green with it. Blah. So out of my wardrobe it goes!

On Saturday, L and I did our usual brunch out, then we split up and did our own thing for the afternoon. I knew I'd be shopping and wearing a coat for most of the day, so I kept my outfit simple.
 It's the return of the ruffled skirt!

This is a plain brown merino wool sweater by Club Monaco that I thrifted in 2010 for $12.00 - I wore it in the February 2012 capsule (recap here) three times - and I'd say that it was the neutral piece that started to open up my eyes about having good quality neutral basics in my wardrobe to go with all the kooky pieces I have.
This is the second wear of the ruffled patchwork skirt, last worn here.

Olive and Red Patchwork Skirt (Dolcezza): Outfit #2
Olive and Red Patchwork Skirt (Dolcezza) free polls 

I'd forgotten about these brown boots:
They also featured heavily in the February 2012 capsule (recap here), worn 5 times, which was the most of any of my shoes that month.

I wore this comfy outfit to Winesday with my gals last night too - I ran for the bus in these boots! Gotta love a pair of boots you can run in!
My most favourite coat ever. I'm all over this "leather for spring" trend, man. I can't wait to bust out some of my spring/summer pieces!

Jacket (Danier Leather), sweater (Club Monaco, consignment), skirt (Dolcezza), boots (Miz Mooz), choker (Mom's, vintage 60s).

I didn't find anything at the thrift stores this time. My favourite thrift store is selling off wedding dresses right now, so their stock is quite low. I cruised over to the Velvet Crease and found a couple of wonderful pieces.

This skirt called to me.
It's a gauzy stone-coloured cotton with a t-shirt material waistband. There are two layers of skirting, with the top layer having visible seams. It's by Lapis and was $30.00. I can see this worn underneath another full skirt as a layering piece, or with a fitted top, or even with the waistband folded up to make it a strapless (although I'm a bit booby for that look).

I also fell hard for this blazer.
It's a thick denim twill with a faint textured stripe.

The lapels are silk, like a men's tie material.
The buttons are covered in the same fabric. It has black, white, gold and burgundy in it.

As does the lining!
Wow! I love that.

It was just a bonus that it's by Etro.
Etro is known for featuring paisley designs in their clothing - the label is shaped like a paisley swoosh.
Sweet! A high-end designer piece for $42.00. That's a score! I'm sure this would have been $300-400.00 new. I'm looking forward to playing with the tux-like styling of it.

Speaking of tuxes, the Chairman of the Board has a few words to share:
"I'm feeling more laid back today."
He wasn't happy with us being out all weekend.
"Either play with me or I shred the curtains."
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. I'm glad you're keeping the black suede maxi and I love the first blazer you've got on. AND that red leather jacket is fabulous!! Did you see Bill Cunningham's latest video on the New York Times - everyone in Paris is wearing long red leather coat!

  2. Sheila, you look fabulous in every single outfit!!! I would find it next to impossible to weed out anything looking so good. I'm glad you're keeping the maxi too. I like it alot and can imagine how wonderful the suede is in person. The cydwoqs are amazing. I've tried them on at consignment stores and retail stores, but they just don't fit me well, unfortunately. I LOVE them and that pair is beautiful.

  3. I thought of you too when I watched Bill Cunningham's video today - the red leather coat ruled! Your shopping finds are fantastic too - I'd wear that skirt every day for a week : > Thanks for linking up.

  4. Yay yay! Cydwoqs! I still want a heeled pair myself. I'm pretty sure I'd be happy with any pair out of their collection, unfortunately they are quite the pretty penny. And finding a pair small enough to fit my feets is quite a challenge. Their size 36 runs more like 6.5 than a 6.

    I love the new skirt! I guess I'm getting drawn to that light color because it makes me think of spring. I've added two pieces in that sandy/stone/beige shade to my wardrobe recently.

    Hello Mr. Fancy Paws! Look who's lounging around.

  5. I am so glad you are keeping the skirt, Shelia...I think it is so cool!! That top picture is amazing!

  6. A completely stunning, I mean jacket. Wow!!!

  7. HI Sheila...

    I really like the blazer with the silk/men's tie lapels. Its so cute and can't wait to see how you style it.
    I'm also glad you are keeping the black maxi skirt.
    My favorite outfit of in this post is the red and olive. Its really striking.

  8. Well, life has been keeping me busy, so this is the first time I've viewed the TIKI skirt. OMG, what a fantastic print! Looks great on you, glad you're keeping it.

    And what a great score on the Etro blazer. I adore their paisleys. Looking forward to seeing how you style it.

  9. OMG - it's all too much to take in! But I do love that outfit at the top, and the lapels on that jacket are so cool! The copper pin is cool, too. I think my mom has a similar one. I'll have to see if I can borrow it :~)

  10. So glad you're keeping the printed skirt and the suede maxi! Sad to see the top go, but the best decision for you if you find it is limiting you too much.

  11. Yay to keeping the tiki skirt--it's just so fab!!
    The new blazer is just STUNNING--LOVe the tie-like lapels!

    AAAWWW-Vizzini cuteness!!! how can you resist him??

  12. You have the coolest stuff. The ruffled skirt reminds me of the apron I wore yesterday. And seeing hockey in person is more fun than I expected it to be -- fast and exciting. You don't get a full sense of that watching on TV.

  13. Glad those pieces are staying in your closet, they are all ones that I love! I love the patchwork skirt too so I hope that one also ends up staying!

    Hello Mr. Chairman! Looking mighty dapper today! My girls get cranky with us when we're gone a lot too.

  14. I love both skirts you kept and today's outfits with them. Finding that pin which coordinates so perfectly with your earrings is the kind of thing that makes me unreasonably happy (I found a Labradorite ring to suit my new earrings EXACTLY - but it was on the hand of the Forest City Fashionista, darn it!) I agree about the rose top.

    I'm less 'yes' about the patchwork skirt in this outfit, though I love these colours on you and anything in the vicinity of your red leather coat looks fabulous. Oh no, cancelling out my own vote! Great new finds, and I adore Vizzini's laid-back version of holy-terror-dom!

  15. I'm glad you're keeping the maxi- it's pretty awesome. The leather for spring trend? That's why I've bought 3 leather items thrifting in the past 2 weeks, I just didn't know it! I love your red leather jacket though! Keeper for sho!

  16. ETRO jacket is ah-mazing! Ahhhhmazing! It looks like it's be a dream to touch too- love the detailing!

  17. Sheila, you have such exquisite taste that I find almost everything you wear and/or thrift crazy-lovely! You definitely inspire me to shop my own closet more, and be very careful about anything new that's up for admission to my limited storage space :)

  18. Ha ha, drapey cat! I gasped when I saw the Etro label on the blazer, what a score. You can see the quality of the cut from the first picture though. Good work.

  19. WOW! what an amazing find on the of my favorite lines. Such a deal!

    For weeks now, I've been combing the thrift stores looking for a black suede skirt. A black suede skirt JUST like yours. I am so jealous. If you get tired of it....

  20. Etro miracle ! wow - what an amazing jacket.
    What a great find :)

  21. I can see I'm riding against the crowd here, but I love (love!) the ruffled skirt on you. I can see it with so many other pieces you own. I'm pulling for it to be a keeper! :)

  22. Love your style, Sheila—especially those purple specs! Since you're a fan of Cydwoq shoes, you probably already know about Ped Shoes, but just in case you don't, come check us out. (Yes, I work for Ped, but I was a customer before I becoming an employee—in fact, I found Ped's site by searching for "Cydwoq.") We carry LOTS of Cydwoq styles, which is a good thing, given my own Cydwoq habit!


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