Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Third Etro and Disco Dutch

Today was an insane day! I logged over 10,000 steps on my pedometer by 2pm. It was a little quieter in the afternoon, but I was really happy I'd worn comfy shoes today.

It was fitting that I was dressed a little crazy.
Colour! Pattern! Texture! Shine!

The shirt is my lovely vintage silk one, thrifted for $5.00 and worn 3 times in the August 2012 capsule (recap here).

The skirt was featured 4 times in the February 2012 capsule (recap here), and I'm so happy to have it back. I love the shiny velvet, the pockets, and just the way it sits.
The jacket is my lovely Etro blazer, last seen here after our Vancouver trip, and previously here for work last week. The tights are pretty old - I've had them since at least 2009.

I've decided after the nuisance with the polls not working yesterday (and I redid them again today; still not working) more polls on the outfits. However, I do still want to hear what you think - I'm a Libra, I like to hear all sides - so please feel free to comment!
This being the third wearing of the blazer, I would normally post a poll, but instead, I will give you the results from the previous votings, and then I will reveal my verdict.

Like it: 28
Lose it: 16

Not too shabby. My verdict: I'm keeping it. It's just too cool - it needs to live with me a little longer. It's not a perfect fit, but I really love the details. I'll probably pass it along to a friend at some point and not regret it.

But I know you can't take your eyes off my shoes! I was showing them off to everyone at work today; as soon as my coworker Cory (who KNOWS John Fluevog!) saw them, he said, "Those are like disco Dutch!" and it was The Name. Forget "Prepare Hi Steady", these are the Disco Dutch shoes.
I wore them here briefly, along with the Etro blazer, on the weekend to go for lunch, but today was a full day in them.

As I said, my morning was busy - I ran in these, walked 2 blocks in them while out doing errands, climbed up and down stairs in them, and moved two bookcases. My feet are tired, but not sore - they really held up well. They have maybe a 2" heel once you take off all that platform. Another awesome pair of Fluevogs.

Jacket (Etro, consignment), blouse (Elite, thrifted), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Prepare Hi Steady, Fluevog).


  1. TOTALLY Disco Dutch! That is the true name of the shoes- and they are relentlessly fab! I like the blazer can see why you're keeping it. The whole outfit looks good- that skirt better show up again, and soon! xo!

  2. I like the outfit, I don't like the shoes with it. Not sure why, but I think your caramel/black/etc fluevogs would have gone better. But eh, I suppose that's matchymatchy me talking. And it kills me to admit it, because I do like the "Disco Dutch" shoes!!

    I am jealous of how fabulous your blonde hair is looking. Mine never gets that light.

    1. There's yellow in the lapels of the jacket - I WAS going matchy-matchy! Besides, I wore those Fluevogs with this jacket just last week. I don't wanna get a rut! :)

    2. Ah! That may be why I was thinking of those shoes. ;) The jacket lapels show up really brown on my screen. I checked this post on my phone - and yeah, my monitor settings are terribad. ;P I don't think you'll get in a rut! Just keep doin' your thing, Miz Sheila!

  3. Glad the new shoes are just as comfy as they are amazing. Can I say how much I LOVE that skirt!? xx

  4. Oh, love that velvet skirt, the shape, the shine, the whole deal. And 1) naming shoes is fun; and 2) disco dutch is a very great name : > You look fabulous.

  5. They are pretty amazing shoes! I am really liking your tights too!

  6. Daffodil-yellow Disco Dutch shoes FTW!! They just add such a cool punch of color to your outfit!!
    Love the whole outfit--the skirt is stunning!!

  7. Ah, your colleague, Cory, he KNOWS shoes. He is a shoe whisperer! I just love this heel style on you.

  8. Love the new name for the shoes - and that they were so comfy! Sad to see the polls go, but glad it wasn't just me having issues with them last time.


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