Monday, March 25, 2013

First Time Floral, Second Time Coral, Plus Verdicts and a Closet Changeover

Ah, last day of a long weekend. I can't help it - I spend half the day being anxious about it being the last day! So silly.

Anyway, aside from going out to get my hair cut today, I didn't do much of anything. Well, I did clean out my closet. I guess that counts.

But clothes come first.
I walked to and from the hairdresser - it's only 25 minutes each way, and it felt wonderful to get outside and enjoy the sunny weather. Finally! Sun!

This is a new-to-me floral cardigan by Mexx, bought on consignment a couple of weeks ago (here) for $19.98.
I like the interesting pattern of leaves and flowers, and the unusual colour combination (which is probably why someone got rid of it!). I think it'll work well in my wardrobe.

What do you think?

Floral Cardigan (Mexx): Outfit #1
Floral Cardigan (Mexx) free polls 

The skirt is on its second time 'round. I'm not usually down for t-shirt cotton skirts, but I like how this one fits, even over tights (yes, I have tights on - it wasn't that warm).
I layered a teal-y blue cami underneath to hide the skirt's waistband, then did the purple-y grey Chie Mihara flats for walking (last seen here with my pink velvet jacket).

I last wore the skirt twice on the Anniversary Weekend of Adventure (here).

Coral Pencil Skirt (Floating Gold Iceberg): Outfit #2
Coral Pencil Skirt (Floating Gold Iceberg) free polls 

I added my white leather jacket over it, and carried my red Danier Leather purse.
Simple teal and silver earrings and voila! All done. And my hair is now nice and short again!

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), cardigan (Mexx, consignment), cami (Ricki's), skirt (Floating Gold Iceberg, consignment), shoes (Chie Mihara), bag (Danier Leather), earrings (Oscar & Libby's).

And now, on to the voting verdicts! So exciting.

First up, the burgundy suede pencil skirt by Danier Leather.
I wore it three times: as in the picture above (here, my personal favourite of the 3), in the crazy pirate-y outfit here, and with my new-to-me Etro jacket here.

And the votes are...
  • Like it: 102
  • Lose it: 24

Whoa, it's a landslide! And my verdict is: I'm keeping it. It's an excellent colour, a great shape and fit and it cost me a whopping $14.50. I've worn it 6 times total so far, so my cost per wear is under $3.00. Not that cost is a major factor, but that feels good. This skirt is a good basic. 

Done - no more shopping for burgundy pencil skirts, Sheila! I packed it away with my fall/winter items today. Ha!

Next up, this lovely grey suede skirt.
But what's that, you say? I only wore it twice? Yes, indeed, your powers of observance are very keen. I wore it with black and white striped and yellow accents (here) and in the corseted rocker outfit (shown above, here).

Well, let's see what the voters said:

  • Like it: 53
  • Lose it: 14

And it's another blow-out! However, my verdict is: I gave it away. Don't get me wrong; I adored this skirt. Love the colour, the cut, the suede is to die for...but it was a size too big. I knew that it would look amazing on one of my coworkers so I gave it to her last Thursday.

Someone commented (forgive me, I don't recall who) that I seem to make up my mind about my items completely independently of the voting. Yes, I do. I see things that the camera doesn't pick up (good and bad), and I'm the one wearing it - so I know pretty quickly whether it's going to work or not.

Someone else (again, memory like a sieve here) mentioned that most of the items are getting "like it" votes. I think that's entirely to be expected - I don't buy stuff I don't like, and I know how to put together adequate outfits to show off items. Why I'm doing this is because I like to see how people vote when it's anonymous (you guys are honest!), and see what you REALLY think.

It's also an interesting experiment to see if I can turn something I'm not terribly fired up about into something worth keeping, and ideally into something that I love.

Anyway, enough of my babble. Last item: this rusty-orange blouse:
I didn't actually wear this three times either, but the two times I did were enough for me to make up my mind (plus it's in the wash, and I don't do laundry all that frequently, heh). 

I wore it as pictured above, here (in a pinch, I guess you could say that was two outfits - I did change my shoes for boots), and here, layered under a leather dress with turquoise accents.

And the voting is:
  • Like it: 41
  • Lose it: 22

Ooh, pretty close! My verdict is: I'm keeping it. I love the colour and the fit and it's an excellent colour in my wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed voting for these items as much as I enjoyed wearing them. 

And now onto the closet portion of my day. I had to stop partway through my clean-out to go to the hairdresser, and then I napped when I got home, and then L and I went to the gym, so there was a large gap between when I started and when I finished. 

I pull everything out, vacuum and dust, and then decide what's staying and what's going. I cleaned out a bunch of things that I'd forgotten about, that I didn't love or that just didn't work for me anymore. I also pulled out heavier-weight items, winterish and autumnal clothing, and most of my boots. I'll do the reverse at the end of September.

I have the most fun looking at my shoes. These are the ones I pulled out as being the most spring-summer:
I count 33 pairs there. I do have a couple of pairs of booties for colder times (September can be cranky, weather-wise), and even there, I see 6 pairs of shoes that I still haven't worn in over a year. I promise, they will be worn! Some of them are party shoes, so not good for my feet for a whole day's work.

And on the other side of the room, we have the more winter-fall shoes. A lot of these go back into the closet (it holds a lot), but I did pack up about 2 dozen pairs to go into storage. It's always so fun to pull them out again. "Oh yeah, I forgot about these!"
Not including my two pairs of walking runners in the upper left corner, there are 22 pairs of shoes here. There are 4 pairs that didn't get worn, so I'll see if I can work them into a party outfits at some point.

Although I didn't get rid of any shoes, I am debating a few pairs that I don't completely love. I'm more likely to keep shoes, especially really cool ones or Fluevogs!

Pile o' boots (10 in total):
I did pull out two pairs of boots to donate: the brown suede ones that don't go over the knee, and the black ones. I was really annoyed that the brown boots didn't stay up (and I already have two pairs of great brown boots), and the black ones are too big in the calf on me, plus I have two good pairs of black boots already. There is one pair of boots that I didn't wear in capsules - a pair of Fluevogs! - but I'll be wearing them soon. 

That's 66 pairs of shoes/boots, and I didn't even include the 16 pairs of summer shoes that I unpacked. Ulp, my total is 82 pairs of shoes. Move over, Imelda! In case you were wondering, I have 21 pairs of Fluevogs, easily the most of any brand. I'm a Fluevogaholic, I admit it.

Vizzini helped me clean by supervising from below:
I kept an eye on him - no more chewing on my shoes!

Thank goodness this is a short week - so looking forward to another long weekend, although I don't get Easter Monday off (it's not actually a statutory holiday in my province, boo).


  1. Love the cardigan, love the skirt. Love the colors! I wish I could find more things in not-average color combinations. I saw a dress in pale yellow and periwinkle on ebay, such an odd color combo.

    I adore seeing all your shoes!! Gorgeous. I also realize I have a disproportionate amount of boots in my closet I think. Ah well.

    You're right about the fit-factor being hard to quantify in pictures. I pretty much know when I slip something on if it will be comfortable or not, if it'll be something I want to wear a lot or only sometimes. I only keep the stuff I want to wear a lot if I can help it. Ultimately, you know what's best for you. It is cool to let us vote though!

  2. Sheila, your anniversary post and now this one, on shoes! You are spoiling a flu-ridden reader. I had been thinking about doing a shoe review, you have sold me on this now. I love the whole process of getting Spring/Summer shoes out, and putting the wintry ones away. And you have such beautiful shoes.

    That new cardi is definitely a keeper. I agree, the original owner probably thought there were too many colours in it, but it harmonieses beautifully with bright blue and red/orange.

  3. Love your colourful spring-y outfit for the hairdressers!

    And wow you have so many shoes, I'm very jealous! :)

  4. I envy your shoe collection, seriously! I love the picture of Vizzini under the shelves. My cats would totally do that too!

  5. Wow, that is a magnificent shoe collection, Sheila. (I feel a bit inadequate now, but I'll get over it : > ) I really love your shoe-style. And your cat, love that cat face too.

  6. Sigh....SHOE PORN!!!!! You hands down have THE BEST shoes!!!
    The new cardigan is gorgeous--unusual color/print but that's what makes it so cool!!!
    I've found that looking at the pix of me helps me make descisions on whether to keep something. I sorta have a Gwynnie Bee thing going with the Goodwill--buy it cheap, wear it a couple of times, and donate it back-LOLOL

    I love the pix of Vizzini with crazy wild eyes under the shelf!! He's on the alert for those viscious shoe string snakes!!

  7. I'm at 50+ pairs myself - but I have zero guilt. Shoes are awesome.

    You're getting fairly close to being able to do Everyday Fluevog. Is that a goal?

  8. (I'm struggling with OpenID today so if this shows up multiple times, I apologize! Oh, technology.)

    I'm at 50+ pairs myself - but with zero guilt. Because shoes are awesome!

    You're getting close to being able to do Everyday Fluevog. Is that a goal?

    1. Yes, it's absolutely a goal! One day... I can't just buy any Fluevogs; they have to sing to me!

  9. The skirt and the cardi got a KEEP vote from me. They are great pieces and look amazing together. I love this on you, I bet you got some whistling while walking to the hairdresser (of not, you'd get them here).
    Oh closet cleaning. I try. Isnt that what counts?

  10. I love the little Mexx cardigan and think it will work very well with your colourful wardrobe.
    My goodness, look at all those shoes and boots! Like Patti, I feel a little inadequate in the footwear department now too!
    Btw, loved seeing you with the amazing Melanie! xxx

  11. I love your shoe collection...I have more than 60 pairs myself. I am very envious of your Fluevogs - I have one pair, and an eye on several others! I love seeing all your outfits. Thanks as always for sharing! ...Kat

  12. I love your shoe collection! Shoes are fabulous...I have more than 60 pairs myself! I must confess envy of your Fluevogs - I have one pair, and my eye on several more! Thanks as always, for sharing your style!

  13. Oh what fun!! Thank goddess you have a huge, well organized closet. I am swooning over here with my 1920s closet-less house! xx

  14. I am in awe of your shoe collection - but then, I imagine everyone who sees it is in awe! Like buying art or jewelry, I imagine that's quite a good liquid investment if you ever fall on hard times (heaven forbid)!

  15. Shelia it is all about options and those you have in the foot attire department...These are what I call foot candy.. and the good news is that this type of candy has no ww points...


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