Sunday, March 17, 2013

Verdicts In and a Bit of Shopping

Ah, this weekend has just flown by!

Here I am being blown about by the wind this morning.
I re-bleached my roots and will be dyeing over this bleach-y blonde soon.

I actually wore nearly the same outfit yesterday, but L and I slept in and were running late to join friends for lunch, so I didn't have time to photograph it. After brunch, we all went to the museum to see an exhibit of wildlife photography, which was wonderful. Then home for a nap, then up late again with Cat and Ross and a rousing game of Arkham Horror.

Today, I'm wearing a thin grey long-sleeved tee (yesterday's was burgundy), my Smoking Lily moose tee, knee high socks and my black riding boots.

I strolled down to get groceries in this, then ventured over to My Sister's Closet for a poke around.
This is the third wearing of the flouncy skirt, so let's down to business. In addition to today's outfit, I also wore it here and here. The voting results:

  • Like it: 49
  • Lose it: 49

Wow, a tie! This is a first! The verdict is: I'm keeping it. But it's going to go with my less-worn stuff that I don't wear very frequently, like my costume pieces. I like this skirt; the style is so unusual, but I'm a little tired of it right now - but I know I'll never find anything like it again. So, narrowly, it squeaks through and stays in my closet.
It's still quite chilly out, so I needed my suede jacket and fingerless gloves.

Jacket (Le Chateau), moose tee (Smoking Lily), grey tee (Jacob, consignment), skirt (Dolcezza), boots (Aldo, consignment).

We're also ready for the verdict on the blue and white silk blouse:
I wore it here, here and here. The votes are:

  • Like it: 110
  • Lose it: 54

And the verdict is: Like it - I'm keeping it. And I think we all agree: wear it tucked in! This top is a classic case of an item that I didn't really try that hard to style when I first got it. It's great quality and lovely fabric, but I didn't know what to do with it. Forcing myself to try different options to make it work for me and my body type results in me keeping a blouse that I otherwise might have just passed along (sorry, Kara!).

Well, that was exciting. I do enjoy seeing how people have voted.

Moving right along, here's what I bought shopping today:
This cardigan caught my eye - I love the pattern, the rust/teal and pinky tones in it. It's a great cut and fits well. It was $19.98 and is by Mexx.

I loved the swooshy silk of this skirt:
Also, hello! Bright orange,purple, olive and brown? Great colour combo - I can't wait to wear this! It was $22.98 and is by Corey Lynn Calter (link to website's "About"). I've never heard of this designer before, but I really love the colours in this skirt.

And how's your weekend been? Full of good things, I hope!


  1. The blue blouse does look much better tucked in! Love the cardigan you found. I'm sure you'll do some wonderful styling with both new pieces.

  2. Yay! I'm excited for the results. Both of those are great pieces that will be excellent in the future.

    Congrats on your shopping! I picked up two uniquely printed tops, myself. Little bit of a challenge for myself, but ones I think will suit my closet. I just wish the weather would stabilize. Yesterday I wore sandals, today I had to wear boots!

  3. Oh, you are so brave to have a voting system. I could never imagine telling a blogger to Lose It! Personally, sometimes I feel my best in things that look hideous on, but I can't help it. I'm glad you're keeping these pieces. And I love your new bursts of colour! I like My Sister's Closet, there's one here too.

  4. I'm so glad you are keeping the blue silk blouse!

  5. I like your bleachy blonde hair. Just sayin. And that pink ruffle skirt is so cute! There is a similar one at a local shop here, and I am wondering if I really deserve to buy it. Now that I've seen yours I'll have to go look at it again. Maybe it'll be on sale now!

    I did some retail therapy this weekend (you saw how I was on Friday - tequila only goes so far). Got some gorgeous shoes and some handy sandals. Can't wait to post pics of the shoes!

  6. I'm glad the blue and white blouse got to stay - it's very pretty and feminine - as is the flouncy skirt! I love that suede jacket with the big collar too!

  7. I am glad you are keeping both of these, Sheila. And your new additions are lovely, great colours. Love those boots too.
    A quiet weekend here but good for that very reason - I'm tired! xxx

  8. Glad you're keeping the skirt and the blouse, I really liked both pieces! :) Lovely new purchases as well :)

  9. It's fun to see the results of the vote! I'm glad you're keeping both items - especially now that you have found some great ways to style that blouse!

  10. I would've been fighting you for the new skirt and sweater if I had seen them--gorgeous and "your" colors!!
    Yay you are keeping both!!!

  11. I love it when the verdicts come in! And your new swooshy skirt looks divine.

  12. I'm glad you're keeping that skirt. It will be a good steampunk item!


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