Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rusty Blouse the Second, with Turquoise and Leather

Rush, rush, rush - such a busy day! 

I wore a lot of outrageous things. Did you?
My gorgeous taupe leather dress was featured twice in the April 2012 capsule (recap here) - I always enjoy wearing it to work.Today, it's a good grounding neutral for the rust-coloured tights and the second wearing of this new-to-me rust blouse.

Votez! I previously wore it here.

Rusty-Orange Shirt (Mexx): Outfit #2
Rusty-Orange Shirt (Mexx): Outfit #2
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The belt was the starting point with the blouse; from there it was just a matter of grabbing all my turquoise accessories to punch it up.
"Who's out there?"
As I was putting everything together last night (I plan my outfits on Sunday, but put all the accessories together the night before), I thought, "I wish I had some turquoise shoes to go with this."

Oh, hey, wait a sec!
I do have turquoise shoes! I have these Fluevog Prepare Guide shoes of awesomeness, recently worn here for an Art Gallery "do" and also featured in the May 2012 capsule (one of my favourites, recap here).

The stuff:
Bigass ring, bigass Brave Belt.

I have to take the ring off to wear gloves.

Dress (Truly), blouse (Mexx, consignment), cami (Esprit), shoes (Prepare Guide, Fluevogs), belt (Brave Belts, thrifted), earrings (Oscar & Libby's), ring (Le Chateau).


  1. I just love all the turquoise accents - they go so well with rust. And Vizzini looks a little scarier than usual.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I love this, totally Sheila style. Happy to see the Guides return. Isn't it awesome to think "This would be perfect if I had [blank]" and it turns out you really DO have that.

  3. Your accessories and glasses are the perfect additions. Love how the colour pops out.

  4. Fantastic accessories, Sheila! Love those shoes (how could you *forget* them?? : > ) and your leather dress is dreamy.

  5. I really like the turquoise with the rusty orange :)

  6. LOVE the shoes! I wish I had some turquoise shoes! And Vizzini looks like he is going to attack the camera, he he.

  7. OMG the Aqua shoes of Awesomeness return!!! Love the color combo--gorgeous outfit!1
    And a Vizzini photobomb of cuteness!!

  8. Sheila, you are smokin' hot. I bet your co-workers look forward to seeing your outfits in the morning. I love those kind of co-workers - I can't wait for them to walk in every morning!

  9. (Catching up, as I have had flu)

    I love those moments where you wish you had something... And then remember you have it! I am *always* pleased to see those beautiful shoes. And again, you are in leather, which you look (as Lynne said) smokin' hot, but also... Professional! I don't know how you do it. Is it alchemy? x

  10. As a huge fan of leather, and bigass jewellery, I am totally in love with this outfit. I saw your photo on Cultureserf - so jealous you were able to meet Melanie! The turquoise shoes are totally fab!


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