Thursday, March 21, 2013

Suede the Last, and Etro the First

It's a long weekend for me (vacation days - yeah!) so I'm gonna make this short. I'll be back on Sunday or Monday, and I have a surprise - I'm meeting up with another blogger! Who could it be...?

For my Friday, it's the third wear for this burgundy suede skirt.
I previously wore it here with lace and leopard, and here this past Monday (yarr!).

Burgundy Suede Pencil Skirt (Danier Leather): Outfit #3
Burgundy Suede Pencil Skirt (Danier Leather) free polls 

I'm also wearing my new-to-me Etro blazer that I picked up a couple of weekends ago (here, lots of detail shots of it) for $42.00 - not bad for high-end real designer wear made in Italy. I think it's probably from the late 90s, based on the length of the jacket.
I added my mustard ruffled shirt (last seen here with my brown lace skirt) to pull out a bit of the yellow in the jacket's lapels.

Black Blazer with Tie Lapels (Etro): Outfit #1
Black Blazer with Tie Lapels (Etro) free polls 

I like this longer line of jacket - it also has very nice sharp shoulders (not padded, just well-shaped). I rolled the sleeves to bring out the oyster silk.
For my shoes, my lovely Coffee Sumatra Fluevogs were perfect (worn 3 times in the March 2012 capsule, recap here).

The stuff:
Someone's legs are in the shot...
These are the most comfy shoes - I wish Fluevog still made the Coffee family!

Jacket (Etro, consignment), blouse (Gap, thrifted), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Coffee Sumatra, Fluevog), belt (Gap), spinnner ring (Twang & Pearl), vintage ring (Sarah Coventry).


  1. That is a gorgeous jacket - such a flattering length. The whole outfit is gorgeous! I hate to think how much money is invested in just your shoes.

    And I can't wait to find out who you're meeting! Are you going to Vancouver? I can't wait to get to Seattle and meet Joni and Bella.

  2. Love that new jacket! I wish I could have voted "love" : > The shape is perfection. Oh hey, who's wearing the white socks?

  3. Kitty feet!!! I spy kitty feet!

    I really love those shoes, I could see them going with quite a few things and if they are comfy to boot then that is awesome!

  4. Ślicznie, bardzo mi się podoba bluzka z żabotami i cudne buty:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  5. Love the lapels on that jacket! Your coffee heels are the perfect shoes for that skirt. Hello kitty paws!

  6. Those tights and the lapels on the jacket! Wow, they so compliment each other! Nice! (Oh and I adore those widdle kitty feet!)

  7. Love the jacket and the skirt, especially with the mustard ruffly shirt. Great combo, and so very you.

  8. Hope you enjoy your long weekend! I really like the burgundy and mustard together :)

  9. The jacket is just stunning!! Love it with the mustard and burgundy!!
    The fluvogs are GORGEOUS--and so much nicer next to Vizzini paws!!


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