Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nov 9th - Outfit #9 - Black and Olive and Cat Pictures

Happy weekend! This weekend is a long weekend for most provinces in Canada, for Remembrance Day on Nov 11th, so I won't be around too much. Well, there will be this post, and I'm setting another one for Monday, but I'll really be hanging around the house in my jeans, a fuzzy sweater and a floor length Chinese robe. And leopard slippers. 

For casual Friday, I did cashmere and leather.
This is a 100% cashmere sweater that I picked up on consignment a few years ago in Oct 2008 for $34.00 (first worn here with cropped pants - not a favourite look). It's not a really great quality cashmere; the brand is Expression, which is the stuff they sell at Winners. I has a nice wide neckline, with a little loop and tie at the front. I didn't realize how much of my back it showed until I started getting a lot of comments on my tattoos from my coworkers!

I first wore it here, as well as Nov 2008 (with some cool red boots that I got rid of due to crappy quality),  early Dec 2009 (with my painty skirt and showing off my madd assembling skillz, yo), again very casually in December 2009 (I haven't worn jeans to work in 7+ months!), and in Jan 2010 (with a pretty skirt), and in November 2010 with last month's mustard sweater.

And that's it! A basic black cashmere sweater and this is only the 6th time I've worn it in 4 years! That's just wrong.

However, let's see about this wonderful suede skirt. This is a Danier Leather maxi that I thrifted in September 2010 for $19.50 - I first wore it here with these same shoes. It's machine washable and tumble dry - and yes, I've tried it and it worked great. I think the skirt is from the mid- to late-90s, as it's super low on the hips. I had a black full-length slip on under this and that helped keep me covered in the back!
I last wore the skirt here (with shoes and blouse from last month's capsule) in January, and before that in January 2011 for a trip to see L's inlaws (check out the pic of me flying a helicopter, hee hee), and December 2010 (accented with a graphic tee and purple). Only 4 wears? Wow, it seemed like more!

The shoes are my fun Pumpkin Pies, last worn here, last Friday.

I liked the turquoise accents from my accessories, so played that up with my outerwear:
Walkin' shoes, black leather jacket, suede gloves and a wool thrifted Marks & Spencer scarf. I wish I'd had a hat! It was down to 6 degrees yesterday! Brrr...

The stuff:
A mix of brown and black, with pops of turquoise. My lovely new-to-me Brave Belt, thrifted last month for $6.50.

I haven't worn this Mexican ring for years:
More homegrown vintage; I got this from Mom & Dad in the late 80s.

Sweater (Expression, consignment), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Unlisted), belt (Brave Belt, thrifted), black cuff (Guess, thrifted), cogs cuff (SkinzNHydez), turquoise ring (Le Chateau), earrings (Caracol), ring (gift from Mom & Dad, 80s), coat (old job swag), scarf (Marks & Spencer, thrifted), gloves (Accessorize).

It was too cold yesterday to open the deck door for the day for Vizzini. I went to see how he was taking this.
"Why isn't the door open?"
 He seemed okay with it.
Cute little paws!
 He wanted to attack the camera cord.
 However, he quickly lost interest as the squirrels leapt about in the trees.
"You bore me. Open the door."
 He settled in and studiously ignored me.
Silly bub.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that skirt and shoes almost as much as I want to touch Vizzini's feets! Really-really. Super price on the Brave belt.

    From your links, too bad about those awesome red boots, they were great, and I was amazed (but hardly surprised!) by even more of your incredible range of skillz from assemblage to helicopter piloting - you rock, lady!

  2. Oooh yay! Kitty fix all around this weekend. Look at those cutie paws! Our kitties are so hating the cold weather, they're like kitty-glue to the heater.

    Love your turquoise accessories.

  3. Aww Vizzini is so cute! :) Love his little paws!

    I like how you used turquoise with your outerwear.

  4. Super skirt. Awesome leather jacket. And your cat has terrific eyes.

  5. The skirt looks so luxe. I really like your turquoise gloves.
    That cat just cracks me up! He lives a very privileged life doesn't he?!

    1. Vizzini is spoiled with love (and scratching posts). :)

  6. Love the turquoise jewelry that is my favorite I only own a few pieces but I wear them all the time. Love your outfit it looks very pretty and brrrr that sounds cold!! We got down into the 50's and I was freezing!! Your cat is too cute!! ~Love Heather

    1. 6 degrees is actually in the high 40s - we use Celsius in Canada. :)

  7. I agree with Mica, matching inner and outerwear 'stuff' is very cute! Re: your comment on the low back of the sweater; I wonder if it was originally 'supposed' to be worn the other way around, with a lower neckline and a keyhole nape closure?

    1. Hi, Radostin, thanks for reading and commenting! No, the label is squarely in the centre of back of the neck; it's just a wide and low neckline.

  8. How lovely that one's wardrobe is such that you can be so casual about wearing cashmere and leather!! LOL. Wonderful. I hope you have a great weekend too. Brrr is right!

  9. You look stunning in these pictures. I love the turquoise sweater with the black. Your blog is one of a handful I read every day. Love it!

  10. We had a rare warm day yesterday so we opened the back door for our kitties for a little bit, they were so excited. Today, not so much. It is much colder! Love the pictures of him on his perch!

    Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

  11. I love all your leather cuffs. I really should try to find some locally. The turquoise accessories are fabulous with this. I also love the open toed shoes with the patterned stockings. WHOOO!

  12. GORGEOUS skirt!! Another color combo for my inspiration files (black, aqua, olive)
    Yay--adorable Vizzini photo's !1 I swear you could do a whole blog devoted to Vizzini!!

  13. Fabulous skirt, and not the slightest envy of your long weekend again?? :) We dont have any longweekends during fall :(


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