Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nov 28th - Outfit #26 - Three Neutrals

First up: a public service announcement. Due to a large increase of Anonymous spam comments over the last few days, I have changed my settings from "Anyone" to "Registered Users." Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

I started putting up the Christmas decorations in the reception area at work today. I have to admit it, I am a sucker for mini-lights. Sparkly!
It's so dark in the mornings!
Last wearings of everything - ah, I've enjoyed this month's pieces. This is my spotted asymmetrical jacket, worn with the collar undone to the first button (it does up with two little snaps, worn done up here with a pop of purple).

The skirt is my beloved olive suede washable maxi (last seen here, 2nd outfit, all artsy). I forgot how low it sits on the hips. Good thing I wore a full slip under this!
The shoes are the last appearance of my Campers. Cat, I'm bringing them to Book Club tomorrow night!

The stuff:
My cheapie necklace that I got for $5.00 at the Vintage Fair here a few weeks ago.

Jacket (Precis Petites, consignment), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Camper), belt (Gap), necklace (vintage, 60s).

Vizzini was hanging out on the top of his leopard scratching post this morning. He loves this thing - he plays on it all the time.
"I want you to stay home and play with me"
He was rolling around on top of the house as I walked up to him, but all those pictures were blurry.

Of course, his attention was captured by the camera cord.
"Can I eat that?"
 I gave him some pats and a kiss on the head.
Lovey eyes!


  1. That's really the best looking cat house I've seen. Of course it would be yours, you with the richest looking wardrobe. No average cat house would be good enough for Vizzini!

    I really like the look of your shoes with the tights. I remember when people hesitated to wear a lighter shoe with a bit darker tight and I see you doing it wonderfully all the time. Proof that it can be done.

  2. Fantastic movie star skirt! Your legs go on and on in that. And I love that caption - can I eat that? LOL

  3. The second picture of the kitty is funny....I can't quite describe his expression, but its great. Maybe I would say its a quizzical expression.

    Love the skirt, Sheila

  4. Love the neckline on your jacket.

    Hello Mr. Vizzini! Looking totally cute today with his head tilt! Aww little fella.

  5. That cat is some competition for you. So cute and I am not a cat person but I love them anyway. You cheapie necklace is fun and pretty. I agree with the other blogger that commented that your skirt makes you legs 'movie star' long. That olive green is great on a red head...

  6. I love the collar on that jacket. So pretty. You cat is beautiful.

  7. Hola! You look great, and I have that same Gap belt, although I have a hard time styling it.

    This finally nudged me to figure out how to use my Wordpress ID, even though I still haven't got around to moving from Tumblr, so it's all good for me. :)

  8. Aw Vizzini is so cute! :) I really like your maxi skirt, will be a shame to see it go this month when you bring in a new capsule :)

    I know what you mean about spam too - I had to lock comments on one of my posts as it was just getting hammered by anonymous spammers for some reason! Hope the change fixes it for you :)

  9. Put me in the love-that-skirt club - it's a beauty. So is Vizzini in his chic leopard cat condo. What a face!

  10. Ah--Vizzini looks so cute on his leopard "throne"!!! He is looking at you like "when are you going to wear the outfit with all of those interesting birds on it again?"

    Love this outfit!! You lok so tall and elegant!!

  11. First of all - I'm with you on the anonymous spam, I'm getting really sick of it and will be doing the same thing to my blog.

    Secondly, you look amazing as always - but the Vizzini pictures are so great! You captured him in some really great poses and kitty "looks" - I love it!!

  12. Mr V looking as sharp as his Sheila !
    I got spammed a few months ago and then it suddenly stopped...

  13. I am so crazy about my fave style bloggers' pet pics. Can you believe I hadn't lived with a cat for over 30 years until I brought Sasha Jane home from my blogger meetup with Megan? Now I'm so crazy in love with that cat it feels like love

    I love that gorgeous long skirt, and am jealous of whoever is getting your Campers :) Did you ever get tired of neutrals this month, and have you had a capsule so far that's been the hardest to get through? I've appreciated your capsules; they've been super-helpful for editing and shrinking my closet to a more useful collection of separates.

  14. What is up with that I have been getting a lot of spam as well!! You look great so pretty love the colors ...and your kitty is just to cute!! Love Heather


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