Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nov 14th - Outfit #13 - Wine Legs and Ruffles

A day late and a dollar short...I'm on Wine, even though today's colour is Pumpkin.

As per yesterday, I am in Neutral-Land this month, so all my colour is coming from accessories.
I knew I had wine-coloured tights, and the dark red belt is close enough.

This is my ABBA-esque ruffly blouse, last worn here with my black trousers, and now due for a wash after dragging the sleeves through every bit of water I could possibly find today.

I'm sort of on track with the challenge by wearing my "Pumpkin Pie" sandals (last worn here with my olive leather maxi skirt). Tomorrow's colour is mustard, and I know I don't have mustard tights, so I'll see what I have in the way of mustard accessories.

This outfit features the last two one "fresh" (i.e. not yet worn) items in this month's capsule: the brown sweater vest and the skirt portion of Kim Cattrall's suit. I bought the suit here (scroll down past sunny summer pictures) and wore it here for a Wild Card.
I was all ready to go have some flashbacks to all the awesomely bizarre ways that I've worn this vest when I realized, HOLY SHIP. I've already done this in a capsule this year! It was in May's 30 for 30, and aren't I an absent-minded dancing fool?

Well, I only wore it 3 times in May, and I did give myself leeway in the "rules" to repeat stuff. I honestly didn't intend to! And I even reviewed all my spreadsheets, but I must have missed it.

Ah well. You'll all forgive me, I hope!

Blouse (CAbi, consignment), vest (Le Chateau, swap from Ruth), skirt (Pink Tartan, consignment), shoes (Unlisted), belt (Plum).


  1. Those wine colored tights really make that outfit. Love them paired with that red belt.

  2. Hee! It's a colorful legs week. Also I love that your shoes are called Pumpkin Pies.

  3. Oooh, wine. My favorite in every shade, except the kind that comes in a box. ;)
    Love the shape of your skirt. It takes the conservative edge off a skirt this length. After all you're not conservative, you're an absent-minded dancing,.. I mean wonderful woman.

  4. I love your Abba blouse! I can only imagine its silky wondrousness against the skin. I also love how even though you are wearing neutrals your accessories make this outfit so colourful. I didn't join this challenge because I don't think I have anything that fits the bill - I'll have another look...

  5. Love the ruffles and vest together. I see you are really making the most of that beautiful top.

  6. First of all, I am a big fan of the vest over blouse look, so feel free to repeat as much as you like! (But repeating a look from 6 months ago isn't really repeating it a lot, LOL.)

    Second, I love the juxtaposition of the flowy nature of the blouse and skirt against the more structured vest and belt. That just really works together.

    Killer outfit, my dear!

  7. You know it's a great vest if it's in 2 capsules! :)

    I like the wine belt and tights :)

  8. Love the ABBA references - who doesn't love a good ABBA tune to start the day? : > You look great, I love the red belt to set off the fab hose, and the pumpkin pies.

  9. Love the ruffly blouse and the wine tights & belt!! Perfect!

  10. Love the wine legs and accessories with the neutral backdrop. Really makes a statement!

  11. Great frilled blouse :)

  12. Yay for colorful legs! I love your wine colored tights! And now I'm singing Dancing Queen, I love me some ABBA!

  13. You did ABBA proud. That blouse is so romantic and perfect, very Captain Jack Sparrow. Which is a good thing in my world.

    I am going to try all my colored tights with neutrals. So I don't have to throw them out or face being the butt o' my sister's jokes :P

  14. Wonderful combination of ruffles and flared-hem skirt with the style of those shoes! Let alone how awesome your colour mix is - and as Mica above said, great vest! "All my spreadsheets" just about knocks me over. :)


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