Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov 19th - Outfit #18 - Powerless and Patterned

Rainy days and's been raining like crazy the last couple of days, and it's so dark in the mornings! I barely had any light.
A lot of pattern today - and I'm mixing black and brown!

My white and black cardigan worn (mostly) open and my black Tsubos (both worn together last here, with a touch of teal), and my Indiana Jones skirt (last worn here with a bunch of browns).
Underneath the cardi is my chain-print faux wrap top last worn way back here on day 1, with my tan suede skirt.

Rounded it out with my striped tights and a few small bits of silver jewelry. The pattern was enough today. It was a Monday.

Sweater (Attitude, thrifted), top (Talbot's, consignment), skirt (no label, thrifted), shoes (Tsubos).

Just after I put yesterday's post up, the rain and wind combined and...power outtage! We don't get them here very often, but every so often the wet west coast weather conspires to remind us that Nature is in charge, not us.

Unfortunately, our neighbour got trapped in the elevator - call the Fire Department!
There's a fire hall close to us so they were there really fast! This truck was the only light for blocks!

The emergency lighting came on in the hallway.
Spooky! The firemen pried the doors open and got our neighbour out. And that is why I take the stairs!

I dug out the candles and stuck them in my old candelabras.
I read by candlelight and L napped. Vizzini was mostly freaked out, then calmed down. He steered clear of the candles. The power was out for a couple of hours - it was mostly just inconvenient.


  1. Catching up on all your posts last week & caught your newest as I was ready to move on. I was curious which part of Canada you live in. My mom's family is from Manitoba, but I was born in Montana. We don't get many power outages here in southern Idaho, but we lived in Orlando for 16 years, its just a part of life there. You never do a bad outfit and you continue to inspire me. I guess by now you've figured I'm pretty chatty, I am...

  2. Chatty's good - thanks! :)

    I'm in Victoria, BC - on Vancouver Island (a big island off the coast). I'm north of Seattle and west of Vancouver (which is confusingly on the mainland and not on Vancouver Island).

    1. Sheila, 40 years ago I lived in Seattle for 2 years and took the ferry to Victoria, a very lovely city. I changed my user name to oopsgirl51. I was born in 51 in Havre. You are so kind to answer. Thanks.

  3. Wow, "Drama Central, how may I help you?! " Glad to know all's well. Your black and brown is delicious. I love that combination.

  4. Ohmy! Hope you all are staying safe. I always get a little thrill when the power goes out.

    Your neutral look is pulled together, and utilizing the details of each piece to look chic and sophisticated.

  5. Oh gosh being trapped in an elevator would not be fun.
    Fortunately your neighbour was rescued quickly so is probably not too traumatized.
    We didn't lose power but most everyone else we spoke to that lives near us included.
    Thank goodness we have candles.

  6. Whoa trapped in an elevator sounds scary! I love your tights Sheila, you always have the coolest pairs!

  7. I like your chic outfit with those zingy tights.
    Good idea to take the stairs. I've started using them lately too. Wretched rain, but at least the temps are usually warmer when it's wet.

  8. Before reading your post, I thought you would have had a terrible fire! But so it wasn't really dangerous! We had a huge power breakout last week in Munich, and I heard of many people that were stuck in the subway or anything else, I'm so happy that I was still having breakfast at home - and for getting stuck reasons I don't take the elevator if it's not really necessary...
    Apart from all that, I really love your cardigan, the embellishments are so beautiful!

    xxx Anita

  9. That would freak me out. Glad you are ok now. Love your sweater and the tights.

  10. Cute -- love the patterns together; those tights are especially fun!
    Yikes, glad everyone got out of there okay.

  11. Yikes! That is a big fear of mine, getting trapped in an elevator, so I always take the stairs!

    I love candlelight, sometimes I light candles and turn off the lights just because!!

  12. Power-outage?! Wow, I wonder what that's like... Seriously, I'm sorry for the inconvenience it caused. I *know* from whence you speak.

    Back to your outfit: man..., you attempt things the rest of us haven't got the guts for and then you pull them off. My admiration for you knows no bounds.

  13. I despise elevators for that reason exactly! Oddly, where I worked in Regina, we ONLY had access to elevators, no stairs! The place I worked before that, my boss would always take the elevator to go up one floor, and the stairs to come down, because she said it was unnatural to fight gravity. It was bizarre!

  14. Ditto on the stairs. I do not do well in small, close spaces. So glad you guys weren't without power for long. Uh, hi, Shybiker! lol

    I love that cardi. And I love how patterned tights always look perfect on you.

  15. Love the outfit--the cardigan is really a stunning piece.
    AWWWW poor Vizzini traumatized by no electric.
    BTW-did a package ever arrive at work for you?? Mailed it out almost week and a half ago....

  16. Love that cardigan - it's fun and work-approp. at the same time. Great tights too! Glad everyone's OK, and hooray for taking the stairs : >

  17. Oh yourpoor neighbour. I thought it wouldn't be so bad, then remembered the lights weren't on. Doh.

    But your outfit looked goodfor the drama!


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