Monday, November 5, 2012

Nov 5th - Outfit #5 - Tweed and Textures

From dark in the morning to bright in the morning - I'm back on the stairs before work!
I wore rust-coloured striped-texture tights
Today, I played with texture and a bunch of browns.

First up: Kim Cattrall's suit jacket. I wore it with the matching skirt back here in September (2nd outfit) as my Wild Card outfit, and I bought it here (scroll down past the blue sky pictures) at the end of August on consignment for $160.00. It's by Pink Tartan and it was made in Canada! Yeah!

Next, I'm wearing a cream 50/50% cashmere and silk sweater. I bought it here in July for $18.00 on consignment (scroll down past the red dress). It doesn't have a label at the neckline, and one side has a scoop neck and one side has a V - it's perfectly reversible for a very different look. How cool is that?

It was made in Hawick, Scotland, which apparently has quite the cashmere industry.

Anyway, you can barely see it here, but I'm wearing the V-neck at the front.
Working our way down, that's my Indiana Jones skirt. I call it that because a) it has no label and b) the crackle finish reminds me of those old leather jackets that Indy wore in the movies.

I bought it in May 2011 (3rd outfit, aw, Inigo in the sun) for $12.00 at a thrift store. I also wore it here in October 2011 (with blues and copper), and last time in January 2012 with last month's orange velvet jacket.
The boots are a new purchase, bought here in September at She She Shoes for $175 on sale. They are not worth it. The suede is too thin for an over-the-knee boot, and they became slouch boots over the course of the day. They also rubbed my heel a bit, but I can soften that up. Anyway, I'll probably keep them until the next perfect brown boot comes along - I've only had one other pair of perfect brown boots (these ones, which are long gone because they were Too Darned High and Pointy).

Anyway, disappointing. But on the bright side, I have awesome slouch boots! And they showed off my rusty tights.

A close-up of the jacket detailing. I just swoon over all that velvet trim.
Look at the velvet buttons on the bell sleeve! Ah!
I did a leaf and flower pin on the lapel, vintage clip-on rhinestone earrings and a finger party of rings. One of my coworkers said, "Oh, and you have a wooden ring on. Because you don't have enough textures going on in this outfit." Hee hee hee.

I love the details of clothes that no one sees (for example, the suit jacket has green silk piping on the inside seams), like the backside of this skirt:
"I'm looking at you"
It's orange!

The crackle finish is a dark chocolate brown that looks like it's had black laid over it and then washed to crackle it all up. Such a cool skirt.

The now-slouchy boots:

Jacket (Pink Tartan, consignment), sweater (Hawick, Scotland, consignment), skirt (no label, thrifted), boots (Ilenia P), earrings (vintage), leaf pin (Grandma W), mink pin (thrifted), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), wood ring (Dots), floral ring (vintage, Sarah Coventry), rust stone ring (Fossil).


  1. I'm happy that it is bright in the morning, but it sure was tough to come home in the dark tonight. I like the bright tights with that outfit

  2. I love the texture mix... so rich, and perfect for fall!

  3. Soo much lovely leather this month. Love the close up of the jacket, I can see the bit of green running through it.

  4. This is fabulous, I love the addition of broaches!

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict

  5. the boots look so nice - I hope you can soften them so they stop hurting you when you wear them at least :)

    1. They'll soften up fine - I'll give them a good massage. :)

  6. Love the little mink pin - it always makes me smile. You look terrific, love those killer boots!

  7. I love the jacket so much! I loved it even more after the close up, like Megan said, you can see the green running through it and it's really fantastic!

  8. Such a wonderful fall outfit!! love the bit of orange from the tights!!
    No pix of Vizzini stalking the coveted mink pin?? Or maybe he's hoping for another bird-riffic outfit!

    1. I picked him up to cuddle as soon as I got home and he went right for it, little devil.

      I took some pics of him this morning!

  9. I'm with Patti, the little mink pin rocks my jewelry-focused world :) I love all the browns and textures in this outfit. Those very tall boots keep it very modern.

  10. Those boots are spectacular, lady!

  11. Love the boots and the jacket. Looks so good!

  12. I'd love it if Kim Cattrall stopped by to admire her suit on its gorgeous new owner :-) i love the mix of textures here, and that your boots show off the colourful tights. I keep telling myself that tye bright mornings are for the farmers' benefit.. But I do hate the dark evenings coming home.

  13. Aww, Inigo in the sunshine! What a lovely boy he was.

    That jacket is fabulous in every way! Too bad about the boots - OTKs are hard to get right - but they look great on you with this excellent outfit. Love your coworker's ring comment, lol.


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