Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nov 6th - Outfit #6 - A Pop of Purple

First off, thank you to all the lovely people who read and follow my blog! I hit 300 followers today (not that such things really matter, but it's such a nice round number) - after nearly 5 years of blogging, I'm proud of the fine quality of my friends in the blogosphere! Thank you!

Ooh, I love the first weeks of a new capsule! So much fun stuff to wear!
Today, we have this lovely black jacket by Precis, purchased on consignment back here in September for $30. The white dots are actually little bitty Ws - or maybe they are wee flying birds? Anyway, I love how the jacket's front is slightly angled, and the way the collar lays. It doesn't work undone, but it works lovely as a top.

The skirt I've had for oh, a very long time, since about September 2008. Here I am with whack-a-doo hair!

I've worn it lots of times, including November 2008 (rediscovering the boyfriend cardi), December 2008 (for a Christmas party) February 2009 (yes, that's a bear head in the 2nd pic!), July 2009 (I miss those turquoise shoes, but they didn't fit), for a capsule wardrobe challenge in September 2009 (here),  Dec 2009 (one of my first attempts at pattern-mixing), April 2010, October 2010 (with cranes!), Christmas Day 2010 (past the Florida pics), and the last time, in Nov 2011 (scroll down to the blue sweater).

It's a classic and I love it. The quality is superb and the fabric is nice and thick. And who doesn't love a great houndstooth skirt?
I'm wearing the Bata shoes again (last seen here) - but with purple legs so you can see the ankle strap! It's much easier to see in the first pic (darn this loss of natural light!) - and my legs match my purple skinny belt.

Some stuff:
The ring with the purple stone was a gift from Mom & Dad back in the 80s. A little more homegrown vintage!

Jacket (Precis, consignment), skirt (Nygard, consignment), shoes (Bata, consignment), belt (Plum), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop), disc ring (Nine West), amethyst and snake rings (homegrown vintage 80s).

It's gotten too cold now to keep Vizzini's scratching post out on the deck, even though our deck is enclosed. We've had to move it inside, but we made sure it still had a view.

This morning, I followed the meowing:
"Open the door! Open the door!"
 It's not too chilly during the day, however, so I open one of the doors enough for Vizzini to go out.
"Ah! Must get caught up on my patrols!"
Officer Vizzini patrols the neighbourhood, noting every leaf, squirrel and raccoon (and shopping cart person). He meows at everything, constantly.

He suffers me petting him while he's "on the job."
However, I was thanked quite well with lots of leg rubs and purrs. And yes, he's a little monster when the deck door gets closed at night!


  1. Purple tights & houndstooth. Awesome!

    We've hit the point in the year where we need to keep the doors to our (unheated) conservatory closed, and our fella doesn't much appreciate being unable to survey his back garden domain.

  2. Congratulations on 300 followers...
    I like those purple tights...I once had a pair of purple shoes that I wore until they fell apart.
    I feel pops of colour can make a rainy day a happier one.

  3. Ooh that jacket fits you so well. Love the collar!

    Goodness chatty cat! I've been giggly since the livestream kittens have gotten big enough to get out of the pen. It's nice to hear fussy little ones again!

  4. The jacket is stunning. I love the collar. What a great consignment find!

  5. Congratulations on 300! That jacket is delicious for this occasion.

  6. Love the purple tights and belt! The houndstooth skirt is really nice too, but I love the purple touches :)

    Vizzini is so cute :)

  7. Congrats on 300!! I adore the jacket!! LOL--I pop up this post and you're wearing a houndstooth skirt-and so am I as I read this!!
    AAAWWWW Officer Vizzini on the beat!! He's watching out for those nasty birds that attacked his mom's green suit!!

  8. Wonderful jacket, Sheila. It's shaped beautifully - and the skirt is a great classic, for sure. Love the pics of V's patrolling, on the job! We are about to move to a condo and King will become an indoor-only cat -- I fear the process!

  9. Congrats on 300! It's a muscular number (eh... Anybody remembers the movie?)

    We keep the balcony door open most of the year. But in the first days of winter we close it and Snooker sometimes runs at it and hits the glass. Takes him a couple of days to get used to it.

  10. LOL, my kitties get chatty like that too. Taylor usually gets chatty because she wants to play "rope" and Pippin because she just likes to talk I think!! I love the pictures of him, he's such a pretty boy!

    I love the purple tights with the houndstooth skirt! I have a dress with a similar pattern and never thought of putting purple with it, but now I'd like to try it!

  11. Sheila Marie congrats on the 300 followers !
    I like your jacket and the subtle pattern mix and certainly the skirt with my fave pattern: houndstooth.

  12. The jacket and skirt are both really flattering on you - fantastic! I remember from your last neutrals capsule how skilled you are at effective and surprising colour coordinations using accessories, nicely done.

    P.S. Good job, Officer Vizzini!

  13. This jacket is my idea of perfection- subtle pattern and texture- classic and quirky. And well paired with that houndstooth pencil skirt. I wish I could pet Officer V, I love the kittehs on patrol!

  14. I love the purple tights with the houndstooth!

  15. Sheila......I'm quite jealous of the houndstooth skirt. Love it love it love it. Looks so good with the purple tights.

  16. You basically have all the best jackets. And skirts. And tights - love the purple! And it was fun looking back at your old pictures. I definitely like your haircut now. It really suits you.

    Congratulations on 300 of us little lambs!

  17. Love the addition of the purple tights - gives life to what would otherwise be just another "uniform" for office workers all over the world!

    (And I love your cat's name - inconceivable!)


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