Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nov 7th - Outfit #7 - Dancing Queen and a Pledge

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I had this outfit planned for ages, and have been dying to wear it. I had to pick a day that I wouldn't be serving food for a meeting, because I am wearing Major Cuffs.
I adore this slinky blush-cream blouse so much! It's got ruffles! It has perfect shoulders (shoulders are key), it has shaping in the body with those fabulous seams. I bought it back in September (scroll way down past pictures of my closet) on consignment for $16.98. Score!

And my goodness - it has Drama! I wafted all over the office today, swooshing my cuffs about and humming ABBA songs.

It's by CAbi and there's a very good explanation of what it's all about here at Wardrobe Oxygen*, and checking out the CAbi website* I think this blouse must have easily cost over $100 new. It has fabric covered buttons and not a single seam is raw or just serged (is that the right word?). Every single seam is bound, and every edge is rolled. It's 100% polyester, but it feels like silk.
*I link because I love - I will be looking for more of this brand when I thrift/shop second-hand

I was surprised to find that I have another CAbi piece already in my wardrobe: the leather vest that I wore in my February capsule. Also an awesome piece.

These pants are also new-to-me:
I thrifted them in September (scroll down past the plaid skirts) for only $7.50. As I mentioned then, they have no label (and show no evidence of ever having had a label) - they have no content tags either, which is really unusual. I think they are hand made, which is awesome. The metal hook that does up at the waistband is not like the cheap ones I see on clothes usually, but is very sturdy, and the stitches that sew it on (and the buttons on the waist as well) are actually knotted - not sewn on by a machine.

I have to be thankful to the person who donated these awesome pants - I love them and they fit me perfectly! However, I need to name them since I'll never be able to find them on the blog again otherwise. I think "stovepipe pants" is good.

I'm wearing them rolled up in cuffs at the ankle to showcase the shoes, which are these fabulous winkle-picker loafers:
I took great delight today in showing people the price, which is written on the sole: $4.00. And then explaining that I got them for half of that! Yes! Two dollars. With no tax. Such a score! I thrifted them here, the same weekend as the black stovepipe pants (scroll down to just below the purple buttonflower). I even took a picture of the price tag, I was so excited about my score!

The brand is Two Lips which still seems to make shoes, but they sure don't look anything like these! Mine are leather, made in Brazil and are named "Marcie." At least, that's the name under the vamp. I have a feeling these are maybe 15+ years old - they don't look or feel new to me. Thoughts?

They were deliciously comfortable all day - I had bare feet and they didn't rub a bit.

I kept my accessories simple, just a bit of leopard and some pearls, one of which is real:
I believe this pearl was bought from a "Pearl Factory" booth while on family vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1985. You pay however much it cost (I think it was around $10 back then) and you picked your oyster, they open it up and you get a cultured pearl inside - they varied quite a bit, so I remember being really excited to get such a nice big one. The pearl has a really nice faintly greenish cast. Mom bought the setting for me (I'm pretty sure that's the touristy hook they use!) along with it. I think this may have been a graduation gift from her, as I graduated from high school that year.

Anyway, I don't wear it much, but I do like it, so I think I should wear it more.

Blouse (CAbi, consignment), trousers (no label, thrifted), shoes (Two Lips, thrifted), earrings (Aldo Accessories), ring (gift from Mom, homegrown vintage), belt (Dana Buchman, consignment).

Now, do you all read Citizen Rosebud*? I have that +40 Fashion Bloggers* thingy over there; Bella Q is a fabulous woman and she's encouraging like-minded bloggers to take her pledge*. I have been thinking about something like this for a while, and the timing is good. I mostly shop second-hand already, and the new clothing items I do buy are usually very high quality, locally designed and/or made and ethically produced (i.e. factory workers are paid a living wage). At least, that's what I want to do.
*did I mention I link because I love?

It starts in January, and I may just be taking the plunge...are you?


  1. I've found some old Cabi pieces too and find that I love their quality and colors. If I was to get into home parties I would choose the Cabi brand because I love the quality and colors they choose.

    Those are some major cuffs. You sure wouldn't want to use those while cooking over a stove. You'd end up with a sexy tank top and some burnt/shredded arm holes. Maybe a new look?

    Do you ever read any Henry Miller? Just curious what kind of books/authors you enjoy reading. I love his short stories.

    1. I had to tuck the cuffs inside the sleeves to do my regular stuff around the office (cleaning out coffee urns, running dishwashers). Otherwise, they'd be a mess!

      No, not my thing. I like Ian MacEwan, science fiction, Stephen King, cheesy vampire novels, Ray Bradbury, Chuck Palahniuk, graphic novels. I did a whole year of reviewing all the books I read, if you're interested., or you can go to the "Stuff About Me" tab and scroll down to "Book Blurbs."

    2. okay, will do! I'm a Bradbury fan too.

  2. You are FABULOUS! I love wearing a dramatic piece of clothing and flouncing about my office!:)

  3. Oh yes, Sheila that blouse is a major score. I really love the color. There is so much you are going to be able to do with that. I'm looking forward to seeing the iterations of that blouse in your capsule this month.

  4. First off, you simply shine in your dramatic blouse- those pants fit like a glove, and I love that pearl ring! Best gem of all to see you link, because you love, to my blog and the pledge. I feel something powerful here, a will, a way for us all to inspire eachother to stylishly sustain! xo! -Bella Q

  5. Stunning. You are an amazing shopper. I can never get such inexpensive finds.

  6. Graduates of 1985, represent! That was my year, too.

    I have pants envy. Getting a good fit in pants is the hardest thing of all for me.

    And I am definitely considering taking the pledge, since I do thrift first already, but maybe give up too fast. I'm currently just working from a relatively small hitlist, and this pledge would stop me from giving up and going fast fashion, when I get frustrated. Shoes would be off the list, though, since my feet are too big for most lines, alas.

  7. That shirt is awesome! Makes such a statement with all of the ruffles but it looks so good on you! I don't know how you do it but you have the best wardrobe. Looking forward to seeing the other ways you wear this beautiful blouse this month.

    The pledge sounds great too, if I was better at thrifting I'd give it a go, but I don't tend to have much luck. I do need to slow down my consumption though.

  8. Fabulous finds. It is almost impossible to find a well made blouse without paying your last month's salary. And the whole outfit is elegant.

  9. I adore your swishy ruffly drama blouse--it reminds me of pirates!!
    Those shoes are amazing!! love them!!

    i'm taking Bella's pledge next year, too!!

  10. Smashing! That's a glorious blouse and you look ready to swish and flounce and pwn the office. Love the shoes too - that's a classic style and I don't have a date, but someone will.

  11. That blouse is amazing, the pants fit fabulous, and those shoes are such a score! And I love the ring - perfection! I am pretty darn impressed with CAbi - my clothes from last winter still are stylish and look great, I too have a poly blouse from them that feels like silk and is crafted better than blouses that cost twice their price.

  12. I don't have anything from Cabi in my closet.... but if i do see an item from them, now i know it should be of great quality.
    Even though you are not much a trouser gal, you have to admit yoy look fab in them.

  13. I love your elegant pirate shirt! Did you have to stay hungry all day too?

    I'd love to take the thrifty pledge but second-hand shopping in Israel can be just as pricey as going to the mall. I fondly remember all the shops on Granville st and Davie st in Vancouver. A girl could go wild in there (and all the theatrical stuff with feathers!) That ostrich bag in my post was about 75 bucks US, I only got it because I had some credit. Nah, who am I kidding, I'd have bought it anyway!

  14. Sorry, I meant on Denman st, not Davie (I found some cool rock-n-roll stuff there).

  15. What a fancy and wonderful top! I love it! And I think the pledge is a great idea, another blog I follow does the same thing and it always gets me thinking!

  16. Oh boy do I ever love that blouse. It is so romantic and sexy at the same time. It looks beautiful on you.

  17. What fantastic sleeves, I love it when clothes make you feel more dramatic? Did you get the ure to point at stuff all day?!

  18. Omgoodness, you know I love the shoes. I especially love them with the flouncy blouse and cropped trousers.

  19. Sheila....I had to comment again...since you mention CAbi; I just found a CAbi camisole with gorgeous details for $2.00 at a church resale shop! I will post pics after its washed. So exciting!

  20. Fantastic pants, perfect with the wonderfully dramatic blouse and that particular belt. Like Secret Squirrel, I would have been tempted to make grand gestures all day! And also to slide all over things in all that luxurious slippery satin.


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