Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nov 23-25th - Outfits #22 & 23 and a Wild Card - Wacky Weekend

Well, I am ensconced at my desk, waiting for my WW training webinar to begin, and looking back over my weekend. A fine weekend was had, full of revelry and fun! 

Starting off with...the first November Wild Card outfit! 
This is my plaid flannel dress - yes, you read that right, it's made of cotton flannel. It's like wearing jammies! This dress is by Naughty, and I got it at Dots for $30.00 in October 2011 (first worn here, scroll down).

I've previously worn it for a pre-wedding tea in November 2011 (second outfit), so this is only the 3rd wearing of it. I always feel like an extra from the "Come On, Eileen" video from the 80s in this!

This outfit was worn to a gallery opening of an interactive exhibit called Chromatic Revelry*, by Evan Siebens. Fascinating stuff!
*I like 'cause I love - I support the arts!

I got these wonderful Fluevog boots back in March on our annual trip to Vancouver (here, scroll down). I've worn them only once previously, in April for the local Steam Con, a steampunk convention (scroll down to the red skirt outfit).
I like going a little more artsy for these openings, so I added some punk elements: the red leather obi, the red leather gloves, my leather cuffs and some mis-matched earrings. And my hat! Love my hat (it hid my "nap hair", heh heh).

I'm linking up this outfit for Patti's "Visible Monday" at Not Dead Yet Style - go check out the other amazing bloggers!

Dress (Naughty), belt (locally-made, gift from L), boots (Velazquez Baroques, Fluevog), gloves (Danier Leather), black cuff (Guess, thrifted), studded cuff (homegrown vintage, 80s), earrings (consignment), hat (Delux).

On Saturday morning, I got up early and went to my WW meeting. It was a lovely sunny day, as you can see from the nice bright stair shot!
Showing off my new-ish Noa Noa purple tights. I can't wear this colour anywhere near my face, but I love it on my legs!

One more week of the November capsule, so working to get more wearings out of all my items. This is my black cashmere sweater (last seen here with my olive suede maxi skirt), and my houndstooth skirt (last worn here with green and gold).
I did simple accessories; just my silver snake bracelet and some purple/silver earrings and let the legs do the talking. These shoes, despite not being entirely comfortable, have been adequate this month. I last wore them here the day after we lost power.

My outdoors gear:
A white leather jacket always works! This one is getting some discolouration and marks on it, but I don't mind. It's part of the nature of leather - it will get marks on it.

The bag is my new-to-me Pop Corn Italia purse that I picked up at the Vintage Fair for $15.00. I'm still crowing over the fact that these sell for more than $300 new! I love the weight of it, and liked how it didn't fold over on itself with the short handles being deployed.

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), sweater (Expression, consignment), skirt (Bianca Nygard, consignment), shoes (Tsubos), bracelet (Club Monaco), earrings (homegrown vintage, early 90s), bag (Pop Corn Italia, vintage).

Last night, I had Winesday with my gals, then we went to a late-night after party where my friend Vero performed her burlesque. Would you believe I was dressed VERY conservatively for it??
We did some hot-tubbing at Winesday before that, and I wiped out (wet feet + running + wine = bad idea) and smashed my toes, my knees and fell on my (thankfully well-padded) butt. I wasn't able to dance at the after-party, unfortunately, so L and I went home early-ish (2am, hee hee). I am pretty sore today!

Although my outfit was very covered-up, I am wearing leather head to toe! This is my wonderful leather dress (last seen here, worn more covered up), and my Bata black shoes (last worn here with the above houndstooth skirt). I've added fishnet stockings, a black leather obi, a black leather/rock crystal choker and my usual leather cuffs, plus some silver rings/earrings.

Dress (Danier Leather, consignment), obi (consignment), shoes (Bata, vintage 80s, thrifted).

Oh, and I know you've been dying to see what I bought on "green Friday"! The church rummage/vintage sale wasn't that good. No clothing and only one table of accessories. Cat and I ended up going to a couple of nearby consignment stores as well, and found a few things.

I found this amazing Italian coat/jacket:
It's by Vassalli, and was on sale for $72.00. That would normally be a little rich for my blood, but the quality is amazing, and I just fell in love with it.

I've blown out the colours in these pictures so you can see the design better. Most of the coat is a pinstriped black velvet, but half of it is a sheer windowpane check over a cream lining:
This is repeated on the back:
This is a below-calf length and is a slim fitted cuff. The back seam hangs down lower in a point at the bottom. Love that! I may wear this more as a jacket than as a wardrobe piece - wear it as outerwear. I've always had a fondness for really long jackets - so dramatic!

There was a matching skirt, but it was straight to the floor with weird buckles and it just didn't work for me. I wouldn't wear them together, and I have plenty of black skirts. I put it back. I am the very model of restraint.

In another store, I found this awesome brown cotton skirt:
You know I love the asymmetrical hems and stitching on clothing! This has big pockets sewn on the front, and the hem hangs down in points all around. It's really wonderful on. It was $40, I think.

It's by "La Fleur de mon Secret" and although it says Paris, it's made in Italy.
I'm going to try to get this skirt into my January wardrobe.

I found this awesome leather belt in one of the stores for $25.00:
No brand stamp, but the leather is pristine, so I don't think it's ever been worn. So 80s!

I did buy a few pieces of jewelry at the church rummage/vintage sale:
Digging through the somewhat grotty selection wasn't really fun, but I did find this pretty crystal Nolan Miller bracelet for $5.00 (that's going to someone with a very small wrist...who could that be?). Ha, the Nolan Miller is from QVC - I bet whoever bought it didn't realize how small it was.

The earrings are both vintage and I lucked out in finding two pairs (for $5.00 total!) that were both stamped. The pair on the left are a cognac-coloured crystal set in silver and they are stamped "Lisner" (same as my gold leaf necklace, pic here). The pair on the left are green/caramel, pale yellow and clear crystals and are stamped Coro. I gave them both a good scrubbing with some soap and a toothbrush, and they are all nice and sparkly now.

Hope your weekend was full of fun!


  1. Hi Sheila! Love those lavender tights! Makes the black houndstooth pop!

  2. In my opinion, you looked fabulous in everything - but especially that black & white with lavender legs!

  3. Both of your dress / obi belt looks just about knock me over with their awesomeness! Sorry about your wipe-out. :(

    Great shopping scores though - I especially admire the belt!

  4. I am still smiling at your Winesday story - ah, youth! : > Your new velvet coat is just awesome, as is the brown skirt and wide belt - can't wait to see them all in actin. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  5. It's a feast of frockage!!!
    I'm really loving that plaid one, it's quite Vivienne westwood in it's styling, and the deep red accessories rock! X

  6. Sheila, I love how versatile your style is, going from, well, naughty, to elegant professional, to fun lady in leather. I am studying hard on your use of colored tights, determined to learn the trick of wearing them just right. So sorry you fell, but sometimes that is the sign of a REALLY fun

  7. Wow! What great leather pieces. I'm coveting all the belts.

    That plaid with the red/burgundy is gorgeous. You look fantastic. Also loving the suede number.


  8. I think the first dress makes you look like you're right of a Vivienne Westwood runway. It's so gorgeous.

    So sorry about your fall! I had one myself earlier this week and pulled about a million muscles. Hope you're feeling better today.

    At least the thrifting faeries were with you! That brown skirt *Swoon~* gorgeous. But all the pieces you found are amazing.

  9. So many great outfits I don't know where to start first. Love the flannel dress and awesome houndstooth skirt with those purple tights.

  10. I love the outdoors version of the houndstooth skirt outfit. The jacket and purse work so well with the colors and patterns you have on!

  11. You have outdone yourself, three times over! They are all fabulous outfits. I love your obis - gonna have to get me one - they really show off your great figure.

  12. Oh, love those purple tights with the B&W houndstooth!! And the "jammies" flannel dress, awesome.

  13. I admire your fashion shots and your content!!! How in the world do you do it? Do you take your own photos or do you have a photographer? How do you manage to post so many photos each day?

    1. Hi, Angele, thank you for reading and commenting.

      Thanks also for your questions. I take my own photos with the timer function on my camera; I edit and resize them, then I upload and write my posts. If I'm fast, it takes 20 minutes at the most, although some take up to 3 hours, depending on the length and topic. I rarely post more than once a day; it only takes a few seconds to post photos.

  14. Nice haul, Sheila. Love the belt and the coat. I also love your hat and your flannel jammies.

    I have a silk chemise that I wore once to a dance party. Everyone loved my "dress". I like that you think out of the box. Your hat gives the outfit just the right amount of attitude.

  15. Oh really like the first outfit with the red accessories and the plaid, beautiful.

    The checked coat you bought looks so good too :)

  16. So much fabulousness in this post! I want that flannel dress so badly! It looks like an All Saints design. And of course THOSE BOOTS! ;)

    The purple tights with the otherwise black and white outfit is a subtle but awesome way to give it the Sheila panache.

    Fabulous coat! What a super find. Totally worth the money.

  17. OMG which outfit do I love more??? All of them are amazing!!! I will be stealing the houndstooth and purple color scheme one VERY soon-I have the skirt and a blouse that color!
    You scored some awesome stuff-the coat is AMAZING and the jewelry is stunning.
    you mentioned getting the skirt into your January wardrobe-a new challenge for next year on the horizon??

    1. January is the last month of the year-long challenge, Tamera - I started in February last year. I've been thinking what to do after that!

  18. I am in love with your plaid dress, it looks amazing on you! And you can't beat something that looks stylish, but is as comfy as jammies! Very nice!

  19. Your legs do some fine talkin'. The Steampunk vibe in the first outfit makes it my favorite. However, all your outfits are slamming hot.

  20. Bardzo podoba mi się Twój blog i Twoje zestawy:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  21. You have the most admirable wardrobe... I don't want to denigrate any of it, but I especially love your hosiery and footwear. Your posts are always a special pleasure. Thanks for taking the time and sharing with us.

  22. Ah Sheila you have done it- 3 for 3 I think, as I love all your outfit- down to the last detail- The first one however has stolen my heart- grey flannel plaid done up with such a wonderful modern vintage way. And the obi, I now know that I need one, or two, or three. Wonderful styling, as always!


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