Friday, November 2, 2012

Nov 2nd - Outfit #2 - Long and Lean

Happy Friday! I stopped for a little shop and a slice of pizza and a beer on the way home, and I was soaked from the rain and it was nearly dark when I made it home, so no stair shot for you! 

Instead, I offer my lightened morning shots (when it is also dark out). 

I was shocked at how flattering this maxi skirt was when I first tried it on at My Sister's Closet back in September (here, way down at the bottom). 
It hang so nicely - no "light bulb" effect, no "ice cream cone" butt!
I paid $18.98 for it - it's 100% knitted wool and is not lined (I have a slip to the knee on), and there is no waistband, just a narrower "cuff" that folds over. I also get a kick out of the sizing: XL.The brand is Animale, which I've never heard of, but they are based in Bali, and are known for high-quality sportswear with a professional twist. I can see it - this is a gorgeous skirt.

The jacket was also acquired at My Sister's Closet, back here in July (scroll down past my lovely warm summer walk - I miss summer!). It's by Alison Wonderland*, the same local maker (Vancouver) as my chartreuse velvet jacket that I wore in the May capsule, and was $18.98.
*I link because I love - I love locally-made clothing!
I was a bit hobbled by the small slit, so I just took small steps.
I really liked how it almost looks like denim, even though it's a linen-look weave.

I'm wearing this animal print top that I bought on consignment at the Velvet Crease in August, here. It was $22.00 and is by Spense. I had planned to wear just a plain top underneath, but I liked how all the colours helped pull the shoes into it.

Speaking of the shoes, check these babies out:
I got these at Winners pre-blog, so about 6 years ago. I recall that they were on sale really cheap, maybe about $19.99. They're called "Pumpkin Pie" and are by Unlisted.

I've worn them a LOT. Feel free to get a dose of nostalgia!

I last wore them a year ago, during one of Megan and Keely's Fashion Challenges, in October 2011. Before that, I wore them in May 2011 (with bright red tights!), in February 2011 (with two pieces from the October capsule), earlier that February (and again with a menswear look), in December 2010 (with a rust dress that I grew to despise), in September 2010 (that suede maxi is one of my prized possessions), in February 2010 (with my fabulous Smoking Lily dotted dress), in January 2010 (where I rant about the X stitch on slits in clothing), in May 2009 (in my floaty painty skirt - aw, I miss that. I regret getting rid of it), March 2009 (yet again with a menswear look), earlier March 2009 (ha, the only thing besides the shoes I still have in that outfit are the tights and the belt and the bracelet), in December 2008 (now we're getting back there - I'm in my cowgirl plaid dress), in October 2008 (yikes, with my fake leather pants, before I got real leather pants), on my birthday in October 2008 (aw, with this year's Hallowe'en suit!), September 2008 (what is up with the menswear and these shoes?), and in August 2008 (awkward pose much?).

Here is their very first wear on the blog in July 2008 with an old favourite wrap dress.

I love the inward scoop of the heel - it actually balances them really well under my heel, so that even though they are technically a 3.75" heel, they are very comfortable and secure to walk in. I wish they were leather, but they've held up very well for so much wear over 5 years.

The stuff:
Some old favourite pieces. I wore the silver disc ring on my thumb.

Jacket (Allison Wonderland, consignment), top (Spense, consignment), skirt (Animale, consignment), shoes ( Unlisted), necklace (Melanie Lynne), earrings (Plum), snake ring (homegrown vintage, 80s), disc ring (Nine West), lapis ring (Wendy Brandes), leaf/blue stone ring (handmade in Scotland).

I popped into the Patch on the way home. I found a few things to try on/ponder: a black leather Danier bag for $36.98 that I carried around and then put back (not the right shape for me), a J. Crew olive silk skirt (not good enough quality), and a red leather skirt (too bright, too 80s).

I did end up with this lovely Danier suede skirt:
It's a very plush suede, almost like velvet in the texture, and you can see the nice seaming. It's sort of a mermaid cut, and sits very low on the hips. I think it's from the 90s, around the same era as my olive maxi skirt, which is also a low-rider. It's a very rich grey, not too pale, not too dark. It was $36.98.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh a very pretty skirt that you are wearing and a very pretty suede skirt that you found. Now that I have got myself a horse all I seem to wear are jeans a shirt and my boots I get so dirty it seems pointless getting dressed up. So I am just going to live vicariously through you for now hehehe ~You look great Love Heather

  2. The wool skirt looks marvelously soft. It skims your figure perfectly.

    Great find with the suede skirt! Danier really does some lovely seaming on their leathers.

  3. The shoes are just gorgeous! m.

  4. Sheila, that skirt is indeed long and lean. I love it. And I like that style waistband, or lack thereof!


  5. Love the maxi skirt you're wearing, beautiful! :) Really like the new skirt you picked up too :)

  6. Very cool outfit. I especially love the necklace.

  7. What lovely skirts! I'm glad that you've decided to give neutrals another try :)

  8. That maxi skirt is fab, Sheila. I love a fold-down waist, it makes me feel like I am wearing my comfy pants to work. Love the new suede skirt too, it has a great shape. Happy weekend!

  9. Love the long lean look. You look 6' tall! Great find at The Patch. And I'm sure I don't have to say how much those shoes rock...but they do! xx

  10. Awesome shoes! I love the shape of the heel - it's so unique.

    Great skirt too - it looks lovely on you.

  11. You look 6ft tall in your new maxi! Love the detailing on the jacket's front!!
    You are the queen of awesome shoes!!
    Love the new suede skirt-the intricate seaming is really gorgeous!
    I've put together 6 outfits for my Inspired by Sheila neutral capsule week!!

  12. I love the long lean lines of this outfit, Sheila. I think it's one of my fave outfits of yours to date!

  13. There are good enthusiasts for fashion and great enthusiasts -- you are the best dresser I know. You ought to turn pro. I'm not sure how that would work, but you have the talent. And steady dedication. Your blog is my role-model.

  14. That's great that you've found a way to bring a maxi into fall/winter. It's so weird; even though they're long, I think of them as summer clothing! I'm getting lots of ideas from other bloggers on how to winterize them. Thanks.
    Aren't Unlisted shoes great? I've got a pair too and like yours they're not leather, but look really good.
    Supberb find with the suede skirt. I know you're going to make it look fab!

  15. Sheila, you are amazing. Your outfits are just creative perfection! I love that necklace, it looks very vintage and yet modern.

  16. Maxis forever!! You look great. Also love the suede skirt you ended up getting. I've also had great success with Unlisted shoes. They're stylish, hold up reasonably well, and don't cost a fortune.

  17. I love the closure on your jacket, and hooray for way-flattering maxi skirts! I look forward to seeing your new suede skirt on too - it's a beauty.

    Thanks as always for the romp through past wearings - what fun! Those are some seriously awesome shoes.


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