Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nov 17th & 18th - Outfits #16 & 17 - An Adventure in Vintage, and an Exhibit

Well, what a weekend! Many adventures were had. But let's do the outfits, and then I'll reveal the big surprise!

On Saturday, I joined up with Cat and Elaine and we went to the Vintage Fair near the Village. It was chilly and raining, so of course I dressed inappropriately.
Comfy shoes! My tan loafers, worn here last weekend for some shopping.

Although some people wear head-to-toe vintage to the Vintage Fair, I prefer to dress practically. My acid wash skirt (last seen here - 2nd outfit - with my olive OTK boots), a nice thick pair of tights, my silk and cashmere sweater (last worn here with some brown tones and various textures), and then capped with my wonderful brocade jacket (last seen here with my pale grey dress).
I did wear one piece of vintage: Mom's choker from the 60s. I kept the rest of it simple; just a leather cuff and gold hoop earrings.

I did bundle up for walking to the hall, and for strolling to the pub, and walking home after.
I love long leather gloves with 3/4 length sleeves! So elegant.

I think this is the first time I've worn this scarf:
It was cozy and warm. It's made in Germany.

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), sweater (Hawick, Scotland, consignment), skirt (Cache, thrifted), shoes (Two Lips, thrifted), hat (Roberta's Hats), gloves (Club Monaco, consignment), scarf (thrifted), choker (vintage, 60s, Mom's), cuff (SkinNHydez).

We all did really well at the Vintage Fair. I took a cash budget (these are usually cash only affairs), and found some wonderful treasures.

First, this amazing fox fur stole:
I don't have an issue with vintage furs. The animal is long-dead, and I'm happy to give this some love and a new home. Besides, it will look amazing with my Christmas party dress!

This is by Fosters Furriers of Victoria (Mom remembers them being in business here).
Victoria has had many furriers - not so many now - I remember Scuby Furs as well.

The inside lining is silk and this stole has been monogrammed:
I'd say it's a Knock Out.
The inside has hand-sewn silk straps that you slip your arms through to keep the stole on, so that you're not grabbing at it all night. This was $25.00. I can't wait to wear it!

Although these were the most expensive things I bought, for $40 I still felt like I got a good deal:
Stunning black patent leather studded pumps! They're handmade in Italy.

I love that the heel is under 3". They will make an excellent replacement for my black Tsubos.
I think these are from the early 90s - I had a pair of black pumps with the same heel-toe design (without the studs) that I bought back then.

It's not about the name...
...but it's still kind of cool, isn't it? Versace! Wee!

The Fair was divided up into a hall and a church basement space. I had to dash back to the hall part before we left to get this wonderful poncho that I hid on a rack. I spotted this soon after we arrived, and hadn't quite gotten into the shopping vibe yet, so I just tucked it in beside a very ugly coat and hoped no one would see it while I thought about it. It worked!
It's all burnout silk velvet, and fully beaded. All of the tassels are beaded. It's quite heavy.

Here's a better look at the colours and pattern.
Isn't it pretty? It was $25.00

I spotted this wonderful 70s enameled metal brooch and clip-on earring set:
It's stamped "Sarah Coventry" and was $8.00 for the set. It's so summery!

I snatched up this gorgeous cuff for $7.00:
Those are just hollow plastic "stones" and it's cheap metal, but I have such a hard time finding bracelets that fit my small wrists.

I love how it looks on.
Love it!

The next 4 items I "bundled" and negotiated for $20 for all 4. I don't negotiate if I think the price is fair - these vendors need to make a living, after all - but if I think the prices are a little high, or something is overpriced or slightly damaged, I'll look for other items, add up the prices and name a lower price for all of them.
Both chokers are probably made in India. The big beads are ceramic and the metal washers are all brass. The turquoise necklace is strung on a leather thong.

This necklace isn't stamped and has a bit of wear and tear, but I love the little two tone green heart-shaped leaves. It's probably from the 60s.
I was tired last night when I took the pictures; sorry for the blurriness
 This belt is light metal (probably an aluminum alloy), and fits perfectly at the waist. I love how the section are curved.
All four of those items would have been a total of $26.00 - I bundled them for $20.

I was hoping to do some Christmas gift shopping (not just stuff for me!), and originally bought this belt for L:
I know! Isn't it cool? I made him close his eyes and face away from me, and checked this on his waist - too small.

Darn, I guess that means it's mine. Golly, what a bummer.
Since 2000 when they were bought out, Pringle of Scotland no longer manufactures in Scotland (in Hawick, same as my sweater!), so this belt is pre-2000. The buckle is their logo, and the belt itself is hairy cowhide.

Pringle belts sell for close to $300 new - this one was marked at $45.00, but I bundled this belt with a couple of other Christmas gifts (one for L, one for a niece) and this bag below for $80 total.
Isn't the colour cool? It's sort of a grey-purple shade. The bag is leather (priced at $15 - I basically got it for free with my bundling), and is by Popcorn of Milano (made in Italy). The hardware is fantastic. You can remove the handles and just use the shoulder strap (also removeable), and I love the gold studs on the front and sides (the back is plain). The little pocket on the inside is the same lilac purple leather - it's sewn on like a patch.

Oh my gosh, I just looked this brand up online - they sell for $268-$397 new! Holy smokes. I got a bargain!

Today, I got dressed up:
Wearing my new silk velvet poncho and turquoise bead choker!

And I'm linking this picture up to Patti's "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style. Go check out the other amazingly visible bloggers!

Okay, this is my actual capsule outfit - the poncho was counted as outerwear today.
Same cashmere/silk sweater as worn on Saturday (only with the rounded neck at the front this time), and my olive maxi skirt, last worn here with black and turquoise.
I wore pops of red and turquoise to play off the colours in the poncho, and wore these black platforms (last seen here with a pop of purple) to balance out the black in it.

Okay, okay, I'm getting to the surprise! Patience...
Vizzini loves this poncho - he wants to eat all the tassels
 The stuff:
I liked how all the red and turquoise looked together.

Here's a good shot of the poncho in natural light. It's shiny so it has a tendency to photograph dark.
So pretty.

Poncho (vintage), sweater (Hawick, Scotland, consignment), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Bata, vintage, consignment), choker (vintage), bracelet (Plum), earrings (locally made), rings (red/silver - Mexican, snake - vintage 80s, blue stones - Scotland, wood/picture - consignment).

So...Mom and I went painting en plein air back in September here (scroll down for pictures). A few weeks ago I got an email from an organizer of an art show, wanting to know how much my picture was going to be.

Huh? I emailed Mom. "Um, is there something you want to tell me?" She had entered a photo of my painting into a juried art show! And my painting got chosen to be in it!

Today was the reception for the artists, so Mom and I headed out to look at our art - she had 5 paintings accepted!
If you happen to live in my neighbourhood - go check it out! 

Mom and I in front of my and two of her paintings:
Mine's the bottom left one.
Neither of us won anything, but getting into a juried show is pretty cool. They don't accept everything that gets submitted - there were probably only about 30 pieces in the show. It was fun to mingle and see all the other art. 

I'd never been to the Coast Collective*, so Mom drove us out there:
The entrance to Esquimalt Lagoon
 *I link 'cause I love - and I love supporting local artists!

It was very windy and choppy - lots of waves on the ocean today!

Looking across the lagoon, where we were headed:
It's known for its large numbers of swans.

The Coast Collective is located in an old Victorian house:
They do classes and exhibit tons of wonderful art all throughout the house. All of it is for sale.

Look at that amazing panel-work on the walls.
I love all the vivid yellows in those paintings.

Looking back outside:
You can just see the cars driving along the spit, near the little tree.

Mom at the staircase.
She grew up in a house like this - same staircase, same wood floors.

Me at the fireplace.
A lovely end to a great weekend! Thanks, Mom!


  1. The poncho is my favorite of your purchases. Just stunning!

  2. Your finds are fantastic...
    Congratulations on the selection of your painting!!!! VERY cool!
    And you in front of the fireplace - absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Oh, congratulations on your painting being selected! Well deserved, and an honor, I bet, to stand with your Mom and her work. I'm making applauding heartily for you and your talent.

    Wonderful shopping trip too, I see. The black heels are ooh-la-la! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  4. So exciting that your photos were picked to be in the art show! Would have been a fun day to go see them too. Love your last outfit with all of your new accessories, you picked up so many great pieces at the vintage fair!

  5. Sheila, how wonderful that your art was chosen to be featured in the show. What an honor.
    I LOVE the poncho...its so unique and gorgeous. It was meant to be yours.

  6. Congrats on your artistic showing! What a lovely surprise, and the setting for the show was beautiful. Love every bit of your blog: from fashion, to cats, Steampunk and beyond! You have a fan in Kentucky!

  7. Great pictures! Your outfits seriously are AMAZING. You have such a wonderful sense of style I am so envious!

  8. I love the first outfit, the white blazer is gorgeous and I love the rust tights. Congrats on being picked for the art show :)

  9. I just ADORE Saturday's outfit; I am such a fan of jeans skirts, and that faded version makes me drool with envy. Love it contrasting with the monotone sweater and jacket up top and the maroon tights below. All the accessories are just perfect with it too.

    Congrats to you and your mom for getting selected for the juried art show! Very impressive. Looks like you had a great time too.

  10. I was in Victoria last week to visit my daughters and was so sad to fly out just before the Vintage Fair, Rats! Congrats on getting a painting juried in to that show. That definitely is an accomplishment. If I am ever back in town, I hope to look you up for a cuppa tea.

    1. Please do email me next time, Paula! I'd love to meet up.

  11. Congratulations on your art showing! The poncho looks wonderful on. I totally copied your jean skirt/ over the knee boot combo for my work outfit on Friday. Thanks for the idea, Sheila!

  12. Congratulations on the painting! That is awesome to be recognized that way!!!

    And I am in love with your new poncho, such rich and beautiful colors, what a find!!

  13. Great post! My favorite is that eggplant-colored studded bag - I love how all the straps are removable.

    The art show looks great, and what a venue! Wish I was closer and I would definitely check it out. Congratulations on being selected!

  14. You bad, bad girl, scoring those wicked heels and hiding I confess to doing that before. It made me smile to see someone else admit it :)

    It looks like you had a blast at the vintage fair - such cool finds!

    And you are an artist! Congrats on getting into the juried shoe.

  15. So sorry I missed the Vintage Fair, esp after seeing all of your fab finds.
    But OMG, super congratulations on being selected for an art show! Your creativity knows no bounds dear Sheila xx

  16. Wowy wow wow! Congrats on both of your art being accepted for the show. And congrats on your amazing finds. The poncho is incredible, especially with your suede skirt. And the bag is to-die-for gorgeous. Rock on with those shoes!

  17. Congrats on the Art show!! you mother is stunning-can see where you get your looks!!
    WOW on the goodies you scored!!! The ponch is amazing!!

    1. I sent my mom your comment - she will love that you called her stunning. :)

  18. Sheila, I love the brocade blazer & the way you styled it. Congrats on the honor of having your artwork chosen. I also love it when you share the bargains you get, I love me a bargain.

  19. What a haul, what bargains and what high-style! These clothes say so many neat things about you. And congrats to you and your mom on your show! I'm an Emily Carr fan ... I've seen her work so often in Vancouver. My husband and I honeymooned in Nanaimo, and one of my favorite places is the Olde England Inn. Our old stomping grounds. Thanks for reminding me of a wonderful place and time.

  20. Your poncho and the painting - a perfect portrait choice:).

  21. Oh Sheila, I am crowning you the Queen of Thrifters. You are just amazing. Just amazing.
    Congratulations to you and your Mom on having your art accepted into the show. You are both great artists. Your Mom is a lovely woman.

  22. What a post! (am coming in a bit late). Amazing finds at a vintage sale.. And the pictures. I had remembered the earlier post you did on ainting with your Mum, I like her sneaky ways.

    It is really really difficult to pick a favourite from your vintage haul, but I am going with the poncho :-)


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