Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nov 21st - Outfit #20 - Rampant, and a Finder of Lost Things

Finally, I'm done! I am exhausted after putting in a very long day to make up for my two days off.

Let's get right to it.
Yup, that's an outfit. My Allison Wonderland navy jacket (last worn here with a long column of brown), with my cream sweater underneath (last seen here, doing double-time on the weekend), and my washable (and due to be washed) suede skirt, which I last wore here the last time I wore these boots, which happened to be the weekend I showed off my brooches.

And that brings me to Une Femme, who has decreed, "Show Us The Brooches!" - hello, lovely people visiting! 

I wore some of my new stuff with this outfit today:
The lion rampant, the gas-mask-wearing geared necklace, and some key earrings.

Jacket (Allison Wonderland, consignment), sweater (Hawick, Scotland, consignment), skirt (Skott's Suede, thrifted), boots (Ilenia P), belt (Pringle of Scotland, vintage), necklace (made by Tamera), earrings (don't remember).

In the last few months, I've lost one of my diamond studs. I noticed it gone after I got back from boot camp. I resigned myself to it being gone for good, after searching the house and not finding it. I found the backing, but not the diamond part. *sigh*

A couple of weeks ago, there it was, mysteriously appearing at the foot of the bed, resting gently on the carpet. A miracle.
"May I go out?"
And then last week, I lost my stirling silver ear cuff which I've had for many years. Aw, sad. Goodness knows where it got to, probably fallen into a cushion or under the bed. Again, I resigned myself to it being gone.

But then, yesterday morning, there it was, perfectly placed in the doorway of the bedroom, where we would find it!
"Are you talking about me?"
I do believe that Vizzini found both items, smelled that they were mine and put them where they would be found. Two cases solved by Officer Vizzini, Finder of Missing Jewelry!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, my US friends.


  1. I love that jacket! And I just heard about washable suede today - a woman at work bought a suede jacket that she said is washable. I couldn't believe it, but I saw the tag. How do they do it?

    1. Once the leather has been tanned (and suede is just the flip side of leather), it holds its shape. It's skin! Water doesn't hurt it. Also, helps to have a washable lining - never, ever wash acetate linings.

  2. Mr. Vizzini is a good cat to have around! Send him my way to help me find my grandmother's little gold bamboo ring. I just love that gas mask pendant. It's so wonderfully weird.

  3. Coolest belt ever - it looks great on! I too am forever putting in outrageous hours to buy or pay for precious time off. Oof! Speaking of precious, congrats on finding your shiny bits! Outside of your pet too, rather than inside of them via x-ray. :( Vizzini is a superstar.

    Wonderful mix of textures today!

  4. Mmm I have a slight suspicion that officer Vizzini felt guilty and decided to return the evidence he borrowed earlier for play. But we don't have any proof so well done Vizzini!
    I love your jacket, it looks so comfy!

  5. Sheila you cat photos just crack me up. I really appreciate the giggle.

  6. Awww so cool! Sweetie Vizzini! Mr. Gomez used to steal my mom's nice jewelry. She'd usually find everything when we moved.

    Love all your accessories today. This outfit's greatness is really in the details.

  7. You have the prettiest long skirts! Love that belt also.

  8. Aww Vizzini is so cute - I think he probably did find the items for you! Glad they were returned :)

    Your jacket looks so good too, really like it!

  9. Love the name of the jacket. And, like others, I suspect your Officer is also your thief. Cats love to play with objects. I once thought of selling ping-pong balls as cat-toys.

  10. Yay for detective Vizzini! I had a cat that would steal my jewelry and hair things, and hide them behind appliances - yuck. Love your suede skirt and all the trimmings.

  11. Love that some people are sceptical that Vizzini lifted the jewellery in the frst place! I imagine he would have a great sad cat face for that. Well done, V.

  12. Awww, Detective Vizzini is defintely a keeper!

    Love that blue jacket.

  13. How kind of sweet Officer Vizzini. My cats hide the shiny things...occasionally find them tasty too! Sigh.

  14. Hmmmm, if Vizzini is anything like Sasha Jane, he loved them, played with them, batted them around, and just as he determined you'd go nuts if you didn't find them, quietly returned them, and then looked just super

    Your Alice in Wonderland jacket is a fave o' mine.

  15. ROFL about Vizzini Holmes, Cat Detective!!! Our Callie is more likely to steal your stuff and hide it away in her stash!! Like all of the feather cardinals off the christmas centerpiece last year! We found them in the basement!
    Love your outfit--the jacket is really amazing with the detailing on hte front!

  16. I love lost jewelry stories. I've had missing earrings lost for months, found one in an old tennis shoe, one in the cuff of a pair of walking shorts and one in the bottom of the laundry basket and that's just the earrings. Once I lost some items I had in my purse, gone, disappeared, zapped...into thin air, quite the mystery. Months later I happened to dump my purse out onto the floor and felt something jiggling inside, voila! My missing items had slipped through a small hole in the zippered compartment of the purse and were between the leather and the lining. I love your cat stories as much as your outfits!! Kathy formerly myidahohome


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