Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aug 9th - Outfit #9 - Cosmic Swirl

Late again tonight; first a haircut, then a strata meeting, now dinner - and it's nearly 9pm!

Simple outfit today:
New-to-me little yellow cardigan (purchased back in March for $16.98 at My Sister's Closet). It's by Peter Nygard.

The dress is by Planet - I thrifted it back in June 2011 (first worn here, 2nd outfit - lots of close-ups of the swirly dotted pattern) for $20.50.
I've also worn it here, in September 2011, 2nd outfit. Noting a theme? I like to wear it with yellow!

The shoes are my lovely gold Coach ones, last seen here. 

I'm just wearing simple gold hoop earrings, and a long gold chain that belonged to my Grandma J, wrapped as a bracelet. 

Cardigan (Peter Nygard, consignment), dress (Planet, thrifted), shoes (Coach).


  1. Ooooh, LOVE that dress. Why isn't my new Planet dress that dazzling. Must.Keep.Shopping! xx

  2. Fun swoopy dotty print! This is a great look for a day that keeps going. Hope the sandals kept up with you today.

  3. Great colors and shapes, Sheila. And the gold sandals are always cheery - love them.

  4. Adore the color combo of the dress and sweater. You're looking so slim! (Is that inappropriate to say?)

    I think I'd topple over in heels that high. :)

    1. Oh, aren't you sweet? Thank you - totally appropriate. :)

      The heels aren't that bad - they're platforms.

  5. I like the pattern, it makes my eyes go googly- in a good way!

  6. Such a fun summery outfit!! Loving the color combo!!!

  7. What a cool color combo. I love those shoes!
    Isn't it fun to repurpose a necklace into a bracelet? I find myself looking for necklaces that can double as bracelets.

  8. I always love your fashion combos! I have two similar, beautiful skirts that I have never worn because I don't know what to pair them with. I often think "what would Sheila do?", but can never figure anything out.

  9. That is a beautiful dress! I really like the pattern and the yellow cardi is perfect to pair with it!

  10. Catching up on blogs before the work week. I really love this dress - one of my faves of yours!


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