Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aug 28th - Outfit #28 - A Donny and Marie Moment

For those of us of a certain age, perhaps we watched "The Donny & Marie Show" back in the late 70s, featuring Donny and Marie Osmond? And maybe our neighbour had the coveted Donny & Marie dolls, in all their purple and pink splendour? My neighbour's name was Paula, and she traded me something (no idea what) for the Marie dress so that I could have it in all its zig-zag multi-layered goodness. 

Well, I'm feeling a little bit country today.
Or maybe it's a little bit rock & roll? Or perhaps I've just completely lost it? Ha!

This is my red silk shirt (last worn here), my purple silk fluttery skirt (Marie would approve, I'm sure), which I last wore here (last outfit), and my red shoes from yesterday.
I have always liked red and purple together, especially with a pop of blue and turquoise, like in this awesome Smoking Lily obi.

I'm even wearing pink and purple earrings.
And a turquoise cuff.

Blouse (Elite International, thrifted), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), shoes (Miz Mooz, consignment), obi belt (Smoking Lily), cuff (Shi Studio), earrings (Le Chateau).

Only a few days left in this challenge...and the weather has started to turn cold (it's currently trying to rain). We have a couple of events this week, so I will have to squeeze a few more outfits out!


  1. I used to love that show. I wanted to be Marie so hard (now I am so happy to be me : >) Love your color mix today, your obi belt, and the red shoes -- ultra good.

  2. That IS the exact Donny-and-Marie purple!!!

    Another excellent colour-combination - the blue and turquoise add great dimension. All that gorgeous, saturated-colour silk must feel totally luxurious on!

  3. Beautiful colors--jewel tones--all together. I'm not thinking country or even rock star. It's a more elegant and bold look than that.

  4. The obi belt is the perfect completer piece to tie the shirt and skirt together. Jealous of your cooler weather. Hope it heads my way soon.

  5. This is a great outfit Sheila. Unexpected and creative. The layers in the purple skirt really makes it special.

  6. I love red and purple together and this obi is so pretty :-)

  7. Love all of these colours together, you look great! I really like that belt :)

  8. Megan is right, the obi belt is the item that pulls this outfit together, merging the red top with the purple skirt.

    I was a huge Donny and Marie fan and watched the show religiously. I even had purple socks. I also loved the Bay City Rollers and had plaid socks in their honour. I seem to have left the sock addiction behind.

  9. Ah yes--Donny & Marie!! loved them!!
    You look STUNNING!!! I love the color combo (you are the queen of color-mixing in my book) with the pops of blues!!

  10. Oh how I love that skirt. It was made to make many appearances on th' Internetz :P

  11. LOVE this color combo and the elegance of that lovely purple skirt! I am a wee bit young for Donny and Marie, but I saw many a clip of them on VH1 shows like "I Love the 70's" so I'm familiar with them!

  12. Bold, Sheila-esque colors. There's nothing you can't get away with, girl.

    I'm exactly Donny's age. I'll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell: when I was young, I wished I could have been Marie. Shhh...

  13. Lovely colours Sheila - and I agree, all pulled together with the obi.

  14. Holy jamoly - I love this combo. County on speed? Whatever it is, it's working. You shine shine shine in this. I watched that show once in a while too and the only songs I remember are that one and Paper Roses.


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