Monday, August 27, 2012

Aug 27th - Outfit #27 - Highly Visible Monday and a Wee Shop (and a Wack of Cat Pictures)

I had a fabulous weekend! It was entirely spent with my sweetie L, doing things like going out for dinner and brunch, shopping (with and without him), playing games (mostly Arkham Horror) and hanging out. Ahhhh...I feel like my batteries are being recharged.

I figuratively girded my loins today and wore most of what I intended to wear here last week and bailed. Thank you again to everyone who helped me "buck up" and get back on that horse.
That's the last time I wore these shoes as well.

I'm much happier with this look (I was called "pretty in pink" several times and you know I LOVE that movie). The solid pink of the dress (last worn here) helps calm down the loudness of the blazer (last seen here). I have a dark red cami (not part of the capsule) on to help make the dress less boobalicious for work.

I wore this new-to-me canvass belt, thrifted for $4.50 - it's reversible (navy on the other side).
I liked the mix of the red, pink and blue.

I was highly visible so this is perfect for Patti's "Visible Monday" at Not Dead Yet Style. Go check out the other awesome bloggers!

The stuff:
You can't get the full awesomeness of the shoes until you see them from the side.

Jacket (Tommy Hilfiger, consignment), dress (Ann Taylor, thrifted), shoes (Miz Mooz, consignment), necklace (consignment), earrings (Caracol), ring (Wendy Brandes).

I did indeed go for a wee shop after L and I did brunch on Saturday. I went to the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. I have good luck there and it held out:
This is a lovely to-the-knee crepe pleated skirt. The waistband is wide grosgrain ribbon, with a bow on it. Swoosh Factor: 7. The brand is Limited Edition London Fog, and it was only $4.00! Score!

I went to the Victoria Hospice store, but the one piece I would have died for (a 80s marigold yellow silk trumpet mullet skirt - so much awesome) was torn at the hem, and not repairable. Aw...

I headed over to the Velvet Crease and found a couple of great pieces for fall, including another - yes, another - black leather skirt. It was $40 but it's Danier and is Italian leather (soft like buttah). It also has a zipper slit at the back for adjusting.
In my defense, compared with this, my other black leather skirt, this one is not high-waisted and is to the knee instead of upper calf. Totally different!

I also found this silky polyester blouse. I know, it's a lot of animal! (and what kind of animal IS that?)
But it fits great and I like it as a neutral pattern. It's by Spense and it was $22.00.

While I was downtown with L, I had to go check out Smoking Lily. I got myself another obi.*
The red silk is actually a really luminous ruby red, and eee! It's my chair pattern! (I have a purple silk skirt with silver chairs on it, also Smoking Lily, here). The reverse is black with blue and white hashing. I can't wait to start wearing this.

*I link because I love. Check out Smoking Lily, they rule. 

Pictures of Vizzini, because he is a silly cat.

For instance, he sits with this hind legs up by his head.
Are you making fun of me?
 I like his little black pads on his toes and his white whiskers.
He was very happy out on the deck this morning.

He's settled in very well to cuddling now.
He laid like that for approximately 2.5 hours. My legs got numb.

He's been sitting on this chair a lot lately, which makes me think of Othello. It's been two years since we lost our cranky black kitty...this was his favourite chair to sit in (Inigo wouldn't go near it).
It's my chair now.
Othello used to sit like this too. We call it "sneetching."
I sneetch like a pro.
 However, Vizzini's in a class of his own. Othello never, ever sat like this:
I can sit this way if I want.
What a silly kitty.


  1. I love the way you do pink and red, Sheila - esp this! And great scores with your shopping. Love, love the swooshy pleated skirt. Hey, Inigo, do you have to be so adorable every day? Job requirement, I think.

  2. LOVE this combo! I would never think to wear the pink & red, but it is gorgeous.

  3. Love the plaid jacket with the pink dress. Changing the color pairing can really help tone down an item. Great thrifted pieces. I really like the leather skirt. Sometimes it's nice to have similar pieces, especially of things you know you'd wear a bunch. I need it to cool off so I can actually try wearing my leather skirt this fall/winter.

    Vizzini could have a weird-sitting competition with Fitzroy Brandes. Those are some crazy cats.

  4. Aw, kitty! A daily conversation around our apartment has been: "Can I have a baby?" "No, we can't afford one right now". "Ok, I'll just get a kitty instead". It inevitably results in a raised eyebrow of disapproval. Sigh. No babies or fur-babies for me :D
    I would still love to see you work the jacket with the green (albeit ill-fitting) pants. I know you can do it! But the Pretty in Pink theme (intentional or not) makes the jacket be all the more versatile!

    1. I'm debating whether I want to keep the jacket. I think lime is a bit much with it now, but I like how nice it is with the pink.

      Kids?? Eee! Get a cat. :)

  5. You look so cute I love this outfit pink is a very flattering color on you ...and wow you found some great stuff!! Ha your cat is hysterical and I love his white socks, I just love cats(my German Shepherd does not so we can't have one:(... they all have such different personalities ~Have a great week Love Heather

  6. Would it be so nice to be a cat, or what? So leisurely and they look good doing it too.

    Can't wait to see what you do with your new leather skirt. I don't have one of those yet. Sexy!

    1. I know! I hope in my next lifetime I am a cat.

      Joni, you need a leather skirt - I love them!

  7. Vizzini is so cute! And I really like the pink on pink look, it makes you glow!

  8. Sheila...your cat looks quite pampered. I think I might know who the boss in the house is! LOL>>>

    I like your ladylike outfit. You look very pretty in pink.

  9. Aww Vizzini is too cute! Love his odd positions - must be very comfortable, but doesn't look like it!

    really like your pink and red outfit, the jacket is perfect with the dress :)

  10. PINK PLAID BLAZER!!! Yes I did just shout that - I LOVE that! I want to find one now, seriously! (I love Pretty in Pink too).

    And Vizzini, such a handsome boy. He looks so much like my Pippin, she also has the black on the pads of her paws. She sits in odd ways too. Gotta love our furry friends.

    1. Lol, glad you like the blazer, Beth!

      Isn't he lovely? He's my little furry boy.

  11. you look FABULOUS in the pink and red!! I love how the blue belt pulls the blue in the jacket out!
    Great finds thrifting!! Can't wait to see how they play in your capsules.
    And to top it off-VIZZINI CUTENESS!!!!! He's a bit of a ham isn't he??

  12. The pink and red look lovely on you. The red is energizing and, it's been said that, pink has calming qualities on crazy people. Always a good idea to wear pink on a Monday morning to evoke an air of peacefulness.

    I love LOVE the afghan that Vizzini is lying on. Too bad he can't get comfy. ;)

  13. Ooh, jealous of your thrifted skirt. I'm in love with pleats.

    I recognized the rejected jacket immediately, and thought that it really is beautiful with the softer pinks.

  14. Obi belt! Love! I haven't been in love with SL's screen prints this season but I love the chairs.

    The jacket is perfect with that dress. What makes it more interesting than a normal "jacket/skirt" combo is the pleating that starts half way down the skirt.

    I love that you're breaking two rules here that I've always felt were stupid - no pink on red heads, and no pink and red together. Silly rules are meant to be broken and proven wrong.

  15. Nicely done. I really like that blazer you are wearing and you did some fabulous treasure hunting !
    Love the black pleated skirt and the leather one too - oh and that chair print scarf is fabulous.
    I think you have some garment in your closet with a similar print... don't you ?

    1. Thanks, Lorena. As noted in the post, it's a belt (an obi) and I provided a link to the skirt with the same chair pattern. :)

  16. Sheila, thus is lovely. I like how you have picked up on the light and pastel colours, but also the dark red, so it looks really cohesive. It feels quite a calming blend of colours (whoever designed the jacket at TH knew their stuff when it comes to patterns).

    Hope you feel you have slayed the dragon of doubt now, by re-working the outfit.

  17. This outfit is wonderfully harmonious, yet has plenty of intensity. Ditto what others said about the details of the jacket and the pleats of the skirt, and I love your light blue accessories.

    I also always love seeing your new finds! I would guess that your top depicts the moment of engagement between leopard and zebra. :)

    Oooohh, the sneetcher!!! Those bunny-feets of Vizzini's are so tempting!

  18. If it's not weird to blouse could be based on my cat, Checkers! He's a tabby with stripes on his legs, tail and neck and spots on his face, belly and back. He's even got a bit of orange-y fur on his face. :) Wear it with pride! (Checkers is currently playing in a cardboard box).

  19. Very nice. I clicked over and saw your other outfits too, which I also liked. Love plaid. :-)


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