Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aug 8th - Outfit #8 - Beige and Chaircat of the Board

I slept very poorly last night and only got about 2.5 hours' sleep. I've just gotten up from a nap and am making dinner (mental note: don't burn the stuffed peppers).

Today, I wore this:
It's beige! and probably one of the more boring things I own in my closet. Or, at least I would have said that, until I did my neutral month in June and then discovered that this is called a "basic neutral." Yup.

I bought this dress in Vancouver at a little consignment shop on West 4th Ave on one our anniversary trips in March. It was $21.00 and is by Reitman's (a mall shop, same place as where I got the teal pedal pushers from last month).

I've also worn it here (Aug 2011, 3rd outfit; it's been packed away for winter), here (Jun 2011) and here (Mar 2011, just after I got it).
I think my challenge this month is going to be to add more colour to it! This is an okay start with the red, turquoise and blue.

The stuff:
The Miz Mooz shoes make a second appearance (first worn here). My Shi Studio cowboy belt buckle got a lot of attention today. the turquoise cuff is also by them.

I didn't burn the peppers! They were delicious.

Dress (Reitman's, consignment), belt/buckle/cuff (Shi Studios), bracelet (Plum), necklace (swap with Leslie), ring (Wendy Brandes).

All the cats we've ever had do this pose:
I'd like to thank you all for coming. Please bring me a cigar and a scotch.
I call it "Chairman of the Board" (after Frank Sinatra). Doesn't he look so hip and ultra-lounge-y?

But then a seagull flew by.
You bore me, woman.


  1. Mmmm, stuffed peppers sound good. Haven't had those in a while. Did you have your purple shoed neighbor over?

    You know, with that belt buckle your dress is not boring at all. I love that you're wearing it with this dress. It shows your character too.

  2. Love those shoes! And your handsome and very dignified cat.

  3. No, we don't socialize with our neighbours.

    Thanks, Joni!

  4. LOL, your cat has personality! How do you work and cook too? You are amazing. The colourful accents are good with the neutral dress.

  5. Haha Vizzini is so cute! Love that pose :)

    Really like this shirt dress on you - it's great with the red and turquoise accessories :)

  6. Khaki/beige is the toughest neutral there is; it's easy to work with varying shades of browns, greys, olives, those lovely rich oyster/mushroom hues, but khaki drains the color out of everything. I love browns, but I have given up on khaki. More power to you for trying!

    Sweet, silly kitty.

  7. I love the cigar-and-scotch line. Our cats make that pose too, we call it the "Oh, hey."

    I don't find your dress boring at all - it's a classic and you look great.

  8. I like the pop of colors from the various accessories - that is the fun part of neutrals sometimes, adding color from smaller pieces in a subtle way.

    Chaircat of the board, love it!

  9. Love these MM shoes. Do they come in Giant size? :-)

  10. ROFL at Vizzini!! you know what they say--dogs have owners-cats have staff!!
    I really like the dress (the whole outfit) It's basic enough that you could change it up depending upon the accessories-wearing a cardi or jacket, etc.

  11. Sheila: Yes, sometimes you wonder about an 'inexpensive' garment in what might be a boring colour, but it did force you to 'pick it up a notch' and I like what you did - you met the challenge with the 'bling'.
    Thanks for showing us just how we can do something like that by 'collecting' goodies!
    I hear you had some rather wild weather on Tues. evening. We did not, but it is cool today and rather muggy!
    Peg - UI

  12. It's like V has elbows!

    I was protesting at the screen when you said your dress was boring! But I am a neutrals-fan. Will look forward to more colourful pairings with it.

  13. The dress is a fabulous basic to dress up with accessories. I'm actually really sad my shirt dresses got to be too small on me. You really rocked it with your accessories. You have so many unique and original accessories that it completely transformed this dress.

    Hooray for tasty dinners! And silly kitties. Our cats will cross their paws when they sit down. I call it "Fancy Cat" Vizzini looks like he should be talking like The Most Interesting Man In The World:

  14. Boring is not the word I would ever use to describe you. You accessorized the dress so that the outfits is smashing, as always.

  15. Hope you get more sleep tonight - those nights are no fun. This is the second shirt dress I've admired tonight. Thrifting one is on my wish list. They seem so versatile, and I love the bright pops of color with yours.

  16. All great styling of this shirt dress. I would love to see how you would style it with layers or with a scarf. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  17. Ooooo, love the cowboy belt!!! I bet it did get some attention!


  18. Cute kitty picture. He is just too cool.
    Love the dress. It is one of those ever so versatile peices. I love how a belt can change the vibe of a neutral dress. your accessories are just perfect.


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