Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aug 3rd & 4th - Outfits #3, 4 & 5 - Casual Maxis, Strapless and Flutters

Weekend! This is a long weekend in British Columbia - we get Monday off for BC Day. And it couldn't be a better weekend, weather-wise! The temps are currently 27 C/high 80s F and there's nary a breeze. I am so glad I planned for warm weather this month.

Friday's casual outfit:
I just freaking adore this olive maxi skirt, aka the parachute skirt. It flows and billows when I walk - when I go down stairs, I feel like a princess. Who doesn't like feeling like a princess?

I bought it at Winners in the spring of 2011for $29.99. It's a very fine cotton (made in India), very light, so it's always a summer piece for me. I've previously worn it here just after I got it, here (May 2011), here (July 2011), here (Aug 2011, last two outfits) and here, as part of my 2nd steampunk outfit in April.

I have a feeling I'll be wearing it a lot this month!

The blouse is new-to-me, purchased on consignment here in May.

I got the denim vest on consignment in May 2011 for about $24.99 - I first wore it here.
I packed it away last September, as the faded style seems more summery to me, so I think I've only worn it one other time, here last July (2nd outfit, go look at how tiny Vizzini is! Aw!).

And in the footwear department, those are my new Chi Mihara ballet flats. They turned out to be absolutely AWFUL - they have elastic on the back of the heel, and it dug and dug into my feet, causing blisters. I had to go out during my Friday workday and buy bandaids. So sad! I need to find some way to cut that elastic!

Vest (Part Two, consignment), blouse (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Cute Options), shoes (Chi Mihara), ring/bracelet (Club Monaco), earrings (Plum).

On Friday night, I met up with my former boss Tammy - we worked together at Fairweather (when it was a good store - you Canadian gals know what I'm talking about!) back in the late 90s. We get together every 3-6 months and have a fancy dinner out (with lots of wine).

I couldn't stomach wearing the flats, so I changed into much more comfy shoes: my massive gold platforms!
L laughed when I told him that, but yes, these shoes (last worn here) were more comfortable than flats!

That gorgeous yellow dress is new-to-me, purchased back here in May for $18.98. It is the most wonderfully thick t-shirt material, and held its shape (and stayed up) really well. I have a half-slip on underneath to help smooth things out a bit.
I'm wearing the same ring/bracelet/earrings as I did during the day, and added this necklace that I thrifted last weekend for $7.50.

Since I am getting a new tattoo next weekend, I planned a lot of wardrobe items around that - I've had my appointment for a few months. I can't wait to show off my new ink.
Vizzini came to check things out
The seaming on this dress is so awesome.

It was still super hot and sunny out after work, so I wore my snow white cardigan again to cover up.
I last wore it here. How did I manage so long without a white cardigan??

After dinner with Tammy, I went to my friend's gallery opening, where I was joined by L - I walked home in these shoes.

A shout-out to Yvette who was out on the patio at Bastion Square last night and recognized me! Thanks for reading, Yvette!

Dress (Jacob, consignment), shoes (Coach), cardigan (no label, consignment), necklace (thrifted).

I was a little bit hungover this morning, so I slept in and skipped WW (hey, it's a long weekend). I dressed for ultra-comfort for post-Ultimate.
It was so hot today, we just died out on the field. To those who've asked, yeah, I'll take some pictures of us playing at some point.

This was the perfect outfit to change back into! So loose and flowy...ah...The snow white cardi makes another appearance as a cover-up. The sparkly sequined tank is not part of the capsule - I never wear it on its own. It's been an invaluable layering piece, though! I last wore it here in April's capsule.

Isn't the skirt lovely? I call it the fluttery skirt - I bought it at the same time as the denim vest above, in May 2011, for about $36.00. It's silk and is as light as a feather - it has great movement when I walk. It's a Le Chateau piece.

I've also worn it here (last outfit, July 2011), here (two outfits, scroll down, Sept 2011). I can't find any other instances of wearing it, and it's been packed away with the summer stuff.
Rounding out my purple ensemble are these leather flats. They are by La Canadienne, and I got them in April 2011 on consignment for $19.99 (first worn here).

I've also worn them here (Sept 2011, scroll down), here (also Sept 2011, 2nd outfit), here (Aug 2011, last outfit), here (also August, last outfit), here (Jun 2011, 2nd outfit), and here (May 2011).

Cardigan (no label, consignment), tank (Costa Blanca, consignment), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), shoes (La Canadienne, consignment).

Phew! That's a lot of outfits. Tonight is our good friend Nick's birthday party, so I'll be busting out my Wild Card outfit - yee haw! I'm off for a nap now...Sheila tired...

I'll be working on the July summary post this weekend, and should have it up by Monday. Stay tuned! Hope your weekend is lovely.


  1. OMG I LOVE both of those skirts. So flouncy and fabulous. I totally want that purple on.

    I'm so sad that those Chie Mihara shoes were a bust. I never would have expected that. So disappointing.

  2. You are rocking the maxis!!! i love all of the outfits but especially the first one!!

    I hate those ballet flats with the elastic-they cut in no matter what you do!

    Have fun tonite!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE these outfits. Seriously, each one is prettier than the next, and that purple skirt is to DIE for! If you ever get tired of it, let me know, LOL!

  4. You look awesome in yellow! Don't ever ditch that dress. Looking forward to seeing the new tat. : )

  5. You have the most fantastic wardrobe Sheila! And I must say, that yellow dress is freakin' sexy! Love your tattoo too. I have one on the back of my shoulder as well and am so glad I chose to have one back there. I love not seeing it for days and then seeing it in the mirror like it's brand new again. ;) If I had one on my front somewhere I think I'd stare at it too much and grow tired of it.

  6. Aww man so sorry about the new flats. Maybe try a cobbler? Wishing you luck because they look adorable. But nothing worse than painful cute shoes.

    Love your swooshy skirts. They'll be perfect for august. How sweet is that yellow dress! Also tat-appointment! Yay! Can't wait to see what you get done. Your tats are so beautifully done.

  7. Really like the yellow dress, it looks fantastic on you! Excited to see what your new tattoo is :) Sorry to hear about the shoes though, hope you can fix them or fins some way to wear them so they don't hurt!

  8. Gorgeous. Love the yellow, and then the purple was such a rich transition in color.

  9. Wow the yellow tube dress looks great on you! Super love it. The purple colour skirt as well, lovely :)

    Jen (silent reader) but I've been following you for a long time.

  10. i CANNOT get over the yellow dress - it is absolutely spectacular - you look spectacular! I can actually feel that thick fabric you describe... i like it both ways with the white button down and by itself. Gorgeous.

  11. Where to begin? Both long skirts are fabulous, and then yellow dress takes the prize. It shows off your body art beautifully. Hello, Mr. V. , sneaking in for a look.

  12. Adore....that sexy yellow dress. Oh my. I also love that you can make it totally work appropriate with the card. Perfect dress.

  13. Agree with Joni that the yellow dress is Bow Chicka Bow Bow! Flaunt it, girl!

  14. Wow I said to the yellow dress, then wowza I said to the long purple skirt, beautifully put together.

    I had good results with some elasticated shoes by stuffing them with lots of newpaper (to stretch out the elastic at the back), then putting duct tape strips on the back of heels to protect my heels. Oh the glamour.

  15. I love that yellow outfit. You look absolutely gorgeous! The color looks great with your hair.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. I hardly know what to praise first. Both skirts are so lovely, and yes, princess-y. But the yellow strapless dress? All I can say is, "You GO, Girl!"


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