Friday, August 10, 2012

Aug 10th - Outfits #10 & 11 - Plaid-erific and Dots on the Town

Happy Friday! This is a busy week, and tonight is no exception.

Let's get down to business. Here is an outfit:
Plaid-tastic! I love that new-to-me jacket. I bought it back in early June for $20.00 on consignment. It's Tommy Hilfiger, and the quality is superb. It has a lot of the colours for August in it, so I think I'll be wearing it a fair bit.

Underneath it is a sweater tank that I've had for a long time, at least 5 years. It's by Planet and I bought it new, although deeply discounted, at The Bay for under $30.00. It has a row of tiny buttons that go right up the back. It's dressier than a camisole (being sweater-weight cotton knit) so it's counted in the capsule.
However, I'm sure I've worn it about a kazillion times, so I am not going to link back to all the previous wears of it. Here's the oldest wearing of it I could find, from July 2008!

The skirt is also an old favourite. My dear friend Caro owned this; I got it in an organized clothing swap a bunch of us went to in the summer of 2009 - I laughed when I found out later that this was her skirt! The earliest wearing of it I can find it from July 2009, here.

Here's a close-up of the plaid in the jacket:
Burgundy, red, pink, white, mint green, baby blue, lavender! All lovely pastels.

Jacket (Tommy Hilfiger, consignment), top (Planet), skirt (Bebe Sport, swap), shoes (Chie Mihara).

You'll note that I'm wearing the Chie Mihara ballet flats that killed my feet last Friday (worn here). I couldn't bear the thought of a) destroyed feet and b) wasting my good money on shoes that hurt, so I got out my hobby exact-o blade. Take that, evil shoes!
I cut through one layer of the leather on the inside, pulled it up, gently pulled the very thick elastic (you can see a bit of it in the background, in the corner), and cut it out. I pushed the leather back down - it was sticky, so it's stayed nicely. I had to do this on both sides of each shoe.

I don't recommend doing this yourself - I am an experienced hobbyist! - but it was better than not having these to wear. They were about a thousand times better today! I did have a couple of slight rubbing spots, but no blisters. Yay!

Tonight, we're headed to an evening event at the Art Gallery. The artist being featured is William Kurelek (article here, from the Globe and Mail) - as one of "the most bizarre painters this country has produced" and described as a "Prairie Hieronymus Bosch," I am excited to see some of his work!

I would have liked to have created a wack-a-doo outfit for this, but I'm limited by the capsule and having already used up my Wild Card outfit last weekend, so I thought polka dot pants would do the trick.
I last wore them here. The top is the same as today's outfit, but I pinned this lovely heart that Steph sent me onto it.
My red platforms round it out (last worn here). All ready to do some art appreciation and people-watching!

Top (Planet), pants (Noa Noa), shoes (Miz Mooz, consignment). 

I have such awesome co-workers! Look what Kara gave me:
The colour is not as orange as it looks there - it's dark red, and the neckline is all beaded. It's by Spencer Jeremy. Thank you, Kara! I am really excited to work this into a fall capsule!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Love both outfits but those pants are so gorgeous. I'm glad you fixed the shoes - I hope this means they are keepers because they really are beautiful.

    I covet those Miz Mooz shoes.

  2. Yaay I'm glad you were able to do something about those flats. Hopefully they'll be more comfortable now.

    Love the plaid trousers, the pin adds a fun and funky detail.

    How sweet of your co-worker, can't wait to see how you style the top.

  3. I'm happy that you are able to salvage your shoes!

    Very nice give-away form Kara!

  4. oooh, that jacket looks super fun. I am looking forward to seeing how you wear it this month.

  5. Love your art gallery outfit - I like the red with the navy :) Glad you could work on the shoes and make them more comfortable too! :)

  6. Those polka-dot trousers really are terrific. I enjoy your re-working of familiar pieces, you are talented!

  7. You looked great last night! It was so lovely to see you--a fabulous night all around xx

  8. You'll be a hit in those faux-pajama pants. Most of your outfits are very creative and artistic.

  9. I may have to try your fix it method for some ballet flats I have. I hate that elastic!
    You look lovely and a bit preppy in your plaid blazer.

  10. Hi Sheila. You're looking lovely as usual. I really like the idea of the polka dot pajama pants (they're tricky to wear) with the red tank and shoes.

  11. You looked great last night. Those polka dot pants made your legs look ssooooo long.

  12. The Tommy Hilfiger jacket is amazing. It reminds me of a green plaid Hilfiger suit I'd had since the early 90s that I gave away when I gained some weight. I wish I'd had room to store it, because I lost the weight, and it was a timeless suit.

    I always love seeing the pj pants; you wear them well.

  13. The TH blazer is stunning!! Love the whole outfit!!!
    LOL at your shoe surgery!!! Smart move if it makes the shoes wearable!
    Love your art gallery outfit--I think the polka dot pants are whimisical.
    I can't WAIT to see how you style your gorgeous new top!!!


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