Sunday, August 5, 2012

Aug 5th - Outfit #6 and the Wild Card - Plus Cat

I love a long weekend! And yes, I'll get the July summary done - I'm working on it as soon as I'm done this post. There are just so many outfits! 

Let's start off with the Wild Card. I couldn't resist wearing my new-to-me chocolate brown satin dress to Nick's birthday party:
I bought it at Women in Need (WIN) thrift store last Sunday for $18.50. The brand is Robin Jordan. I forwent the matching sash in favour of the leopard pony hair belt.

I have a feeling this might have been a bridesmaid dress. It has that kind of feel about it. I'm thankful that some bride had good taste, though! This will be an awesome dress for my December capsule!

As it was smoking hot out last night and all glare-y, I moved my usual photo shoot area to the entrance to the library:
I love the boning in the top of the dress - it fits perfectly. I'm wearing a strapless bra with this, and the dress's beautiful shaping helped keep my boobage in place.

Gotta show the ink!
The salamander on my right shoulder is getting re-done next weekend. I originally had intended for it to look like a Leonardo da Vinci sketch, and it was fine, but once I had the crow done last year (and loved it so much!), I knew I'd have to clean the salamander up.

But I know you're looking at the shoes!
Pretty sweet, aren't they? I'm ashamed to say I had to dust them off! It's obviously been a very long time since I last wore them.

Uh, yup. This is shameful! I haven't worn them since June 2010 (again with a brown dress and another animal pattern, I'm so predictable), and before that I wore them for my birthday dinner (scroll down) in Seattle in October 2009 (I noted then that I'd purchased them a few weeks before). I'm pretty sure I bought them on consignment, and they would have been less than $30 (I rarely pay more than that).

Anyway, they were super comfortable - they are a great party shoe. I think the sling-back has been a deterrent to wearing them (at least in cold weather) because I hate the look of sling-backs with tights. The bows are so sweet, though, and I love the zebra pattern.

The stuff:
Spotty belt, leafy earrings, vintage 70s cocktail ring, and the bee pin that Megan Mae sent me (I wore it at the base of one of the straps).

We had a great time at the party and meandered home at about 2am. Thank goodness I'd packed my flats for walking!

This outfit is my pick for Patti's Visible Monday at "Not Dead Yet Style" - don't forget to check it out. As I'm off tomorrow, and I don't plan to leave the house all day, there will be no Monday outfit.

Dress (Robin Jordan, thrifted), belt/earrings (Plum), shoes (Linea Paolo, consignment), ring (Sarah Coventry, vintage 70s), bee pin (gift from Megan).

Today is another super hot day. I slept in until Mom called, then went and got groceries.
I bought this dress for $22.95 at The Patch (a thrift/vintage store downtown) back in early January this year (you can see it hanging behind me in a plastic bag in this post - the store left the security tag on it, and I had to take in it to get it removed). It's by Ann Taylor and is fully lined.

I really shopped out of season! The Patch tends to get summer things in really early, and if I wait until summer to look for a perfectly fitted pink linen dress, I'm likely to be disappointed!

Anyway, I've been waiting 8 months to finally wear it. I love the colour and the cut. The little bunches of pleats on the sides are lovely for walking.
My feet are pretty tired from heels and from being stuffed into soccer cleats for Ultimate, so I'm babying them today. I got these shoes from Caro in 2010 (first worn here) - she bought them online and they were too big. What a sweetheart!

I've worn them a fair bit, last time here in August 2011. I also wore them here (2nd outfit), here (2nd outfit), here (for my crow tattoo last July, the same weekend we got Vizzini), here (2nd outfit), and here. Unfortunately, the zipper up the back of the right one tends to stick at the top, so I can't do them up all the way. I need to replace these with a good quality leather pair of flats, but it's not a super high-priority for me, as I only ever wear these for a couple of months out of the year.

I loathe the feeling of sunblock (especially the SPF 60 I have to wear) so I decided to walk to the grocery store with my parasol. I bought this for $9.99 in Victoria's Chinatown a few years ago. It's paper and bamboo. I admit, I opened up all the parasols to get the one with the best design!
I also wanted to take a picture outside, in a different area. This is in our driveway.

I am keeping the accessories minimal due to the heat.
My Audrey Hepburn Scrabble tile, and a lovely pair of sterling silver bird earrings that Megan sent me. Thank you, hon!

Dress (Ann Taylor, thrifted), shoes (Wild Diva, gift from Caro), earrings (gift from Megan), Audrey tile (purchased on vacation).

Tonight, I'm going to see "Mama Mia!" with Mom, my ex-mother-in-law Vicki (mom of my ex), my ex-sister-in-law (my brother's ex-wife), my brother's girlfriend (and mother of his youngest daughter), and my two oldest nieces. My family is very complicated, ha ha!

I'll be wearing this same outfit, as the musical is at the Royal Theatre (not air-conditioned, very few buildings here are). Mom and I saw "Mama Mia!" on Broadway in NYC four years ago, so I'm really excited to see it again. Yay for ABBA!


Vizzini had a bit of an adventure today: he spotted a bug inside our enclosed balcony. Excitement!
"I'm sure it went this way!"
It looked like a wasp or some sort of stinging bug. I don't know how they get in, as we have screens on all the windows.
"There it goes!"
Vizzini keeps a stream of running "mrow" commentary almost constantly. He talks to us all the time, mostly expressing his displeasure on how we run things.

The bug bounced over the corner, so Vizzini hopped up on the deck table.
"I will eat you!"
I didn't want him to get stung, so I squished the bug and disposed of it.
"You stole my bug. I hate you."
Doesn't look happy, does he?


  1. All the colors you're wearing look so good with your red hair!! You're right, too, I was looking at those shoes!!! (Gotcha!!) Complicated families are good; it usually means that decent folks are trying to be humane after the divorce, remarriage etc. Good for you!

  2. That brown satin is heavenly on you. And I rarely ever see brown satin. Don't you think it's kind of hard to find nice clothing in our color spectrum? I love warm colors all year around but in the summer it seems to be all mostly neons. ;)

    Did you notice my orange pants? LOVE them!! I love to copy you too. ;)

    1. Joni, I agree - not much in the way of dressy fabrics in the autumnal palette. Ooh, love those! I was all excited about the Blue Angels and missed them.

  3. Wow, I'd try to wrestle you to the floor over either of these dresses any day. The black one is insanely well-tailored, and the pink one suits your hair and complexion down to the ground.

  4. Satin dresses can often look either very bad or very classy. You found the perfect satin dress. It looks super luxe and fits you like a glove. Hooray for the little bee pin!

    The cut of the pink dress is so fun and fab. I love pale pink on redheads. It looks so summery and fresh, especially with your adorable parasol.

    Hee! Adorable Vizzini. I see the Annoyance Tail Curl. Spike does that when we steal his bugs. The babies are more interested in attacking the television or hanging strings than bugs, but mostly because they're too clumsy to actually catch much.

  5. Oh yeah, we get that look too - "Who took the rest of my lizard? I hate you all."

    Love your looks in these fitted dresses. The black dress with your skinny belt is super-fab. Thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday!

  6. The fabric of the brown dress is luscious! So beautiful! I love those pleats on the pink dress and that parasol is a necessity for sure. And poor Vizzini, he has no bug. :-D

  7. I so love your two outfit and the shoes it's awesome!! your shoes ^_^


  8. Your Blog is cute ♥
    If you have time you can also check out my blog,
    I just shared Buck the Bank Holiday I would love to hear your comment about the shoes.. Thanks Dear


  9. The brown satin dress is so glamourous. Beautiful. I can imagine that the sash you mention would give it a more 'bridesmaids-y look. Good choice on the belt and the shoes. Glam glam glam.

  10. Va-voom, Sheila! That brown satiny dress fits you like a dream. What a perfect outfit for an evening party. It's such a contrast with your light pink summery dress, also beautiful. Your use of the parasol is refreshing - I too dislike sunblock. I should investigate this option more fully...

  11. That brown satin dress looks amazing on you!

  12. You have such beautiful dresses and great taste! And fabulous Lady Luck shopping with you all the way :) You must be living in a city filled with people with beautiful clothes! The brown satin dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you, so is the pink one with the parasol. If I ever find anything as beautiful as your collection, it will definitely cost me an arm and a leg. Keep posting, such eye candies :)


  13. OOOOO-Big Bad Bug Hunter Vizzini!!! Yep-he's definitely flipping you some "tail". My Callie likes to collect all of her dead flies in apile next to the slider to admire. She gets very disgusted when I dispose of them!!

    Love both the dresses!! Can't wait to see how you style the brown one in winter!!

  14. I can't concentrate on fashion when there are pets in the post. So cute! How dare you ruin his fun ;-)

  15. Poor Vizzini. Stealing his joy like that. ;-)

    Both dresses look wonderful on you. I really love the pleated bottom of the pink one. It looks like a great dress for hot day.

  16. Black is always good. :) And the soft pink is a great color on you - very complimentary.

  17. Well, he wouldn't thank you with a mouth full of bug-bite. But I can imagine the look you got...

    All I can say for your brown/black dress is, I wish the bridesmaid dress I was forced to wear looked like that! What construction. I am really getting into dresses at the moment (cardi never far behind with UK weather).

  18. The shoes with the bows are adorable! The entire outfit with the black dress is awesome, actually ;)

  19. That brown satin is every bit as lovely ON you as I knew it would be when you purchased it. And I'm admiring the sun shade--more people should use them that way.

  20. Vizzini is so cute! :) Must be so adorable listening to his little meows as he "talks" :)

    really like both of your dresses today - that brown one is fantastic on you, especially with the leopard print belt! :)

  21. That brown satin is swoon worthy! You look like a million bucks in that beauty. I am over the moon on how you styled it with those shoes and belt. I know I'm gushing, but for some reason I knew I'd be in love with that dress. It's so retro classic and the best part is that it's brown, (I love wearing a color in a room full of little black dresses). Congratulations on finding such an awesome dress, (Can I be just a little envious?).

  22. Ha! I just knew you couldn't resist that brown dress until December! and for damn good reason--it is amazing on you. Oh the conversations your chatty Vizzini could have with our chatty Willy...


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