Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aug 15th - Outfit #16 - Shiny Pink and Spinning Wheels

Whew, it's a hot day out here on the west coast! It's currently 31 degrees and I'm melting. 
Thank goodness for shiny ice cream colours, in the form of the last "fresh" item this month: this lovely shiny pink satin jacket. I purchased it at the same time as this dress, back in May (here) for $18.98 on consignment.

It's by La Fee (the fairy, en Francais). I had an issue with the fit in the boobular region as I wore my strapless bra today (things were smushed and not in the right place on my chest), due to my healing tattoo. It's nearly done sloughing off the skin (ew, sorry), and will be all healed up soon.
So, did I fool you again? I'm wearing the yellow strapless dress (last seen here, 2nd outfit)! I love stretching the wearability of my dresses by layering them.

I'm also wearing my gold Coach sandals again (just wore them here on Monday). A metallic neutral in my capsules is essential, I'm finding.

Here's a close-up of the jacket fabric:
I love the swirls of orange and the gold floral design on the soft pink. The gold cicada earrings continue to freak people out (heh). That's my Mom's bracelet.

Jacket (La Fee, consignment), dress (Jacob, consignment), shoes (Coach), earrings (Erica Weiner), cuff (vintage 70s, Mom's).

Vizzini is a bit of a compulsive animal with some of his behaviours. One of the things he likes to do is spin the wheels on this suitcase,.
La la la la la...spin spin spin
 He also has the back wheel going there. L or I will be sitting at the computer and we'll hear this "rrr...rrr...rrr" sound. Sure enough, Vizzini is spinning his wheel.

Once I started taking pictures of him, he began to ham it up for the camera.
And I can stretch and spin! 
 A few paws at the wheel and he needs to bite it.
Bite all the things!
Then he went back to his usual position. I think he likes this because he can hold the other wheel with his back foot.
What are you looking at, woman?
What a silly kitty.


  1. Kitty is adorable! And so is the jacket; really suits you.

  2. Aww, ice cream colors! That's a better alternative than pastels - and tastier too. I love your cicada earrings. They're super awesome, and just a bit creepy. Cicadas scare the crap out of me.

    Lol! Vizzini needs a roundie ( York has unfortunately discovered toilet paper and we have to keep it hidden from him now. >.<

  3. Sheila, I was totally fooled! You look great in such a range of colours.

    Those cicada earrings are awesome - I have a particular affinity for cicadas, which I associate with my birthday. They started singing so early this summer with the heat.

    Vizzini and the wheel are priceless! I see the appeal and given the chance would gladly spend some time spinning. I had a cat who stared intently at the phone for long periods, which wasn't as entertaining, or as potentially irritating!

    Thank you (one of my FAVOURITE favourite fashion bloggers!) for your comments on my blog - made my day.

  4. You must be one of those Celsius people: 31F is cold.

    Pretty outfit, again layering a dress underneath the attractive jacket.

    Silly kitty, indeed!

  5. Vizzini is so cute! :) Really like that jacket too, it's such an intricate piece!

  6. Wonderful ice cream colors, Sheila - and I love those bug earrings, even though as Megan says, they're just a tad creepy : >

    Hello, Mr. Vizzini - booked for the day, I see? He's too handsome.

  7. Ice cream colours = delicious. I love the shiny jacket with the Coach sandals.

    Glad that the tattoo is healing. The "sloughing" off of the skin 2 days post tat is not the most glamourous time. But it's worth it in the end.

    Oh Vezzini. You are a goof ball!

  8. Vizzini! You are hilarious! I love that!

    Your pink jacket is fabulous - super pretty!

  9. I am inlove with your cicada earrings-way cool!!
    The jacket is GORGEOUS!!!
    Vizzini is just too cute-what a ham!!

  10. Very enterprising cat, that :)

    I will be on the hunt for metallic sandals for next summer. Yours always look great with every outfit!

  11. Vizzini is a beautiful boy and, obviously, he knows it. I don't think buying him expensive cat toys will dissuade him from his suitcase wheels. He reminds me of the kid who tosses aside the expensive toy to play with the box it came in. :)

    Love this shiny pink jacket. Adds interest without being flashy.

  12. Vizzini and my Harry are so silly! He has such a sweet innocent face.
    Love your outfit. It reminds me of the little candy straws we used to get from Russell Stover. They were in pale shiny colors like this.

  13. Your cat is quite entertaining...hours of fun I bet!

  14. Love your clothes capsules and your cat, he sounds like me, "spinning my wheels" most of the time. LOL!! My cat is whining right now, but he's 15, diabetic and has arthritis. I guess he has earned his whining status. Thanks for the laugh.

  15. Love the cicada earrings! I love the versatility of your capsule pieces...that yellow dress is awesome! You have inspired me to think in terms of clothing capsules. I can see how I could pair down my vast clothing and shoe collections into a smaller assortment that works really well as interchangeable pieces!

    ...Your cat is a hoot!


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