Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh So Faux - and Let the Trash Talking Begin!

My department at work is physically moving within our building, so things are chaotic at work. Doors are propped open, a scissor lift drove through our department, workmen (no cute ones, damn) are going in and out at all times, and I've been freezing!

So I broke out the faux fur:
I love good quality faux fur - and this collar is detachable from the jacket! It was so snuggly all day. Fortunately, they're allowing us to wear jeans for the rest of the week. I am sure I looked a sight packing up boxes in those shoes, ha!

The stuff:
Killer shoes, man! Please admire the mismatched buttons - I always keep all those extra buttons and gew-gaws that come with clothes, but for the life of me, I cannot find the extra buttons for this jacket that I know are somewhere!

So...I've been doing my push-ups regularly, as I've posted about many times. Part of the reason I started doing them was because Festivus is coming (Festivus is coming!!) and I was thoroughly embarassed by being beaten easily in the Feats of Strength arm-wrestling contest two years ago by my co-worker's wife (oh the shame).

Not again! I'm calling out some of my gals that I know read this blog!

Sherylyn, I'm looking at you, girl. You are going down! Cat, you better get Vero to start doing more biceps work in your classes! Ruth, let's put those pipes to the test!
Oh, yeah. That baby's got your name on it. I will not be eliminated in the first round this year!

Jacket (Precis Petite), top (RW & Co., consignment), skirt (Planet), shoes (Le Chateau), belt (Dana Buchman, consignment), earrings (don't remember).


  1. Hahaha, how funny; I wish I could come to your party. I LOVE that outfit--the animal print belt is the perfect accent!


  2. That jacket looks fantastically warm and snuggly. Flattering, too! A dynamite combo, no?

    Someday I may have to challenge you to a Bicep Brag-off, lady ... but that day has not yet arrived. ;)

  3. Those guns are looking good girl!!

    Another easy exercise you could add each day is planks. I am sure you know them but here's a link ( Most people say it's an ab exercise, but I have been doing them twice a week during PT and I have noticed an big improvement in definition in my upper arm, shoulder, and back. I hold them for 20-30 seconds and do 5-10 reps. twice a week. I also do side planks.

  4. You are hysterical! I love your killer shoes and your awesome faux fur

  5. Game ON, baby!! I'm taking you down, downtown!! We're talking East End! I've also been doing my pee-pushups, and a few trips to the gym prepare for a smackdown!!

    But....can I please not have to go up against you in the very first round? I'd like to make it to round two at least. :/

  6. oooooo, I am LOVING the faux fur. And any blogger that celebrates Festivas is great with me, LOL. I love that Seinfeld episode.

  7. Julia, it's going to be a blast! I will post a few pictures (of anyone who agrees to be on the blog). Thanks!

    Sal, it's so warm and lovely. Oh, you would kick my ass in the biceps department. I bow to you!

    Kendra, thanks, and thank you so much for commenting! Welcome. Oh, god, planks, no thanks - I am far too lazy to do them. The only way I manage to maintain my pushups is that they are 10 at a time, take 20 seconds and they're easy! But thank you so much for the suggestion and link!

    K, thanks!

    Sherylyn, the matchups will be random. You might be up against Cat, Vero or Ruth, but you can pray to the Festivus gods for someone wimpy, haha!

    Thanks, FA, it's so luxurious. Festivus...for the rest of us!

  8. Ooooh, love the jacket, the skirt and the shoes! But oh my, my legs felt cold just looking at yours; my tights addiction is in full swing now. :)

    Look at those guns. Nice job!

  9. Thanks, Kristen! I am wearing micro-fishnets, so my legs were actually pretty good for warmth.


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