Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's A Major Award! 2009

Since I started this blog in March 2008, I've been presented with a few of those blogging awards that tend to circulate around (rather incestuously, it seems at times). I'm always honoured that these amazing women want to recognize my little corner of the blogoverse, but I never pass them on. But hey, I also never pass on those "send this to 7 amazing women" emails. Call it lazy, if you wish, I don't mind. I think of it as Economy of Time.

So to everyone who's ever given me one, thank you, from the bottom of my silly ol' heart. You're all wonderful and I'd nominate you right back, but then there's that whole laziness thing.

Instead, here are my Major Awards to all of my favourite bloggers, in no particular order. These are big and small blogs; some get a kazillion comments, some get none. I've embedded links if you care to visit - I recommend it!

This year, there have been a lot of changes in the blog-verse (click here to view last year's Major Award recipients). Some bloggers that I loved last year have stopped posting, some I just stopped viewing (one only has so much time!). And some new bloggers came along. Things change.

How do I choose blogs? People leave me comments (if you have a blog and you've left me a comment, I've probably visited your blog), I hear about them from friends, or find a link through one of my regular websites.

Anyway, let's get started! "It's a Major Award!"
The Indispensable Advice Blog: Already Pretty

Just how much do I love Sal and her blog? This much! Sal puts her money where her mouth is...I mean, she is so gorgeous and stylin', AND she is full of so much wisdom about what goes on in a woman's mind about her body and her self-image. When I grow up, I'd like to be like Sal.

The Laugh Until You Spit Tea on Your Monitor Blog: Cake Wrecks

"When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong" is this site's motto. I can't remember how I found this blog, but I read the entire archives and check it every day. Oh so funny, and never mean-spirited. The Sunday Sweets (amazing cakes) are a nice change from the usual daily Wreckage.

Want to Read About Heavy Subjects? Not on This Blog: The Critical Condition

Mark Blankenship's awesome blog discusses all the heavy topics: What Christmas song makes you feel Christmassy? Who will win American Idol? I love Mark's writing and his introspective commentary and commenters.

The Blog I Would Be Most Honoured to Be Featured On: The Sartorialist
Seriously, wouldn't that be the coolest thing ever? I would demand that be in my obituary.

If I Had Any Enthusiasm or Talent For Cooking, I Would Make (and Eat) Every Recipe on This Blog: Yummyland

Sherylyn is a fab lady that I met in my book club (yes! I know her in person! Oooooh!). Turns out she is also an amazing cook, chef and gourmet foodie! She is also very funny - even if I never make one of her recipes, I would still read them for her hilarious writing. All recipes that she does are health-conscious and list the nutritional values! Wow!

If I Could Trade Closets For a Day, I'd Take This One in a Heartbeat Blog: Fashion For Nerds

She's a scientist, she's freakin' gorgeous AND she has the most amazing shoe collection I've ever seen. She's also one of the most creative and stylish women I've seen in the fashion blog-o-sphere. She's worn a corset to work? Get out of town! All hail Audi!

Most Amazing Photos...Oh, And She's an Author Too Blog: Song of the Exile

Some people just win the genetic lottery, don't they? Fortunately, Julia is also hugely kind, generous and just have to adore her. How come my crappy camera doesn't take pictures like that?

Watching A Person's Style Evolve...Plus George May Possibly Be the Cutest Cat Ever Blog: Low Fat Dressing

Since I first found Kristen's blog (I think she posted a comment, then I Nancy-Drewed my way over to see what she was all about), I've really enjoyed watching her get more adventurous with colour, footwear and tights. I also find it so heartening to read about others who struggle with their weight and being healthy. Hang in there, honey! You rock!

I Don't See No Steenkin' Socks on This Blog: Ye Olde Socks

I'm not quite sure what Tanya's deal is, but she seems to take her photos kamikaze style, either in a store or in an elevator (or amongst children's furniture). I'm amused by this (well, I'm easily amused, but who can resist amusement?) as well as bemused by this, and love the glimpses she gives into her life.

The Old Switch-erama From One Blog to Another Blog: The Small Fabric of My Life

I'm not duplicating any of the Major Award winners of last year, but Jane slips through on a technicality: after she went an entire year spending NO money on clothes (on WorkThatWardrobe), she made up a new blog to show off her outfits, write about her exploits (she is an amazing writer!) and share bits of herself with us. She's also the pioneer of the Wardrobe Challenge! Love her!

What She Wore to Blog About Food, Fashion and Other Things Blog: T Minus, T Plus

Tina's easily one of my favourite bloggers. I love how inspirational she is about her weight struggles, how funny she is about pretty much everything, and her rockin' style! She's honest, thrifty and totally cool. Way to go, Tina!

The Blogger Whose Yellow Jacket I Most Want to Steal: In Kari's Wardrobe

Kari and I will meet one day - after all, she's been to my town. I find it kind of disconcerting that we look somewhat alike, but she has excellent taste and a classic style (which I'd like to think I have, haha!). Also, I want that yellow coat. You know the one.

She Quotes Lyrics to Obscure Songs And Has the Best Jewelry Blog: Work With What You've Got

Erin is like that ultra-chic and cool chick that intimidated you in high school - fortunately, she's got a heart of gold. She also has an awesome happy-go-lucky style, and fabulous taste in jewelry. I love that her husband thrifts stuff for her - can he teach my husband that?? Also, cake balls.

I Wish She Didn't Blur Out Her Face Blog: My Every Day Wear

I know she must be gorgeous! Lorena has an impeccable sense of style - and she travels a lot, so it's interesting to see how she puts together such an awesome professional look. I also love her black and white Christmas tree!

The Blog That Understands That People Love to Push Buttons: RateMyOutfit

Tat's fearless when it comes to posting her outfits - anything goes! I love that she's enlisted the help of her blog readers to work on her style - seriously, who doesn't love giving advice? I'm looking forward to see how her style evolves this year! Keep up the great work, Tat!

The Most Inspirational Blog to Keep You On Track With Food and Exercise: *Bitch Cakes*: A Neurotic Glamour Girl's Weight Watchers Experience and Fitness Adventures

She's got pin-up girl style (LOVE) including the tattoos, she's a Weight Watchers diva, and she's got a Hello Kitty bike that she rides all over NYC. I love her pictures, but her words are downright inspirational. She helps keep me on track - and I hope I see her on the street next time I'm in NYC!

Proving You Don't Have to Be a Young(er) Woman to Be Stylish Blog: Fashion After Forty

It's all about Sher: her life, her house, her clothes (and oh, she has some lovely clothes!). She's a classic lady who knows what matters to her: family, friends and fun! Also, she's an absolute sweetheart.

Special shout-outs to Major Award recipients from last year that I still love and read: Go Fug Yourself, You Look Fab, What I Wore Today (kudos to Kasmira for the Best Transformation of the Year, from long red hair to chic short blonde! You rule!), Post Secret, Wendy Brandes Jewelry (my favourite New Yorker ever!), and Blog Fashion (Londyn, I'm totally raiding your shoe collection). These blogs continue to be amongst my favourites! Keep up the amazing work!

A special hug to my blog-friend, Kayleigh at Fashionably Later, who found out last year that she has breast cancer. She continues to blog about this challenge in her life, and is one of the bravest people I know. Hang in there, hon, and be strong. Good vibes always coming your way!

All the best to my fellow bloggers - stay real, have fun and be cool in 2010.


  1. I'm so glad I remain on your reading list but I'm angry at you for introducing me to so many great-sounding blogs! When am I ever going to read them all?!? Dang!

  2. Wow, I'm honored! I actually checked out your awards from last year a couple of weeks ago (when I was trolling and stalking your site :) and thought this was such a nice idea. And now I'm here, amongst amazing company! How delightful, and touching. Seriously, thank you for those sweet remarks, they made my week! Heck, month!


  3. Thanks, Sheila! What can I say except that you are one of my favorite bloggers too. I make sure to never miss a post. And I truly appreciate how helpful and encouraging you have been. Thanks so much!

  4. OMG... haha Sheila you have me laughing so hard at the comment "I wish she didn't blur out her face" that my boss just peeked in!
    You got me, yes I am blogging at work.
    First of all thank you for including me in your list, which was really unexpected.
    It was also really neat to see that we follow some of the same blogs :)
    Thank you, thank you, thank you and note that now I am leaving one eye un-blurred.

  5. Just to say thanks again: I wanted to let you know I thanked you formally in my latest post. :)


  6. Sheila, this is such a sweet post - I am honored to receive a shout-out, and I love reading about other blogs/bloggers on your list - both those that I know and those who are new to me.

    I certainly do hope that we're able to meet someday! I'd get a kick out of seeing you in person. I can practically hear your voice when I read your posts, and I'm curious about whether what I'm mentally picturing is what you actually sound like.

  7. AW thank you for my award - what a way to end the year.
    I was actually thinking of stopping blogging on Dec 31st but your award has convinced me to keep going. Thank You!

  8. Awwwww thank you! I am blushing and grinning. And I am agree with Wendy; how am I going to find the time to follow all these new-to-me blogs that sound so great? Life is so full of problems!!

  9. I don't blog, just a follower. Thank you for the amusing and wonderful posts all year long! Your blog is one I check out every single day because you are so faithful about posting!

    Happy New Year

  10. I love this list!~ And not just because I am on it. (bit that parts totally rules, just FYI) I would agree with pretty much everything you said, and I will battle you for Audi's closet.

  11. Thank you, thank you! I'm a bit late with my thanks (sick and all) but now I'm back - and what a surprise! Thanks for including me in your list!
    And I'll be checking the other blogs you mentioned, those that I don't know yet.

    You made my year Sheila!

  12. Of course you do, Wendy! You've been a fave for ages.

    Julia, glad you like it! I really enjoy your blog, so it deserves a shout-out.

    Right back atcha, Tina! You rule! Glad you like your Major Award. :)

    Hey, Lorena! I'm happy you liked it - I totally understand about the blurring.

    Julia, I saw that, thank you!

    Kari, glad you liked it! Yes, we will have to meet up one of these days - I'm afraid you'll be disappointed in my voice, though - it's girly and high-pitched (Kathleen Turner I ain't).

    Jane, you have to keep blogging! I love the little bits of your life that you share with us. Thank YOU!

    Kristen, glad you liked it! Did George?? Ha!

    Thanks, Diana, and thank you for commenting!

    Lain, I did consider giving shout-outs to some of my great commenters - thank you for popping in! I really appreciate it.

    Erin, thanks! Hmmm...okay, we can split Audi's shoes, and you can have her tops, I'll take her skirts (I'm too booby for her tops). Deal? :)

    You're so welcome, Tanya! Glad you liked it. :)

    Happy New Year everyone!

  13. Aw thanks for giving me an award!! How cool am I.

    Also I now have a list of blogs I need to check many blogs, so little time! I SO enjoy reading yours, and feel like maybe I am learning some things about fashion, which I love but have no talent for. So thank you!

  14. Truly, I am honored to receive such a distinguished award. Screw the Nobels!

  15. Sherylyn, you are too cool for school. :) Thank YOU!

    Audi, if you can't have a Nobel, this is definitely the next best thing. ;)

  16. Thank you so much, Sheila! That's such a compliment!

    Sorry this is so late, you sent me that when I had a *lot* going on. I love your style too.

  17. You are so welcome, Sheryl! I really love your blog - you'll be a great WW leader.


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