Sunday, December 13, 2009

Special Occasion - Festivus Party!

When I hit my goal weight three years ago, I rewarded myself with something very special: my "Fifty Pound Dress" (my goal was to lose 50 pounds). I wore it a couple of times, but then it sat at the back of my closet for 2 years - see, it was a long gown...but it hit me at my ankles. In bare feet, it still wasn't floor length, so it just looked goofy when I had heels on.

This year, I knew I wouldn't be able to buy a new party dress, so I hauled it out and took it to a tailor and had it shortened to cocktail length.

Is that not the most stupendously gorgeous dress? It's a stretch satin, with gold lace, embroidery, beading and sequins. It even has that on the back:
And of course, it shows off my tattoo. Anyway, I felt like a million bucks in this all night.

Festivus was a blast! Here I am getting my ass kicked by Alison in the Feats of Strength:Alison is a Valkyrie! She kissed my fist before slamming me to the table and she went on to win the women's championship easily. At least all my pushups meant I looked good while I lost!

Here I am with Inigo at 4:30am:
The glass of wine was probably not needed by then, haha!

A closeup of the dress:
I love how the design is off-centre and uneven. So pretty. This dress was regular $600 and I got it on sale for $125. Worth every penny.

Check out the back:

Dress (Planet), shoes (Friis and Company, gift from L), earrings (Plum).


  1. WOW, this looks fantastic on you. Great idea to hem it.

  2. That dress is gor-GEOUS, Boozy McGee. ;-D

    Hope you had a great time; sure looks like you did!

  3. Such a pretty dress and a great reward for losing 50 pounds! I like the length you had it tailored to. Looks like you had a great time. Keep up the push-up and maybe the next Festivus celebration you can win!

  4. That's a kick ass dress + you look amazing in it - it was a great idea to have it shortened....

  5. Thanks, FA, I was really pleased with how it came out.

    Boozy McGee?? Kristen, I think you have me mistaken, wait, that's about right, haha! Thanks! We had a blast!

    Alison, thanks - yes, it was the perfect reward. I am never getting rid of it. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Thanks, Barbara! And thank you very much for commenting!

    Thanks, Lorena! It turned out great, didn't it?

  6. Just beautiful, Sheila. Even not having the advantage of seeing the dress when it was long, I think you made the right decision - you'll get a ton of mileage out of it at cocktail length, and you look gorgeous in it!

    Glad that you had a good time at the party. ;)

  7. Thanks, Kari! Yeah, I realize that I don't have any pictures of it full length, but it was just more black, nothing special. It was a fun party...even though I stayed up way too late!

  8. What a beautiful dress! That party looks like it was quite a blast, & your arm muscles are epic.


  9. Thanks, Julia! It was so much fun. My arm muscles are better than they were, but not quite epic - you are too kind!

  10. You look amazing in this dress. Shortening it was such a great idea! sounds like you had a great time.

  11. Thanks so much, K! Yes, it was a blast. :)

  12. Beautiful dress Sheila - and I bet it looks far better at it's current length :-)

    The party sounds amazing fun - do we get an invite next year? ;-)

  13. Ha! Absolutely - if you're in my neck of the woods! Although we won't have another Festivus party for two years.

    Thanks! I love the dress at the new length.


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