Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beersday in Cream Jeans

We got to wear jeans today since our work area is a mess - of course, they probably weren't thinking of cream jeans, or sky-high heels.

After stressful week (well, it's almost over, isn't it? tell me it is!), 5 of my co-workers and I went for beers at the pub down the street. I had a lovely chocolate porter, and now I'm all flushed.
My cheeks are hot, but this outfit is not. Meh, just not feeling it. I felt good in it all day, but the pieces individually did just not add up to a whole for me. I was tugging at the vest all day, the jeans bagged out in the bum and the knees, black knee highs were a bad idea (but my alternative was barefoot)...I'm not going to go on.

Oh, wait, there's crotch-pooch:
Wom-chicka-wah-wah. Ha!

Meanwhile, the cats circle like sharks:
I love the look on Inigo's face. Othello's ears are back, so he's pissed off.

The stuff:
No stuff other than shoes (which are good, but not with this outfit), and some silver hoop earrings.

But tomorrow's Friday - hurray! And it's almost Festivus!

Jacket (Gap, consignment), blouse (Mexx), vest (Esprit), jeans (Parasuco, thrifted), shoes (Qupid, consignment), silver hoop earrings (gift from L).


  1. I DO love those shoes. I feel you on the pants bunching issue: I never know how to wear pants, leggings excluded, being that they are basically tights. I do like the blue with the cream in this outfit, though. And did I mention the shoes?

    Also, your cats are rockin'!

  2. Hawt shoes! But I know how it is to just not feel...right.

  3. I know that feeling... you want to go home and burn the clothes....

  4. *drool* I love those shoes! I hate when pants do the saggy bum thing. So annoying!

  5. I love the last outfit pic - all the pieces seem to coome together there.

  6. Julia, yeah, they're great shoes. Oh well, they can't all be winners!

    Wendy, thanks - good to know I'm not alone.

    Lorena, well, not that bad, but yes!

    Thanks, K! Yes, that's the worst!

    Thanks, Jan-nini!

    Jane, thank you.

  7. Wow, I'm sorry you didn't love that outfit, but I did. The top pieces especially, the teals and prints are fantastic; I'm not nervy enough to wear cream pants but I am excited when I see other people are!

  8. Aw, thanks, Kristen! I think it's the jeans that need to go.


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