Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lazy Week! And I Should Have Been a Lawyer

Yesterday I headed to town to return the bathrobe L got me (nice, but I already have one I like). They gave me cash back for it...and I was seduced by the Lure of the Boxing Week Sale in the mall.

I went to the Bay and there was a gorgeous pair of shoes - extra 25% off the sale price! So L's cash bought me those...and I topped up the extra $20. I felt a mild twinge of guilt at violating my self-imposed shopping challenge THAT IS OVER IN 3 DAYS. But that quickly passed.

So then I stopped in at a favourite shoe store to see what they had on sale...and I found another pair of shoes. Then as I was cutting through the mall, I spotted yet another pair of shoes. And I bought them. The little "cheater!" voice started up again.

I pushed it down. I had the fever.

"I'll just pop over to Plum," I thought, having received their email notice that they were having a Big Sale. On the way, I veered down the alley to the shoe mecca: She She Shoes. And they had two huge mountains of shoes - for $30!! Regular over $200! Crazy. So I bought 2 more pairs.

Then I said, "Oh hell," and headed over to my favourite store that I have missed so much, Dots (they sell off brand-name samples from manufacturers that are used to show lines to store buyers). And I dropped another $75 there.

I had so much beautiful stuff (and it was cheap!), but I felt like a huge failure. I had blown my challenge with only a few days to go.

But I looked good:
That is what I wore yesterday to my Mom's for my fam's Christmas lunch and then out shopping.

And this is what I wore to work today, my first day back since last week:See how guilty I look? Oh, the shame!

But it didn't last, because I am the Queen of Loophole-Finding! I totally forgot about the money from my lovely mother-in-law! And I paid cash for all my shopping purchases! I forked over 1/2 of the money towards our new fridge...but the money I paid towards the fridge could have been paid from the bank, and I actually spent just under what she gave me on my 5 new pairs of shoes and clothing treasures!

Seriously, I should have been a lawyer. Justification rules!

So do these new earrings L gave me.
I love them! Because this is a short week and my work is still a disaster area with drywall and paint, I'm saving all my new stuff to create new outfits for 2010. So there will be some pretty simple outfits this week. I'm just sayin'.

About my year-long challenge: I'll be doing a big blog entry on that, probably this weekend. Do you have any questions about it?

Dress (Studio Max), tights (Trasparenze), boots (Cougar), earrings (Chula, gift from L), ring (Fossil).


  1. LOL, maybe it's the lawyer in me that thinks "and the problem is???" Super cute outfit like usual :) Love the tights.

  2. I'll give you credit for making it - that is a *long* time to be on a shopping ban! I look forward to your recap post. Will we get to see all 5 shoes, too?

  3. Seems to me if you saved the money you wanted to save during the ban, it's not the number of days that matter.

  4. Don't feel too bad! :-) Sounds like you got some good deals.

  5. As a lawyer, I applaud your rationalization. It certainly works for me!

  6. Well, simple or not, I adore it. The tights are gorgeous, as are the leaf earrings. I love the dramatic shot of you!


  7. I love this!~ Those tights are perfection and I love how you styled them.

    I placed a ban on jackets from Oct 1 to Nov 31. And somehow along the way I forgot about jackets, until I got a wee bit of Christmas cash, and bought a jacket. lol!

  8. I'm kinda dying to see the shoes - a lovely HEAP of new shoes that you can feel completely virtuous about, because your math makes perfect sense to me.

  9. Sheila you held on for sooo long for the ban congrats!
    I am considering a one month shopping ban for January, see if I can take it from there. My goals must be short timed if not I will fail, I know me.

  10. FA, exactly my thinking! I'm so glad I remembered that I had gift money!

    Kari, it has been a long time! And I'm going to be really happy to be done it. Oh, yes, I will be showing off the shoes next week!

    Wendy, I don't think I actually saved any money - how embarassing!

    Bianca, thank you. I did!

    Kasmira - they're tights! Aren't they awesome?

    Thank you, Tina, I knew you would understand!

    Julia, thanks, honey. I am a bit of a drama queen (try to act surprised).

    Thanks, Erin! This is so casual for me, but I loved showing off the tights. Ooh, that's a tough ban - I love jackets too!

    No worries, Roberta! I will be showing off the shoes! Glad you like my math. :)

    It's been tough, Lorena! I don't know if I could do a one-month ban of all shopping!

  11. Hey, I think your justifications ROCK! And then figuring out that you didn't even need justifications is even better!! You did great this year with your ban. I love the tights with the dress so cute for a simple outfit. You know I'm looking forward to seeing all the new shoes, for sure! Your new earrings are very similar to a pair of earrings I made a few years back. They are so pretty. I read your comments and you mentioned that you couldn't do a total shopping ban, and I felt the same way until recently. It can be done, but the circumstances have to be right. I've only shopped once in the last 3 months and it really has been hard. But, we really don't have much money coming in right now. But, my lack of comments has been due a temp job I've taken. I have been putting in 12 hour days. So, sorry I haven't commented in a while. I guess I'm making up for it in the novel I've just written... HA! Take care and I'm looking forward to more posts.

  12. Thanks, Alison! I'll be doing a recap of the shopping challenge this weekend.

    I can't wait to wear all the shoes, but with my work being a construction zone, it might have to wait until we're re-settled.

    I've gone without shopping before, like you, a complete ban, and it's not too bad, you're right. I just prefer to shop. :)

    Good for you, though, and I'm so happy that you've gotten some temp work! I've always temped between jobs - I love it. Take care and talk to you soon.


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