Monday, December 21, 2009

Chocolates and Toffee

When I was still living at home (about 25 years ago, for those keeping track), I always hoped I'd get Toffifee (pronounced TOFF-ee-fay) chocolates in my stocking for Christmas. The commercial went, "Toffifee, they're too good for kids, Toffifee, they're made for grown-ups." No, never got them...and I never buy them for myself, even though they are readily available and hey, I'm a grown-up!

No, me and chocolate, we're like Superman and kryptonite. Put chocolates near me and they will be GONE. Anyway, today's outfit reminded me of Toffifee and chocolates. Mmmmm....Let's see, we have toffee in the skirt and belt and boots, dark chocolate in the cami, and white chocolate in the cardigan.
Inigo wants to be let out - we have to feed the cats separately because one of them (guess) eats all the food and the other then gets nothing. Inigo has to wait until Othello is done eating.

The stuff:
I don't think the earrings and necklace have ever been worn on the blog. The earrings are Mom's, vintage from the 60s. I converted them to hooks from clip-on in 1983/84. Mom and Dad gave me the necklace around the same time - I always wore them together.

I love these wedge-heel boots - they were cheapie-cheapie, and likely won't last past this year.

Cardigan (Express, thrifted), vest (Vero Moda), cami (Esprit), skirt (Marc D'Alcy), boots (Outline, consignment), belt (Aldo Accessories), necklace (gift from Mom & Dad), earrings (Mom's, 60s vintage).


  1. Hee, I remember the Toffifay commercials, too, and I did eventually buy myself a package of it. Didn't like up to the jingle, alas.

    Love the Toffifay colors on you!

  2. The beleted cardigan looks fabulous. I steer well clear of toffee after losing two fillins!

  3. Thank you - my birthday was a wonderful day!

    Hey, at least the cheap boots look like they are still in great condition. :)

    I've never heard of Toffifee - since it's a German candy, perhaps it's not readily available to purchase in US stores. (With certain candies that were rare to find in America, such as Kindereggs or mint Aero bars, my friends and I used to seek out stock up on them when we traveled to Canada, though they've since become more common in the US.)

  4. Just love you in a long skirt, Sheila! Especially that one - is it real suede? (Not that it matters - I love me some microsuede!)

  5. Lovely outfit...and for some strange reason I realllly want some chocolate now! :)

  6. You look delicious!

    I used to have the same issue with my cats. I solved it by putting Cupcake's dish on the bookshelf, where Mosquito was too fat to jump. Worked like a charm...Cupcake had a constant supply of food for when she wanted it, which was rarely, and Mosquito would wolf down his portion soon as he got it. Heh.

  7. You are a vision of caramel-y goodness. Everything looks so soft and lush and like it would just feel fabulous on.

  8. Kristen, good to know! I much prefer plain dark chocolate anyway. Thank you!

    Jane, thanks. Yeah, I lost a filling to a Skittle once.

    Kari, so glad it was! The boots were maybe worn once when I bought them, so I'll be the one wearing them out, at least. I read that Kinder Surprises are banned in the US - I always think of the US as being so much the same as us, but there are still so many different things.

    Thanks, Sal! I love this shape in particular. No, it's a sueded fabric, but it's SO soft.

    Thanks, watergirl! Mmmm...chocolate!

    Sherylyn, thanks, honey! We thought of that, but both cats can jump and now Othello's getting too old to jump higher than Inigo.

    Thanks, Tina! It was a super comfy outfit.

  9. That belt is the tops! I'm also loving the western feel of this outfit, and those wedge boots. You've been on a roll recently!


  10. Thanks, Julia! I put in another belt hole with my trusty steak knife at work so that it would sit at my waist. You're so sweet, thank you!


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