Sunday, December 6, 2009

Casual Friday - New Boots and Ruffles

I got my haircut after work on Thursday - I was getting really tired of my "helmet", which seems to be a natural formation for my hair when it gets any kind of length on it.
But the star of my outfit on Friday was my other pair of new boots. It's so tough to find shoes second-hand that are in good condition, my size and not too outrageously expensive, so finding two pairs in one day was like winning the lottery!

I look tired.
I wanted to go girly to counteract the grungy vibe of the boots, so did my sheer silk blouse, and bold jewelry (Mom's 70s choker, my bigass gold hoops).
These boots were only $42 - they're Indigo by Clark's. They're a bit scuffed by I like that in this style of boot. The laces at the front allow me to get just the right fit around my calf.
I might put some Dr. Scholl's inserts in these as they are a wee bit big on me, but they're otherwise perfect.
Vest (Vero Moda), blouse (Kaliko, consignment), cami (Mexx), skirt (InWear, consignment), tights (don't recall), boots (Indigo by Clark's, consignment), choker (Mom's, 70s vintage), gold hoop earrings (gift from L).


  1. Those boots would go well with some of my Ossies :-)

  2. Holy crap, I have some boots like that (some vintage "granny" boots) I got on eBay for like $10 bucks and I feel so weird whenever I wear them, but when I see them on others, like your beautiful self, I think they look totally normal. Even when I see my OWN photos I think they look normal. I don't know know why I don't wear them more. I might have to go for it tomorrow.

    Also, I ADORE how you paired that ultra-feminine blouse with with this. Sheila, I have to tell you, I'm becoming addicted to your blog!


  3. Love the hair, it's so cute and fun! I have a pair of boots that look to be similar type of leather and they are so fun and they do get scuffed up, but that gives them a rustic look and I love that too.

  4. How cute! I absolutely love that outfit. The boots and the sheer top are to die for.

  5. Those boots offer so many possibilities. I like the way you have styled them with the ruffles. Fantastic find.

  6. Very cute hair cut, I love it!

    I am really digging this outfit. LOVE the romantic ruffles with the serious vest...a look I would definately love to wear myself.

  7. Love the boots, love the hair, and the vest with the ruffles looks fab!

  8. Hands off 'em, Wendy! :-P

    Julia, you should just wear them! I was very self-conscious about mid-calf boots for the longest time, because I have humungous feet (size 9.5), but now I love them. Aw, you are too sweet, thank you!

    Alison, thanks! I quite like the new cut, too. Yes, the scuffed up look is great!

    Thanks so much, Emma!

    Jane, I agree - I thought of you and your Clark's when I saw them!

    Thanks, Sherylyn! Go for it!

    Thanks, Audi! I just let my hairdresser do what she wants. I coloured it this weekend.

  9. Sheila, your hair is looking so cute. That was the very first thing I noticed when I peeked at your blog after coming back from vacation. It has the most adorable texture!

    Thank you for your kind welcome back comment. It's good to be home!

  10. Thanks so much, Kari! I can't take the credit - my hairdresser is wonderful. I'm so glad to see you back!


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